Thirteen Autumns And A Widow

Album: Cruelty And The Beast (1998)
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  • Spawned wanton like blight on an auspicious night
    Her eyes betrayed spells of the moon's eerie light
    A disquieting gaze forever ghosting far seas
    Bled white and dead, Her true mother was fed
    To the ravenous wolves that the elements led
    From crag-jagged mountains that seemingly grew in unease

    Through the maw of the woods, a black carriage was drawn
    Flanked by barbed lightning that hissed of the storm
    (Gilded in crests of Carpathian breed)
    Bringing slaves to the sodomite for the new-born
    On that eve when the Countess' own came deformed
    A tragedy crept to the name Bathory

    Elizabeth christened, no paler a rose
    Grew so dark as this sylph
    None more cold in repose
    Yet Her beauty spun webs
    Round hearts a glance would betroth

    She feared the light
    So when She fell like a sinner to vice
    Under austere, puritanical rule
    She sacrificed
    Mandragora like virgins to rats in the wall
    But after whipangels licked prisoners, thralled
    Never were Her dreams so maniacally cruel
    (And possessed of such delights)
    For ravens winged Her nightly flights
    Of erotica
    Half spurned from the pulpit
    Torments to occur
    Half learnt from the cabal of demons
    In Her
    Her walk went to voodoo
    To see Her own shadow adored
    At mass without flaw
    Though inwards She abhored
    Not Her coven of suitors
    But the stare of their Lord

    "I must avert mine eyes to hymns
    For His gaze brings dogmas to my skin
    He knows that I dreamt of carnal rites
    With Him undead for three long nights"

    Elizabeth listened
    No sermons intoned
    Dragged such guilt to Her door
    Tombed Her soul with such stone
    For She swore the Priest sighed
    When She knelt down to atone

    She feared the light
    So when She fell
    Like a sinner to vice
    Under austere, puritanical rule
    She sacrificed
    Her decorum as chaste
    To this wolf of the cloth
    Pouncing to haunt
    Her confessional box
    Forgiveness would come
    When Her sins were washed off
    By rebaptism in white

    The looking glass cast Belladonna wreaths
    'Pon the grave of Her innocence
    Her hidden face spat murder
    From a whisper to a scream
    All sleep seemed cursed
    In Faustian verse
    But there in orgiastic Hell
    No horrors were worse
    Than the mirrored revelation
    The She kissed the Devil's phallus
    By Her own decree

    So with windows flung wide to the menstrual sky
    Solstice Eve She fled the castle in secret
    A daughter of the storm, astride Her favourite nightmare
    On winds without prayer
    Stigmata still wept between Her legs
    A cold bloodedness which impressed new hatreds
    She sought the Sorceress
    Through the snow and dank woods to the sodomite's lair

    Nine twisted fates threw hewn bone die
    For the throat of Elizabeth
    Damnation won and urged the moon
    In soliloquy to gleam
    Twixt the trees in shafts
    To ghost a path
    Past the howl of buggered nymphs
    In the sodomite's grasp
    To the forest's vulva
    Where the witch scholared Her
    In even darker themes

    "Amongst philtres and melissas
    Midst the grease of strangled men
    And eldritch truths, elder ill-omen
    Elizabeth came to life again"

    And under lacerations of dawn She returned
    Like a flame unto a deathshead
    With a promise to burn
    Secrets brooded as She rode
    Through mist and marsh to where they showed
    Her castle walls wherein the restless
    Counted carrion crows

    She awoke from a fable to mourning
    Church bells wringing Her madly from sleep
    Tolled by a priest, self castrated and hung
    Like a crimson bat 'neath the belfry
    The biblical prattled their mantras
    Hexes six-tripled their fees
    But Elizabeth laughed, thirteen Autumns had passed
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Dragonflame from Nitra, SlovakiaI thing her main castle was in Čachtice. Its in Slovakia not Hungary. And she was Ugrian countess. Ugria was multi-national kingdom.
  • Márton from Budapest, HungaryElisabeth Báthory was a hungarian countess
  • J.r. from Columbia, ScMy friend, Ryan, likes Cradle. I'm not into them but they would be pretty cool for a Halloween party. (Hi Radical Ed)
  • Valek from Piggott, ArTheres a movie about Elizabeth Bathory called Stay Alive if thats what your talkin about
  • Adriana from Hurst, TxIsn't there a movie about this? Its like a video game coming to life or something.
  • Matt from Flagstaff, Azactully she was a Hungarian queen...
  • Joseph from Bronx New York, Nyread my new lyrics! theyre DEFINATELY better than the origal ones.
  • James from Brighton, Englandi know this is completely unrelated but when i was telling my friend (not a cradle fan) about this song, he thought i said 13 gnomes in the window...i suggested he went to the doctors about his hearing lol
  • Ian from New York, NyMan we need more Cradle on this site.
  • Gutterslut from Sacramento, United StatesThats pretty gnarly.
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