Album: Dosage (1999)
Charted: 73
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  • Complicate this world you wrapped for me
    I'm acquainted with your suffering

    And all your weight
    It falls on me
    It brings me down
    And all your weight
    It falls on me
    It falls on me

    Hold me up to all whom you've deceived
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  • Mike from Lexington, ScBeing an accomplished guitar player I have to say that learning this song correctly was tricky and to really get the vibe of the song correctly it requires three guitars doing different things. That's what I like about Collective Soul is the instrument arrangements and Ed Roland isn't a rookie in that department either. He studied musical arrangements at Berkley. He knows what he's doing and it shows. Another great band from the great state of GA.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI'm pretty sure this song is directed at someone with a lot of emotional baggage and he/she makes it the burdon of the singer. If I'm right I can relate, I know people like that.
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiWhat is this song about?
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkI think this is Collective Soul's best song...
  • Nathan from Sherwood, OrI think collective soul should be getting way more recognition than they are getting right now. My favorite song is run and just like all their other songs on the dosage album, it brings back awesome memories of when i was littler and my 4 brothers would blast collective soul on their stereos
  • Lalah from Wasilla, AkThe beginning guitar rift deserves to be as recognizable as the beginning of "Spirit In The Sky". This is a great song for when I'm angry. I put it on loud enough to shake the windows then do housework. By the time I'm done, I have a cleaner house and I'm not mad anymore. well, not as angry. What an awesome band. This is just te tip of their body of work.
  • Tom from Hershey, PaMore Collective Soul PLEASE on songfacts!! What a great Band!
  • Dana from Biloxi, MsI never paid much attention to this band until I saw them perform this live at the "Last" woodstock. I quickly became a beleiver and now have multiple copies of their stuff around the house,car etc..
  • Dani from Boston, MaThis has a great use of the guitar, I just love listening to the opening over and over again!
  • Jacob from Houston, Tx"Heavy" is my favor. song by Collective Soul their awesome.

    -Jacob H-town,TX
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