Screaming Infidelities

Album: The Swiss Army Romance (2000)
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  • Can I? Ok

    I'm missing your bed
    I never sleep
    Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak
    And this bottle of beast is taking me home

    I'm cuddling close to blankets and sheets
    But you're not alone, and you're not discreet
    Make sure I know who's taking you home

    I'm reading your note over again
    There's not a word that I comprehend
    Except when you signed it
    "I will love you always and forever"

    As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
    And sit alone and wonder
    How you're making out
    And as for me, I wish that I was anywhere with anyone
    Making out

    I'm missing your laugh
    How did it break?
    And when did your eyes begin to look fake?
    I hope you're as happy as you're pretending

    I'm cuddling close to blankets and sheets
    And I am alone
    In my defeat I wish I knew you were safely at home

    I'm missing your bed
    I never sleep
    Avoiding the spots where we'd have speak
    And this bottle of beast is taking me home

    Well, as for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
    And sit alone and wonder
    How you're making out
    And as for me, I wish that I was anywhere with anyone
    Making out

    Your hair, it's everywhere
    Screaming infidelities
    And taking its wear

    Your hair, it's everywhere
    Screaming infidelities
    And taking its wear

    Your hair, it's everywhere
    Screaming infidelities
    And taking its wear

    Your hair, it's everywhere
    Screaming infidelities
    And taking its wear Writer/s: CHRISTOPHER ANDREW CARRABBA
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Ethan from Sweet Springs, MoThe thing i find interesting about this song is that the acoustic guitar is in Db (D flat) tuning. Which is pretty rare and difficult to use.
  • Lauren from Port Elizabeth, South AfricaThis song is featured on the MTV movie "Wasted" which is about drug addiction.
  • Jackson from Boston, MaI used to hate this song. Recently, I found that my ex-girlfriend was not being honest about some things. She had been wanting to date someone else, and a few days after Valentine's Day, we broke up. It's been a couple weeks, but she has a new boyfriend, the guy she was surreptitiously dating. She has been adamant about me moving on, and she is not in the least bit discreet. She lets me know every step of the way. It hurts like hell. I miss her, but I don't want her back...Way to go Carrabas. This song is only good when it hits home I guess.
  • Ellaira May from Manila, Perujust want to say that this song is about a guy crying out loud that his girlfriend committed infidelity.even so he love her still and missing her badly. i like it cause sometimes it make me feel good that there still guys who feel fustrated because of a woman.haha i thought guys as rough and hard hearted as i see them.

    ellaira mae--philippines
  • Ivan from San Francisco, CaWho knew it could be so easy to be famous. Just write an idiotic song with lousy arrangement, feign some emotions that teenagers can relate to, and voila, you're considered successful! Chris puts the "suck" in "success"
  • Jena from Knoxville, TnThis song is awesome. It brings back alot of memories, and it has two versions, which is always fun.
    It's about infidelity, simple as that, but Chris Carraba uses such original imagery and wording, that it's not just any song about cheating. The melody is awesome, too.
    When I first heard it, I was watching the video, and it seemed kind of weird... just a person talking-singing. But, I loved the lyrics. I was thinking about someone I loved and lost at the time. I also had a habit of cleaning my hairbrush, and leaving the hair on the counter. It would wind up all over the house. So, I never thought about the infidelity part... just the boyfriend's frustration at all that hair lying around.
    They played it alot on MTV2, and I never got sick of it.
  • Amy from Tallahassee, FlIn concert once I heard him say that he was inspired to write this song after noticing that strands of the hair of someone who had been riding around with him were still in his car.
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiai can't stand chris' voice but i listen to it anyway because all the words are beautiful
  • Mike from Fort Fairfield, MeWhat's lame is that you guys all seem to have the time to sit there in your mom's basement and talk about how much this music sucks. I don't see you doing anything better. Why don't you get a life, or better yet, a job? I'm sure your parents would like you to move out before your 40th birthday.
  • Jim from Toledo, Ohlame is an understatement. ANYONE can write depressing lyrics, just try it. its possible that this music takes even less talent than, say, a jennifer lopez song. it just plain sucks.
  • Heather from Jacksonville, FlDepressing but great when you are in that type of mood. Plus Chris Carrabba ROCKS in concert!!!!!
  • Sarah from Missoula, MtThis music is lame. It's all whiney and sniffling.
  • Meg from Worcester, Ma"He decides to become depressed over the issue"
    I'm sorry, but Chris didn't just DECIDE to be depressed. Sometimes, breakups are hard and it's just what happens. That's not a great way to phrase it. Also, please notice that his last name has two Rs and two Bs.
    It's a very heartfelt song about a breakup, and all his emotions. Simple as that.
  • Torie from Hyde Park, NyThis song is about a guy who finds his girlfriend cheating on him: "But you're not alone and you're not discreet. Make sure I know
    Who's taking you home"
    Then he becomes extremely depressed, drinks, and reads love letters and notes that she wrote him: "I'm reading your note over again. There's not a word that I comprehend.Except when you signed it 'I will love you always and forever.'"
    He can't stop thinking of her and wants to try to get his mind off of her by making out with someone else: "I wish that I was anywhere, with anyone making out."
    Towards the end of the song, he finds her hair every where in his house, car, every where she's been with him: "your hair is everywhere"
    Lastly an infidelity literally means unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, especially a spouse. Concluding, every times he sees a piece of her hair it seems to scream out to him about what she did.
  • Songfac from North Salt Lake, UtChris has always had access to the full band of Dashboard, but chose to record a lot of songs by himself.

