Lady Samantha

Album: Empty Sky (1969)
  • When the shrill winds are screaming
    And the evening is still
    Lady Samantha glides over the hill
    In a long satin dress that she wears every day
    Her home is the hillside, her bed is the grave

    Lady Samantha glides like a tiger
    Over the hills with no one beside her
    No one comes near
    They all live in fear
    But Lady Samantha, she sheds only tears

    The tales that I told round the fire every night
    Are out of proportion and none of them right
    She is harmless and empty of anything bad
    For she once had something that most of you have Writer/s: BERNIE TAUPIN, ELTON JOHN
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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