Seven Words

Album: Adrenaline (1995)
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  • I'll never be the same, breaking decency
    Don't be tree trunk, don't fall on my living roots
    I've been humming too many words
    Got a weak self esteem
    That's been stomped away from every single dream
    But it's something else, that brought us feaze
    Keep it all inside, until we feel we can't unleash
    I think that you made it up
    I think that your mind is gone
    I think you shouldn't glorifiy- now you're wrong

    Suck (12x)
    They fuck with my head
    Suck (10x)
    Suck it...bitch

    You and me are here alone
    Face flat along the edge of the glass
    But I'm not here to preach, I'm just sick of thugs
    My parents made me strong to look up that glass
    So why should I try, act like I'm a little pissed off
    With all that shit that needs to stay back in the shell
    Your fuck ass made it up
    Ah, your fucking mind was gone
    Should've never glorified - now you're right

    Suck (12x)
    They fuck with my head
    Suck (10x)
    Suck it...bitch

    Because you don't know me, shut up you don't know me
    Squeal like a pig when you big fuckin', big fuckin'

    Well I'll tell you about my smoke stack
    What's coming back jack we'll turn back
    Curse for in their words, tell them that you fucking heard
    I mean, they know that's what's coming, nigga
    I thinking 'bout something naughty, and won't tell anybody
    So thinking of me by now but you go grab it
    I'd like to think, for who I down this shit, I belong where they be
    'Cause we can not get back those lives
    We exist to cease - understand
    God hates blacks shades and all the players
    Mr. P.I.G. cause I fuckin' see
    Sure already done crushed, all of my brothers dignity
    And to the jury, can't be no turns on my skin looks colored
    Does that mean I'm burnt?
    'Cause your fuck ass made it up,
    Your fuckin' mind was gone
    Should've never glorified - wrong

    Suck (12x)
    They fuck with my head
    Suck! (10x)
    Suck you bitch

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  • Derek from Akron, OhSeven Words; " You got the right to remain silent"

    That is the 7 words they are talking about. its that simple. as Chino is quoted above "... being oppressed by people around me, the authorities..."
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