Older Chests

Album: O (2002)
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  • Older chests reveal themselves
    Like a crack in a wall
    Starting small, and grow in time
    And we always seem to need the help
    Of someone else
    To mend that shelf
    Too many books
    Read me your favorite line

    Papa went to other lands
    And he found someone who understands
    The ticking, and the western man's need to cry
    He came back the other day, you know
    Some things in life may change
    And some things
    They stay the same

    Like time, there's always time
    On my mind
    So pass me by, I'll be fine
    Just give me time

    Older gents sit on the fence
    With their cap in hand
    Looking grand
    They watch their city change
    Children scream, or so it seems,
    Louder than before
    Out of doors, and into stores with bigger names
    Mama tried to wash their faces
    But these kids they lost their graces
    And daddy lost at the races too many times

    She broke down the other day, yeah you know
    Some things in life may change
    But some things they stay the same

    Like time, there's always time
    On my mind
    So pass me by, I'll be fine
    Just give me time
    Time, there's always time
    On my mind
    Pass me by, I'll be fine
    Just give me time Writer/s: DAMIEN GEORGE RICE
    Publisher: Royalty Network, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Richel from Santa Ana, Cadamien never seems to disappoint...great song and puts everything in another perspective
  • Thom from Dublin, IrelandThis song sees Damien looking at himself, his native surroundings and its people, growing up and changing and he peppers his lyrics with the nostalgia you would expect from this artist.Very Lucidly done it think
  • Kelly from New York, Nyi feel like this song is more about change, irony, and the people that come in and out of your life than anything else... the whole "some things stay the same/like time" part is ironic because time IS change to a certain extent, and obviously the constant theme of change... plus you have the father leaving, the children growing up and the old men just sitting there watching it all because they've experienced so much...

    or maybe not.
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