Album: Rock Artifacts (1971)
Charted: 17
  • Ring, ring, telephone ring, somebody said
    Baby, what ya doin', I've been wonderin' where you been
    Now and then I think about you and me
    No use fightin' 'bout things we can't recall
    It don't matter now at all
    Just come on home, baby, we'll laugh and sing
    We'll make love, let the telephone ring
    Ring, ring, doorbell ring, baby, come on in
    Got James Taylor on the stereo
    I'm glad you come around, I've been feelin' down
    Just talkin' to Tony and Mario
    You know they make good conversation
    Still it ain't no consolation
    Cause I got love, baby
    I'll give you some and if somebody comes
    We'll let the doorbell ring
    Said, ring, ring, golden ring around the sun
    Around your pretty finger
    Ring, ring voices ring with a happy tune
    Anybody can be a singer
    The sun come up across the city
    I swear you never looked so doggone pretty
    Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand with the preacher man
    Let the weddin' bells ring
    Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand with the preacher man
    Let the weddin' bells ring
    Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand with the preacher man
    Let the weddin' bells ring Writer/s: ALEX HARVEY, EDDIE REEVES
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn July 14th 1974, two covered versions of "Rings" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; Lobo's version entered at #79 and peaked at #43, while Reuben Howell's version entered at #86 and that was also its peaked position...
    Lobo's version had 'Allman Brothers' on the stereo and Howell's had 'Jim Croce'...
    In 1971 on Cymarron's original version it was 'James Taylor' and also in 1971 Tompall & the Glaser Brothers released their version, they had 'Merle Haggard'.
  • Michael from Mcfarland, WiLeo Kottke likes to make fun of this song, but it didn't stop him from recording a cover!
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyIn Cymarron's version when they answer the door bell they're listening to James Tayor, but Lobo is listening to the Allman Brothers while Dr. Hook is just plain listening to sweet music...
  • Phillip from Troy, TnI had the privilege of listening to Cymarron practice at the home of the organ player of that group when they were first getting started. The player of the organ was Terry Hailey, who is currently (Feb 2010) the Mayor of Union City, Tennessee. I am not sure how long he remained with the group, but I remember that he had local notoriety because of the song "Rings".
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