Hold the Light

Album: Only the Brave (2017)
  • If it wasn't known, then our love would carry on
    I will be the wind that goes on the canyon wall
    One more day with you, to walk around our neighbourhood
    We will never know like it wasn't understood

    We never say goodbye
    Just let me hold the light

    If you've given up, I will call an end to this
    I will be your rock from our perch
    If you walk the ridge, you will find the marks the scars
    Kneel down by the tree, under the stone

    We never say goodbye
    Just let me hold the light

    We never say goodbye
    I'll see you on this side
    Or the other way
    The desert sun kisses the sky
    Baby hold the light
    And keep it in your eyes
    And promise that you dream with me
    Beyond the walls of time
    And when we laid aside
    Just look up at the light

    Just let me hold the light
    Just let me hold the light


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