Walk On By

Album: Make Way for Dionne Warwick (1964)
Charted: 9 6
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  • If you see me walking down the street
    And I start to cry each time we meet
    Walk on by, walk on by

    Make believe
    That you don't see the tears
    Just let me grieve
    In private 'cause each time I see you
    I break down and cry
    And walk on by (don't stop)
    And walk on by (don't stop)
    And walk on by

    I just can't get over losing you
    And so if I seem broken and blue
    Walk on by, walk on by

    Foolish pride
    Is all that I have left
    So let me hide
    The tears and the sadness you gave me
    When you said goodbye
    Walk on by (don't stop)
    Walk on by (don't stop)
    Walk on by (don't stop)
    Walk on

    Walk on by
    Walk on by
    Foolish pride
    Is all that I have left
    So let me hide
    The tears and the sadness you gave me
    When you said goodbye
    Walk on by (don't stop)
    And walk on by (don't stop)
    Now you really gotta go so walk on by (don't stop)
    If you leave you'll never see the tears I cry
    Now you really gotta go so walk on by (don't stop) Writer/s: Burt F. Bacharach, Hal David
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Nag from Anacortes. Wadione's & issac's versions are both killer...

    actually was able to put 'walk on by" into practice a couple days ago.
    walking on a main street in seattle, when from a distance, i spotted a get up that looked familiar from the shoes, tights, dress, silver hair under a cap...she turned with a scared look of familiarity, then a saddness of tears...

    i could lie & say that dione's version was playing, but just some old chicago blues was on my headphones...

    she was waiting for a bus...she glanced up & down from the pavement numerous times as i got closer...i trekked ahead & she may have said my name twice amongst the music & downtown traffic...

    out of curiosity, crossing the street, i glanced back, her head down, perhaps in tears...

