Ferris Wheel

Album: Sunshine Superman (1966)
  • Walking in the seashore twilight,
    It's then you spy carnival lights,
    You slowly near the magic sight,
    Tangerine sky minus one kite.
    Take time an' tie your pretty hair
    The gypsy driver doesn't care
    If you catch your hair in the ferris wheel on top,
    In the ferris wheel on top.

    A silver bicycle you shall ride,
    To bathe your mind in the quiet tide.
    Far off as it seems your hair will mend
    With a Samson's strength to begin again.
    Take time an' dry your pretty eyes,
    Watch the seagull fly far-off skies
    To build its nest in the ferris wheel on top,
    In the ferris wheel on top.
    If ever I reach her.

    And the moral here, if any, my friend:
    Follow through your dream to the end.
    Dig the seagull fly across the sky
    To build its nest in the ferris wheel,
    In the ferris wheel Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Anonymous from San FranciscoTangerine sky minus one kite:
    Looking at a red sky in the summer, at a kite flying, the kite would appear BLACK, as to be “ cut out” of the sky! A sky “ MINUS” a kite!
  • Aussiev from Melbourne, Australia"Tangerine sky" ... have you never seen a summer sunset? You'll find the kite in "Summer Day Reflection Song. And there have been many instances of young women/girls getting their hair caught in the machinery of ferris wheels and being scalped by it. A very much more benign song about an amusement park ride than "Helter Skelter" ... and what Manson did with it (from one who is old enough to have followed that story as it happened).
  • Phil from Crickhowell, WalesHmmm! Can't say I know Helter Skelter but then I'm not a Beatles fan. Would rate the Everly Brothers 1964 chart hit "Ferris Wheel" as better known than either of these.
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