Hunter Of Invisible Game

Album: High Hopes (2013)
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  • I hauled myself up out of a ditch
    I built me an ark out of gopher wood and pitch
    Sat down by the roadside and waited on the rain
    Honey, I'm the hunter of invisible game

    Well I woke last night to the heavy clicking and clack
    And a scarecrow on fire along the railroad tracks
    There were empty cities and burning plains
    Honey, I'm the hunter of invisible game

    We all come up a little short and we go down hard
    These days I spend my time skipping through the dark
    Through the empires of dust I chant your name
    Honey, I'm the hunter of invisible game

    Through the bone yard we rattled and black smoke we rolled on
    Down into the valley where the beast has his throne
    I sing my song and I sharpen my blade
    Honey, I'm the hunter of invisible game

    Strength is vanity and time is illusion
    I feel you breathing, the rest is confusion
    Your skin touches mine, what else to explain
    Honey, I'm the hunter of invisible game

    Now pray for yourself and that you may not fall
    When the hour of deliverance comes on us all
    When high hope and faith and courage and trust
    Can rise or vanish like dust and dust
    Now there's a kingdom of love waiting to be reclaimed
    Honey, I'm the hunter of the invisible game
    Honey, I'm the hunter of the invisible game
    Honey, I'm the hunter of the invisible game Writer/s: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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