Can't Be That Wrong

Album: Pure & Simple (2016)
  • So often in my dreams
    I hold you close against my skin
    Waking up I wish that I could
    Sleep and dream again

    'Cause only when I sleep
    Can I not hear how it's a sin?
    How cheaters never win
    Their heartaches never end

    "Torn between two lovers" on the jukebox
    And I'm thinking how I could've wrote that song
    Wonderin' if god loves us, when we're cheatin'
    But why he lets us feels things if it's wrong

    I guess I should be singing "rock of ages"
    "Amazing grace", some of those good songs
    Can't find it in my heart to ask forgiveness
    Anything that feels this right can't be that wrong

    Thou shalt not commit it
    It's written in the tin
    The spirit is always willing
    But the flesh is weak again

    And you're as close to heaven
    As I might ever fly
    An angel in disguise
    A wrong that feels so right

    And torn between two lovers just keeps playing
    And I don't wanna be right if lovin' you is wrong
    It goes against all I've ever stood for
    Knowin' I have someone else at home

    I guess I should be singing "rock of ages"
    "Amazing grace", some of those good songs
    But my cheatin' heart can tell on me tomorrow
    'Cause anything that feels this right can't be that wrong

    To hell with heaven if it means I'll lose you
    Anything that feels this right can't be that wrong
    It just can't be Writer/s: DOLLY PARTON
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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