Album: This Is A Recording (1986)
  • Listen, can you hear love calling?
    Or have you really fallen down that far?

    Wake up, love is right here waiting.
    Love's not hesitating, to be where you are.

    I know there is love, yes I know there's love,
    And I know everywhere I go, I know there is love.
    I know we know love. Yes I know there's love.
    Love's inside and I'm alive, because I know real love.

    Listen, can you hear love calling?
    Are you still just falling down that far?

    Wake up, love is new and waiting.
    Hope's never hesitating, to be where you are

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  • Brad from AustinHis music is alright not the best though. Almost worth the money for a album, but I would not pay more then $3.
    Praise God.
  • Remy Delassion from Los Angeles, CaI heard them play not too long ago and the new album is going to be incredible. David Persons sound has improved and changed and gotten back to what he began with, only much tighter and with far better songs and performances. I added a submission of one called "Soaring" to Songfacts that David told the story about during the show, and the whole new album - which is supposed to be available online very, very soon - is just as good. For fans of the most unknown famous songwriter of the last 3 decades, the 2+ year wait may be over. The new material live was beyond description. I can't wait to hear the studio versions - they should be a masterpiece. Check Soundcloud soon - some of the tracks may be posted there for free soon, or at least that is what David said during this unannounced show in one of Austin's old legendary watering holes. Soearing was one amazing tune, and also songs called "I Feel The Open", "A Thousand Dancing Pills" and a cool remake of "Unto The Hills" are all going to be masterpieces. He's back! Finally!
  • Remy Delassion from Los Angeles, CaThat guy on the Video is NOT David Persons. What gives?
  • John from Austin, TxThere was a lot of discussion at last year's SXSW that David is doing a new album, but because he is going back to get another Master's degree it has been delayed. This album is rumored to be a huge departure from This Is A Recording with David going back to his Austin and Fort Worth roots and also making it his sound as he is producing, and according to a couple of people who know him, playing a number of instruments on it, as he did on There Is Love. Many folks don't realize that There Is Love was a demo and he played all of the instruments, and it sounded so good that they released the demo. Latest word I heard about the new album's release is early summer of this year.
  • Neil from Austin, TxI really miss David Persons. What ever happened to him? He was one of the most talented guitarists and singer/songwriters on the music scene of the 1980's, and then he seems to have just disappeared. I heard rumors that he went into the ministry and left music out of disgust for the greed of the companies and publishers who profited off of the artists they handled. Persons always had a real reputation for both being an idealist when it came to honesty and fairness in the business end of music, and also for incredible generosity. Legend has it that Persons gave a family that he knew was in trouble two grand by mailing it, in cash, without any identifying marks on it. He was known for helping down and out musicians getting housing and medical care as well. He was one of those rare guys that really believed that we are all in life together and should really help each other, even if it costs you something.
    Its a shame that he didn't do more in the music industry. Who knows - maybe he will make a comeback. But even if he doesn't the music he already did, especially There Is Love and the This Is A Recording CD, will mark him as a uniquely gifted singer and guitarist, but most of all songwriter (listen to the words of His Love for instance, and realize it was written over a year BEFORE the televangelist scandals, and then you will realize how prophetic and visionary some of his writing really was) that the greed of the music industry wrecked.
  • Joanne from Virginia Beach, VaActually, this song never appeared on the original album. It was a single that was recorded separately. It is still an excellent song, and the hook of the chorus is one of those tunes that stick with you for years. I wish that David Persons and the Instruments had recorded more than they did. They are very talented with a very good message.
  • Justin's A Jerk from Bigtown, TxGotta agree about Justin. Go back to the Presby house or wherever you came from with the other crazy backstabbers and losers. What is your problem, or are you just showing how smart you are? Those who can't, abuse the reputations of those who can.

    This band was GOOD. Enough said.
  • John Wes from Fort Worth, TxJustin, you are a self absorbed freak. Anyone doubting that can look at his entry for Lyrics for this song. He is probably some Christian hating idiot. Justin, go bother someone else dude. Or maybe get a life. And find Jesus.
  • Justin from Alexandria, TnThis person is wierd...He has a split personality
  • John Wes from Fort Worth, TxGot to agree with the above comments - it was an awesome album. I was wondering if anyone knows where one can find a copy today? I have searched everywhere I could think of and haven't found it anywhere. Help?.?.?.?.!
  • John Wes from Fort Worth, TxI remember this album and it was INCREDIBLE. For reasons passing all understanding This Is A Recording did not chart well (rumors abounded about Persons not being willing to quit school to tour as he was prepping for seminary when the label demanded it), it remains a very significant album for many reasons.

    This Is A Recording featured some session players that have gone on to become very big names themselves, including blues genius Ruthie Foster singing background vocals and David Zycheck doing some of the best guitar work ever recorded on analog. While Persons also jams on his guitar work on this project, it is Persons writing and his incredibly rich and uniquely beautiful voice (and equally compelling vocal arrangements) that truly stands out as his best contribution on this amazing project.

    This is one of the best, and most incredibly innovative and creative, projects of early contemporary Christian music. In fact, this album is a very good argument for defining Christian music by its musical style rather than its lyrical meanings. Only problem with that is defining DP&TIOG's style - they were well and truly a uniquely creative group of innovators. Bob Haley's production and recording talents are another high point.

    This Is A Recording is a refreshing mix of jazz fusion, hard rocking licks, rich orchestration, reggae funk, folk acoustics and remarkable vocal arrangements and harmonies, as well as having some elements (such as the wooden African xylophone on Unto The Hills) that are uniquely its own. Its message was also challenging, complex and inspiring, especially in the Reagan era culture in which it was released. Its message still holds up 21 years on.

    Released in 1985, This Is A Recording, the first and last album by Persons in his own right, was a herald of what Michael W. Smith, Charlie Peacock, Steve Taylor and others were doing and what they would make the standard of contemporary Christian music later on.

    David Persons and the Instruments of Grace can clearly take thier place alongside these CCM giants with this outing - it is a CCM masterpiece!

    It is also one of the coolest album titles of all time :--) !
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