It's My Way

Album: It's My Way! (1964)
  • I'm cutting my own way
    Through my own day
    And all I dare say is
    It's my own

    I've got my own seeds
    I've got my own weeds
    I've got my own harvest
    That I've sown

    Now I can tell you
    Things I've done
    And I can sing you
    Songs I've sung
    But there's one thing
    I can't give
    For I and I alone can live

    The years I've known
    And the life I've grown
    Have got a way I'm going
    And it's my way

    I've got my own stakes
    In my own game
    I've got my own name
    And it's my way

    I've got my own wrong
    I've got my own right
    I've got my own fight
    And it's my way

    I've got my own peace
    I've got my own wrath
    I've got my own path that only I can go
    I've got my own sword in my own hand
    I've got my own plan that only I can know

    Don't be sighing
    Don't be crying
    Your day will come
    Your day alone
    Years you'll know and a life you'll grow
    You got a way to go and it's all on your own

    I've got my own world
    I've got my own life
    I've got my own strife
    And it's my way

    I've got my own kith
    I've got my own kin
    I've got my own sin
    And it's my way

    I've got my own prayers
    I've got my own fears
    I've got my own tears
    And it's my way

    I've got my own joy
    I've got my own load
    I've got my own road
    And it's my way

    The years I've known and the life I've grown
    Got a way I'm going and it's my way
    Don't be crying
    don't be sighing
    Your day will come
    your day alone

    Put down the story of what I've known
    Your bound for glory all on your own
    Put down the story of what I say
    You're bound for glory
    All on your own one day Writer/s: Buffy Sainte Marie
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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