Groove Is in the Heart

Album: World Clique (1990)
Charted: 2 4
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    The chills that you spill up my back
    Keep me filled with satisfaction when we're done
    Satisfaction of what's to come

    I couldn't ask for another
    No, I couldn't ask for another

    Your groove, I do deeply dig
    No walls, only the bridge, my supper dish
    My succotash wish

    I couldn't ask for another
    No, I couldn't ask for another

    Groove is in the heart, Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart, Groove is in the heart

    Watch out!

    The depth of hula groove
    Move us to the nth hoop
    We're going through to, Horten hears a who

    I couldn't ask for another
    No, I couldn't ask for another

    DJ Soul was on a roll
    I been told he can't be sold
    Not vicious or malicious
    Just de-lovely and delicious

    I couldn't ask for another

    Someone’s in this torso (yeah)
    Hot! Gotta deal you wanna know (wanna know)
    Dee-Liteful truly Dee-Liteful (liteful)
    Makin’ it doin’ it 'specially at show (show)
    Feeling kinda high like a Hendrix haze (haze)
    Music makes motion moves like a maze (maze)
    All inside of me (side)
    Heart especially (yeah)
    Help of the rhythm where I wanna be (c’mon)
    Flowin’ glowin’ with electric eyes (ha)
    You dip to the dive baby you’ll realize (yeah)
    Baby you’ll see the funky side of me
    Baby you’ll see that rhythm is the key (hmm!)
    Get get ready with it (with it)
    Can’t can’t quit it (quit it)
    Stomp on the street when I hear a funk beat (beat)
    Playing Pied Piper
    Follow what’s true
    Baby just sing about the groove (sing it)

    Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart
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  • Emyr Tomos from CarmarthenWow that lady knows how to throw some shapes, especially in that catsuit.
  • Luke from Manchester, UkJon, Portland - the "ah-ah-ahahah" sound is someone's voice being "scratched" on the turntable by the DJ.
  • Steve from Whittier, CaFun song and grooves a lot..the whistles sound abit too make like they came from "Ring my Bell" by Anita Bell & "Second Time Around" by Shalamar. The lyrics sound more like "Dance for Another" song. I was thirty years old when that song came out and was a kid back in the era that this song is partly about, the 1960s..
  • Mike182 from Pittsburgh, PaI was a freshman in college when this song broke. Party song of the year in 1990.
  • Chris from West Hartford, CtAside from this track, Dee-lite had several #1 hits on Billboard's Dance/Club Chart including: Power of Love, Good Beat, Runaway, Bring Me Your Love and Call Me. ESP and Pussycat Meow also made the Top 10.
  • Chris from West Hartford, CtThe first time I heard Dee-lite was in the fall of 90 and I remember driving past Hartford and hearing "What is Love?" on Kiss 95.7 -- they actually were playing the B-side before Groove hit bigtime. Their albums were so chock full of potential hits -- I think they were mismanaged or something. Some of their slower songs were actually the coolest - "Say Ahh...", "Love is Everything", "Come on In the Dreams are Fine", "Smile On" etc.
  • John from Nashville, TnThe bass line of this song comes from "Bring Down The Birds", a composition on Herbie Hancock's soundtrack to the 1966 film BLOW UP.
  • Molly from Montreal, QcEither Towa Towa or Towa Tei - But guys it's written on one of their records:"Runaway"
    "Deee-Lite is Super Dj DMITRY Brill (yeah no "DIMITRY") Lady KIER Kirby Towa "TOWA" Tei - He may have gone by many names - it seems that they all had various aliases, including another one for Kier-"Daisy" (sorry I had to look into it - i've always heard him referred as Towa Tei)
    Groove ON people!
  • Scott from Columbus, OhI was born in the same hospital as Lady Miss Kier. What a great tune.
  • Terry from Winnipeg, CanadaHey you guys dont have that paragraph with the guy "rapping". You should fix that
  • Jon from Portland, MeDoes anyone know how they came up with the "Ah-ah-ah-ah" sound? Is it a voice or some kind of tuned percussion?
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, Pathis song is kick a**...i remember skating to this song in the roller rink...good times
  • Shell from Riverdale, GaSorry Jay, but the guy's stage name was indeed Towa Towa. Jungle DJ Towa Towa is how he was billed, actually.
  • Jay from Geneva, CheezlandThe Hancock sample is from a song called "Bring out the birds"
  • Jay from Geneva, CheezlandThe DJ's name is not Towa Towa, but Towa Tei.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThe single release of "Groove Is In The Heart", as featured on numerous compilation albums of the early 1990s, is often given the subtitle "Peanut Butter Mix".
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song peaked at No.2 in the UK in September 1990 in what was a controversial week for the UK charts. There was tie on sales for the No.1 slot, with "Groove..." and The Steve Miller Band's re-release of "The Joker" having sold the same number of records. Having sat one position higher than The Steve Miller Band the previous week, it was deemed that Dee-Lite had had a smaller increase in the number of sales, and so the No.1 position was given to Miller. Despite being ahead on midweek sales, Dee-Lite again had to be content with No.2 the following week, and, despite receiving more airplay on UK radio, they were unable to wrest the top spot from Miller, and subsequently vanished into obscurity.
  • Byron from Athens, GreeceThis song's bass line comes from Herbie Hancock's 'Blow up' OST.
  • Deanna from Washington, IlI know all the words to every song on World Clique. It's truly De-Lovely & De-Groovy!! The shizzle!!
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