Johnny 99

  • Ooo ooo ooo ooo, ooo ooo ooo

    Well they closed down the auto plant in Mahwah late that month
    Ralph went out lookin' for a job but he couldn't find none
    He came home too drunk from mixin' Tanqueray and wine
    He got a gun shot a night clerk now they call'm Johnny 99

    Down in the part of town where when you hit a red light you don't stop
    Johnny's wavin' his gun around and threatenin' to blow his top
    When an off-duty cop snuck up on him from behind
    Out in front of the Club Tip Top they slapped the cuffs on Johnny 99

    Well the city supplied a public defender but the judge was Mean John Brown
    He came into the courtroom and stared young Johnny down
    Well the evidence is clear gonna let the sentence son fit the crime
    Prison for ninety eight and a year and we'll call it even Johnny 99

    A fist fight broke out in the courtroom they had to drag Johnny's girl away
    His mama stood up and shouted "Judge don't take my boy this way"
    Well son you got a statement you'd like to make
    Before the bailiff comes to forever take you away

    Now judge, judge I had debts no honest man could pay
    The bank was holdin' my mortgage and they were gonna take my house away
    Now I ain't sayin' that make me an innocent man
    But it was more 'n all this that put that gun in my hand

    Well your honor I do believe I'd be better off dead
    So if you can take a man's life for the thoughts that's in his head
    Then won't you sit back in that chair and think it over judge one more time
    And let 'em shave off my hair and put me on that execution line Writer/s: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
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  • Ross from Offaly, Irelandi have to say jonny cash's highway patrolman, johnny 99 and even further on up the road are just great, johnny can take a song and make it great, desparado by the eagles, i hung my head by sting, and i won't back down by tom petty all bested by cash's passion for music and song, but saying that, the song's were all written by the artists mentioned and thats wat really matters.
  • Matt from Ft. Lauderdale, FlThe best live versions of this song were played on the "Working On A Dream Tour". It was a full band all out jam session rocker that blew the doors off the IZOD Center and every other venue it was peformed in. Check it out on YouTube. Absolutely amazing!
  • Tyler from Hamilton, CanadaFrom the Nebraska Album which has the recurring theme of "Debts no honest man could pay".

    Johnny asks the judge to reconsider as he'd rather get sentanced to death then spend his life in prison.

    Springsteen performed this in 2004 on the Vote for Change Tour.
  • Johnny from Sault Ste. Marie, CanadaJohnny not only used the title, he recorded the song as well. It's great!
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