Bad Day

Album: Darwin Deez (2010)
  • Darwin Deez, Theodore Grams, yeah

    Everday oughta be a bad day for you

    That's right, uh

    We used to be so strong
    Back then we was right, now we so wrong
    She was Beyonce, I could've got my Hov on
    And when she hang up on me, I tell her hold on
    Quit that shit, I don't use force
    Today is a bad day, we've been divorced
    When I think about stress, I don't really need it
    But this is plagiarism, cause my shorty just cheated
    And shorty conceited
    (She out of her mind, I wish she had Louis and a card in decline)
    She had school with no aid, no H.I.V.
    Hope you don't get in the club with that fake I.D.
    Why would you hurt somebody that you called your man for?
    And I hope you get evicted by your landlord
    But, she be messin' with me
    And I'm hoping she lose my number indefinitely

    Everday oughta be a bad day for you
    Everday oughta be a bad day for you

    I guess you can't remember all the times that I was there
    Your emotions on a roller coaster, no fun fair
    You had me on the phone, but hate me when I come there
    Xaphoon, let's cut it down to a drum snare
    Yeah, yeah, just like that
    I hope I hope you go deaf so you can't hear shit
    Yeah, I hope I hope you go blind
    Cause you look me in the face and you laugh when I cry

    Maybe you should wonder why your apartment is always so empty
    (Maybe you should wonder that)
    Well I hope you get locked out of that apartment and have to call Jenny
    (Oh, I hope you get locked out)

    Cause everday oughta be a bad day for you
    Everday oughta be a bad day for you

    She's way too complex
    When we argue, she takin' shit out of context
    And, I know I could have did more
    But I'm never home, I was always on tour
    I could be anywhere in the world, had one wish
    To be with you until you gave that dude a tongue kiss
    And this is hard for me to say like a tongue twist
    My heart don't beat for you so let the drum hit
    And, you know I just got promoted
    Now I be the boss and I hope you get demoted
    Happiness is a warm gun, live it fully loaded
    And shit got worse when I exploded
    Boom, I wrote it soon, I hope you brought a cab pay
    And I hope you get detention on a half day
    I wish I could use your blouse for an ashtray
    Cause for you, everyday should be a bad day

    Everday oughta be a bad day for you
    Everday oughta be a bad day for you

    Xaphoon you crazy
    But so am I

    Everday oughta be a bad day for you
    Everday oughta be a bad day for you
    Everday oughta be a bad day for you
    Everday oughta be a bad day for youWriter/s: CHIDERA ANAMEGE, DARWIN SMITH, NOAH BERESIN
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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