    In 2000, I remember there being the full band in Salt Lake down at bricks, so he's had it for a long time.

    In 2002, Dashboard was just taking off, but didn't quite have enough songs to make a full, full set, so they used some of further seems forevers songs, the most notable example for me was New Year's Project.
  • Shay from Key West, FlChris Carrabba actually quit the band Further seems Forever before they recored 'The moon is down' but they asked him to come back and record it with them. He went solo but didn't want to be known as Chris Carrabba so he got the idea of'Dashboard Confessional' from the lyrics...on the way home this car is my confessions...from the song the sharp hint of new tears. Dashboard was never considered a band...contrary to popular belief until his latest, and in my opinion,worst...A mark, a misson, a brand, a scar.
  • Roxanne from Old Bridge, NjThe guy in this song is depressed because the loe of his life cheated on him, they just broke up.. so he's drinking, reading her love letters when she swore she was in love, and it was forever.. he wishes he was making out with anyone to stop thinking about her.. he sees her with the new guy who she seems to be really happy with.. but he wonders if she's really happy.. and her hair is everywhere, all over his place (the pillows, bathroom, floor, etc.) and he can't aviod her infidelty or what he did to her because she is everywhere, He is in denial that its over because she was just there making love to him in his house yesterday.
  • Nikki from Jackson, NjThis song discribes everything going through your mind after a break-up. He is wondering how she is making out and avoiding spots in the house that reminds him of her. He is reading notes she use to write to him and just basically doing what everyone who misses their ex does, Listen to sad songs and wonder what their ex is doing. Even though this song is depressing it is very accurate on how people handle heart break. Anyone who has ever been heart broken can relate to this song.
  • Heather from Mead, Nemy favorite part is " i'm missing your laugh, how did it break, and when did your eyes begin to look fake, i hope your as happy as your pretending." cuz I've had alot of relationships that turned out fake in the end.
  • Stephen from Charlotte, NcChris Carraba's first band was neither Stretch Armstrong or Stronghold. He has been in three bands: Vacant Andy's, Further Seems Forever, and Dashboard Confessional.
  • Leah from Huntsville, AlChris Carraba was also the singer/screamer in a hardcore band before Further Seems Forever. He has stated that he would finish a show and have tons of scrapes all over his arms from getting into it with the crowd. The band was called Stronghold
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandChris Carrabba (please note, double B) was formerly in a Christian Emo band called 'Further Seems Forever'
  • Sheera from Charlotte, Ncwhen i first heard this song, i decided to analyze it. and my interpretation is that it is about this guy's girlfriend who cheated on him, and he found out about it, and they broke up. he really loved her and he's very depressed about it, seeing as that's why he's drinking, and wishing he was making out with just anyone to get her off his mind. how did i figure she cheated on him? "your hair, it's everywhere. screaming infidelities..." infidelities is unfaithfulness towards a partner, i.e. cheating. i'm guessing her hair was all messed up from making out with some random guy or whatever...and he caught her. that's what this song is about.
  • Emily from New Freedom, Pajust to comment on the second post, the places you have come to fear the most is not dashboards first or even second album. before that was the swiss army romance and his first ep was called "the drowning ep" (all very good). this song is very depressing but i think more than that is is very raw and real. he didnt leave any of his feelings out, he said it all in the song.
  • Marvis from Fairfield, CaIn his recent SPIN interview, it was mentioned that the (your hair is everywhere) hair of the female he sings about was red. This was found on the pillows and in his car.
  • Virnalisa from Santo Domingo, OtherThis song not only let's us see how easily we can get depressed over a relationship it also let's us see that not only girls suffer from depression guys also suffer a lot although they don't demonstrate it as much as women do.
  • Mmmmmia!! from Laurel, MdThis song is kind of depressing to listen to, but I put it on a mix CD and my girlfriend listened to it to help cope with her relationship that had just ended. I think it made her realize that breaking up wasn't easy for him either, and it has a certain soothing way about it; there are many other people suffering from depression.
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