Filthy and Fried

Album: American Band (2016)
  • Bottles falling in a dumpster send a stale smell rising
    Through a sickening summer haze
    To the rhythm of a boot-heeled hipster cowgirl's
    Clunky sashay of shame
    Mundane mayhem the last of the AM'S gasoline powered release
    Of the rest of the day to the afternoon's rising relentlessly stifling heat

    Up round the corner a B model Mazda's sitting crooked between the lines
    Feeling lucky that 27's the hardest thing she'll have to survive
    Just don't mix your Browns and your whites with your wine
    And don't sit on your cigarettes
    You'll feel like shit soon enough and deserve's got no say in a story's past

    It's what alive feels like
    Bored children caught between dog days when night turns them loose
    All that's different for girls is the bragging and who it's done to
    Everyone claims that the times are a changing as theirs pass them by
    And everyones's right

    Way down beneath all the talk and tequila and reasons excuses and doubts
    Breathing steam from his cup and stink from his fingers
    He's starting to figure it out
    The old man's world was more doing than thinking
    And the doing was more cut and dried
    Now girls collect trophies as much as the boys and come home just as filthy and fried
    Now girls collect trophies as much as the boys and come home just as filthy and fried Writer/s: Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Brad Morgan, Jay Gonzalez, Matt Patton
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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