One Shining Moment

Album: not on any album (1986)
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  • The ball is tipped
    And there you are
    You're running for your life
    You're a shooting star
    And all the years
    No one knows
    Just how hard you worked
    But now it shows...
    (in) one shining moment, it's all on the line
    One shining moment, there frozen in time
    But time is short
    And the road is long
    In the blinking of an eye
    Ah, that moment's gone
    And when it's done
    Win or lose
    You always did your best
    Cuz inside you knew...
    (that) one shining moment you reached deep inside
    One shining moment, you knew you were alive

    Feel the beat of your heart
    Feel the wind in your face
    It's more than a contest
    It's more than a race...
    And when it's done
    Win or lose
    Uou always did your best
    Cuz inside you knew...
    (that) one shining moment, you reached for the sky
    One shining moment, you knew
    One shining moment, you were willing to try
    One shining moment
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  • Charlene Miller from Toledo,ohioMy all time favorite sport song and love Luther Vandross....My team lost today tOSU, but I'll watch March Madness till the end just to hear One Shining Moment!
  • Karel from Amsterdam, NetherlandsDoes anyone know if the Luther Vandross version is available on CD or CD-single somewhere???
  • Bill from Fort Wayne, InJust a comment on the "Ball is kicked" line being changed. I recently emailed Mr. Barrett through his website, asking if this version existed. Contrary to poular belief, the first line in the song was NOT changed from "The Ball is Kicked" to "The Ball is Tipped." In his reply, he said:

    "My daughter informed me that they claim that the initial line was the ball is kicked. That's not the case. It never was. The original line was, the gun goes off...which I changed to suit the tournament. Ironically - I wrote the song about basketball (after watching Larry Bird) but for some reason (who knows what I was thinking?!?) I didn't write it into the original first line. And so having the first line fall into place as it did was poetic and true."

    The Chicago White Sox used the version with "The Gun Goes Off" to close their telecast on the final game at Comiskey Park on September 30th, 1990. To my knowledge, this is the ONLY time that this version of the song was aired.

    The song is available as a CD Single on his website:

    Additionally, there are different versions available through iTunes, including the current version used, sung by Luther Vandross.

  • John from Newport News, VaWhile Luther's version is good, I much prefer Davis Barrett's original. His vocals remind me so much of old England Dan and John Ford Coley songs. I'd love to see CBS go back to the original as his, to me, is far superior. Great work, David!
  • Jonathon from River Falls,wi, WiI love this song! I want to go and buy the single now! I always have to stay up and watch "One Shining Moment" at the end of the post game show, even if my dad yells at me and saying it is time for bed.
  • Eric from New York, NyIf anyone wants to learn more about this song, I interviewed David Barret, the writer and original singer for my pop culture podcast. To listen, go to and then go to the special basketball section. If you are seeing this after the tournament is over and don't see it, look in the "reruns" section.
  • Steve from Owasso, OrI think David Barrett is a very talented singer. "One Shining Moment" is my favorite "sport" song. Could I possibly learn more about his sport type songs?
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