For Free

Album: Major Key (2016)
Charted: 25 13
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  • (Would you fuck me for free?)
    Another one (another one, another one)
    We The Best Music (music, music)
    Major Key (Major Key)
    DJ Khaled

    Yeah, I go on and on
    Can't understand how I last so long
    I must have the superpowers
    Last two-hundred twenty-three thousand hours
    And it's 'cause I'm off of CC
    And I'm off the Hennessy
    And like your boy from Compton said
    You know this dick ain't free
    I got girls that I shoulda made pay for it
    Got girls that I shoulda made wait for it
    I got girls that'll cancel a flight back home
    Stay another day for it
    You got attitude on na-na
    And your pussy on agua
    And your stomach on flat-flat
    And your ass on "What's that?"
    And, yeah, I need it all right now
    Last year I had drama, girl, not right now
    I would never go and chat what we talkin' about
    You the only one I know could fit it all in them, man

    I always wonder if you ask yourself
    Is it just me?
    Is it just me?
    Or is this sex so good I shouldn't have to fuck for free?
    Oh, is it just me?
    Yeah, is it just me?
    Is this sex so good I shouldn't have to

    Fuck for free
    I know you workin' day and night to get a college degree
    Bet nobody that you've been with even know you a freak, right?
    You know you only do that with me, right?
    Yeah, double checkin' on you
    You know I never put the pressure on you
    You know that you make your own mind up
    You knew what it was when you signed up
    Now you gotta run it up
    I be out of words, tryna sum it up
    Girl, you throw it back like one love
    Even let me slash on the tour bus
    Yeah, I talk to her but she don't do enough
    Even though you in the hood I'm still pullin' up
    Dip, dip, straight to your doorstep
    This the real thing, can you feel the force yet?

    I always wonder if you ask yourself
    Is it just me?
    Is it just me?
    Or is this sex so good I shouldn't have to fuck for free?
    Oh, is it just me?
    Yeah, is it just me?
    Is this sex so good I shouldn't have to
    (Would you fuck me for free?)

    Another one (another one)
    They don't want me to have another anthem
    So I made sure I got another anthem (another anthem)
    It's We The Best OVO
    Summer's ours
    It always has been
    Don't ever play yourself
    One time for Future the Prince
    One time for 40
    One time for Drake
    Yeah, another one
    Bless up Writer/s: Akinyele Adams, Anthony Paul Jefferies, Aubrey Drake Graham, Craig D. Love, Frankie Malave, James Elbert Phillips, Jonathan H. Smith, Jordan K. Ullman, Kacy L. Brooks, Kenneth Darrell Grant, Khaled Mohammaed Khaled, La Marquis Jefferson, Todd Anthony Shaw
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Missing Link Music, O/B/O CAPASSO, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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