No Money Down

Album: After School Session (1955)
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  • As I was motivatin'
    Back in town
    I saw a Cadillac sign
    Sayin' "No Money Down"
    So I eased on my brakes
    And I pulled in the drive
    Gunned my motor twice
    Then I walked inside
    Dealer came to me
    Said "Trade in you Ford
    And I'll put you in a car
    That'll eat up the road
    Just tell me what you want
    And then sign on that line
    And I'll have it brought down to you
    In a hour's time"

    I'm gonna get me a car
    And I'll be headed on down the road
    Then I won't have to worry
    About that broken down, raggedy Ford

    Well Mister I want a yellow convertible
    Four door de Ville
    With a Continental spare
    And a wide chrome wheel
    I want power steering
    And power brakes
    I want a powerful motor
    With a jet off take
    I want air condition
    I want automatic heat
    And I want a full Murphy bed
    In my back seat
    I want short wave radio
    I want TV and a phone
    You know I gotta talk to my baby
    When I'm ridin' alone"

    Yes I'm gonna get that car
    And I'm gonna head on down the road
    Yeah, then I won't have to worry
    About that broken down, raggedy Ford

    I want four carburetors
    And two straight exhausts
    I'm burnin' aviation fuel
    No matter what the cost
    I want railroad air horns
    And a military spark
    And I want a five year guarantee
    On everything I got
    I want ten dollar deductible
    I want twenty dollar notes
    I want thirty thousand liability
    That's all she wrote

    I got me a car
    And I'm headed on down the road
    No money down
    I don't have to worry
    About that broken down, raggedy Ford Writer/s: CHUCK BERRY
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  • Michael from Elkton, Md Duane Allman does a killer version of this tune on The 2 CD set "Duane Allman Anthology Volume 2" It's definitely worth a listen.
  • Andy from Halesowen, West Midlands, United KingdomI love this song, my favourite live band in my area, The Steve Gibbons Band, are big Berry fans, (he even called his daughter Nadine) and Steve does an awesome version of this.

    I disagree with your comment "nothing could be further from the truth". Firstly you admit it was inspired by his youth (so teenage fits) and some of the requests he makes are pure fantasy.

    Finally, it is interesting to look at his extras list and see which ones you can get in a car now - eg Phone, TV (well DVD players in the back) etc.
  • Mark from London, EnglandThe UK pub rock band Wolfie Witcher released a cockney version of this on their own label in the 80s.
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