The Red

Album: Wonder What's Next (2002)
Charted: 56
  • They say freak
    When you're singled out
    The red
    Well it filters through

    So lay down
    The threat is real
    When his sight
    Goes red again

    Seeing red again
    Seeing red again

    This change
    He won't contain
    Slip away
    To clear your mind
    When asked
    Who made it show (who made it show)
    The truth
    He gives into most

    So lay down
    The threat is real
    When his sight
    Goes red again

    So lay down
    The threat is real
    When his sight
    Goes red again

    So lay down
    The threat is real
    When his sight
    Goes red again

    Seeing red again
    Seeing red again
    Seeing red again
    Seeing red again
    Seeing red again
    Seeing red again
    Seeing red again
    Seeing red

    They say freak, When you're singled out
    The red, it filters through Writer/s: Joseph Loeffler, Peter Loeffler, Samuel Loeffler
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Please Don't Insult My Intelligence... from Canada"songs about God and how he loves us all unconditionally" ...there's nobody there dude, it's just comes from the doctrine you're stuck in.
  • Vegan Solarman Tom B from Venice CaI love song facts, you guys rock! I like to check out lyrics to songs about God and how he loves us all unconditionally. I think the red has Woken a few people up...
  • Erik from Brownwood, Txi dont remember where i heard it but "the red" is a refrence to the red shift... its the theory that things are moving away on some kinda spectrum... its the only thing close enough to proof of the big bang theory and proof the universe is expanding... so the term "the red" is meaning to be heading away from people. like when ur angry and it consumes you so much that u are moving away from everyone and everything. definately a freakin bad a$$ song
  • Jake from Cadillac, MiHmm...who knows for sure though. This song has possibilites of being about Communism. As a communist, "seeing red" is a sign that you are a communist. Communism is considered a "threat" to America and democratic countries around the world, therefore "The threat is real" could mean that communism shouldn't be taken as a joke. There aren't many communists, so they're often laughed at and ridiculed, and were often imprisoned during the 1930's-50's. Therefore, "They say freak when you're singled out" could mean something after all...
  • Diana from Houston, Txchevelle is underrated... they are fabulous... my fav band... and i think the meaning of this song is pretty self explanitory in the video... great song... they are great and steered me toward rock music :]
  • Becky from Waukesha, WiChevelle is an amazing band, and so underrated. This is such a great song, and its a song that i listen to when im angry because it will help me to stop and think about why im angry. Wonderful song... amazingly talented group of men!
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndjust gotta say that chevelle can rock anyones sox right off...this is by far their best song!
  • Sammy from Chicago, IlChevelle rocks! They're my homeboys lolz.
  • Rachel from Algonquin, IlI Love Chevelle.. theyre my favorite band and how i got into rock and that kinda music... Wonder What's Next is their best album!! :)
  • Kenna from Dallas, Txchevelle the red is an awesome song i can really relate to it and i get what he is saying,i mean i feel the same way wheni get mad or im upset chevelle kicks a$$. Rock on
  • Phil from Youngstown, OhThey say that when some people get extremely mad they see red.
  • Kevin from Independence, MoI honestly think that the lyrics are best explained by,"they say freak
    when your singled out, this change
    he won't contain slip away to clear your mind
    When asked What made it show?
    The truth He gives into most, they say freak
    when your singled out
    the red it filters through." I could be very wrong but i think it is about how someone gets pushed so hard and so far, just for being different that they finally snap.
  • Charnette from Brooklyn, NyI heard that this song was about about how one brother was having issue with his anger... they said so in a interview, or the making of the video or something like that, but yeah, it's about one of the brothers. (I think Joseph)
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI just love at the end when it screams "Seeing red" This is an awesome song, and is one of my all-time favourites, probably in my top 15 all-time favourites.
  • Nora from Munster, InThis song was written about the drummer, Sam. He used to have really bad anger problems and would freak out about things.
  • Jake from Chicago, IlIt is a very nice song. Well writen. The part "they say freak when your singled out"...mabey he got so mad at something he just snapped and everyone thought he was crazy.
  • Joe from Lawrenceville, GaThis is by easily one of my favorite songs! This is such a well done song.
  • Ashley from Monroe, LaBest song ever. I love Chevelle! <3
  • Mary from Moulton, AlThis was the first "rock" song I ever liked. Kick @$$ song! Chevelle rox! ((Listen to this song when ur mad! It helps!)) =)
  • Elise from Guelph, CanadaGreat song. Chevelle rocks!
  • Jeff from Amarillo, TxThis song is about how one of the brothers would get so angry and he would "see red", but its one the of the greatest songs in the world
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