Light After Dark

Album: Light After Dark (2011)
  • We’re in one mind
    We’re in this together
    And we’re facing a fight
    We’re not trying to be clever no
    We’re not trying to be cool
    Sometimes it feels like it’s just me and you

    We have one life
    To find higher ground
    It can take us up
    It won’t bring us down
    It’s forever we’re forever

    We’ll change it all
    We’ll rise then we’ll fall
    We’ll love then get lost
    In the light after dark

    We’re not alone now
    You are the reason I am
    Walking so tall
    We’re in the spotlight
    We’re on the floor
    Wrapped in arms that make
    Us feel secure

    We have one chance
    To go where we go
    You have shown me
    And now I have seen it I know
    It’s forever oh we’re forever


    You and me
    We’re the light after dark
    You and me
    We’re the light after dark

    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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