    interesting how life is to be one's all from last second to being nothing the next...i could have made a "where's my money gesture", as i walked on by, but what is the point? 11 months later & i refused to despite her owing me an equivalent of a diamond ring...as one can infer the parting was not kind & did not have to occur...covid can be blamed, but life is what it is...i accept & continue on...
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1964 {May 22nd} Dionne Warwick performed "Walk On By" on the British ITV network television program, 'Ready Steady Go!'...
    At the time the song was in it's second of three weeks at #11 on the United Kingdom's Official Top 50 Singles chart, two weeks earlier it had peaked at #9 {for 1 week} and it spent fourteen weeks on the Top 50...
    It reached #6 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart and on June 20th, 1964 it peaked at #1 {for 3 weeks} on Cashbox's R&B Top 10 Singles chart**...
    Between 1963 and 1989 the Orange, New Jersey native had seventeen records on the U.K. Singles chart, three made the Top 10...
    Besides the above "Walk On By", her two other Top 10 records were "Do You Know The Way To San Jose" "{#8 for 2 non-consecutive weeks in 1968} and "Heartbreaker" {#2* for 1 week in 1982}...
    Ms. Warwick, born Marie Dionne Warrick, will celebrate her 79th birthday this coming December 12th, 2019...
    * The week "Heartbreaker" was at #2 on the U.K. Singles chart, the #1 record for that week was "I Don't Want To Dance" by Eddy Grant...
    ** Between November 30th 1963 and January 24th, 1965 Billboard Magazine didn't publish an R&B Singles chart...
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaStill my fav Dionne tune. Would love to know from, Elle who else played on this song.
  • Stephen Richards, Sr from NashvilleDionne recorded this song on Friday, November 22, 1963, the day John Kennedy was assassinated. I'm wondering how it happened that they completed the recording on this historic and sad day?
  • Elle Ndevesn from NycMy father George Devens was the studio percussionist on this recording and did most if not all of the Bacharach / David recordings. My father was a brilliant percussionist and was a top studio guy for 30 years after he played with George Shearing. His vibraphone or tuned mallet work was outstanding as was all his percussion from gourds and bells to bongos and tambourines... unrivaled sensitivity and an innate sense of timing. I grew up in control rooms and it was probably the highlight of my growing up.
  • Donna from Ft. Lauderdale, FlThis song was also covered by Bobby Caldwell on his 1994 Soul Survivor album, a nod to Motown. I saw his live concert in St. Pete when he was on tour promoting this album, he was great.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn August 16th 1969, Isaac Hayes performed "Walk On By" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...
    One day later on August 17th it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #94; and on October 19th, 1969 it peaked at #30 {for 1 week} and spent 12 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #13 on Billboard's R&B Singles chart...
    On the same 'Bandstand' show he also performed the record's B-side, "By the Time I Get to Phoenix", and it peaked at #37 on the Top 100...
    Between 1969 and 1979 he had thirteen songs enter the Top 100 chart; with one making the Top 10 and it reached #1, "Theme from 'Shaft'" for 2 weeks on November 14th, 1971...
    R.I.P. Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. {1942 - 2008}.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn April 19th 1964, "Walk On By" by Dionne Warwick entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #85; and on June 7th it peaked at #6 (for 2 weeks) and spent 13 weeks on the Top 100 (and for 5 of those 13 weeks it was on the Top 10)...
    And on June 20th it reached #1 (for 3 weeks) on Cash Box Magazine's Top R&B Singles chart (Billboard Magazine did not publish a R&B chart from Nov. 30th, 1963 till Jan 23rd, 1965)...
    Three covered versions have made the Top 100; Isaac Hayes (#30 in 1969), Gloria Gaynor (#98 in 1975), and the Average White Band (#92 in 1979)...
    In 1961 a completely different record titled "Walk On By" by Leroy Van Dyke reached #5 on the Top 100 and peaked at #1 on Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart.
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkI had this single when I was a kid in 1964 & was fascinated by Dionne's vocals on this & another '64 hit (Anyone Who Had A Heart). I didn't know she had a tough time gettng a hit in '64, until I read Songfacts background info above! Once her career got going she became a superstar. "Walk On By" was such a well-written song by Bacharach-David too. And didn't Dusty Springfield cover this song about the same time Dionne's was a big smash hit?
  • Mike from Norwalk, CtDon't forget Diana Krall's version..........WOW!
  • Anthony from Hermosa Beach, CaThe Isaac Hayes version was used in the movie "Dead Presidents"
  • Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, CaYeah, I don't know how Vinnie Bell was able to get
    such a great scratchy chink sound on his guitar, that is at once no intonation, but yet if you listen real closely you can hear
    traces of intonation at the same time..brilliant piano part...a genius record!
  • Nick from Brisbane, AustraliaThere is a fragment of this by the Beach Boys on the Friends/20/20 cd. A nice bit of harmony, lasting about 50 seconds.
  • Musicmama from New York, NyTwo interesting facts about Dionne: She is one of many soul and r&b artists who began their careers at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York City. And, she was the first African American female performer to appear before the Queen of England in a Royal Command Performance.
  • Musicmama from New York, NyBoth Isaac Hayes' and Dionne's version of this song are moving, although in very different ways. The differences are somewhat analagous to those between Joe Cocker's and the Beatles' versions of "I Get By." And, I very much like each version of the songs I mentioned, though for very different reasons. Dionne Warwick's voice and persona is emotional in a different way from Isaac Hayes', just as the Beatles are from Joe Cocker.

    I also very much like Aretha Franklin's (of course!) and the Stranglers' version of this song.
  • Sara from Silver Spring, MdMichael McDonald has a new single of this song that is available as MP3 files. It will be on his new CD "Soul Speak" the last album he will do for the Motown label.
  • Ian from Chicago, IlI really love Aretha Franklin's version. Dionne is great also.
  • Melanie from Terneuzen, NetherlandsNever knew the Stranglers did this song but since i have heard it it hasnt come out of my cd player... The Stranglers version is one of my all time favorites!
  • Mark from Lancaster, OhKaren Carpenter covered this, and several other David/Bachrach songs, on one recording. There aren't too many singers who could match Dionne Warwick on this material, but Karen Carpenter did. It's pretty amazing.
  • Andy from Arlington, VaThis is #70 on the Rolling Stone top 500 songs.
  • Helen from Oxford, EnglandThe Stranglers version is definitely the best
  • Ernie from KranjGreat guitar contribution from legendary session player Vinnie Bell.
  • Alicia from Chicago, IlI like both Isaac Hayes and Dionne Warwick's version of the song. But I definitely like the beat on Hayes version though.
  • Rob from Castaic, Cai like seal's version
  • Melissa from Green Bay, WiIsaac's version blows Dionne's out of the water
  • The Bear from Stirling, ScotlandThe Stranglers version of this song rocks
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