Pretty Please (Love Me)

  • [Estelle:]
    Do you believe in love?
    Yes I believe in love
    I believe it's because I've tried
    And if you know anything
    Bout loving anyone
    Somehow you got to be satisfied
    Oh it's also changed
    At least not for me baby
    I'm doin' what I gotta do
    I'll be fine
    Find a way to pass the time
    While I sit here waiting on you

    (Oh listen)

    But as soon as you get the chance baby
    You've got to

    Love me
    (Love me baby)
    Say I Love me
    (Love me baby)
    Pretty Please

    Know it's hard, out there
    I can imagine how
    Who you are, in here
    See I can imagine now
    What kinda attitude
    You don't have to be
    Able to read my mind
    I can hardly walk
    Without nobody talking
    So I might as well go out alive

    Just as soon as you get a chance


    Why, tell me why you wanna treat me so bad
    When you know I love you
    Darlin' don't you know I'm giving you
    The best lovin' you've ever had
    No one else for you
    Just assume
    Just assume
    Just assume
    Just assume

    [Chorus: x2]

    Say won't you come love me
    Pretty pretty please
    Say if you've got the time baby
    Come and spend it with me

    I'm tired of talkin' bout it
    Just wanna be about it
    So come and love me please

    There ain't no tellin' bout it
    You got to be about it
    Oh you best'a believe

    Pretty please, pretty please
    Baby baby baby please
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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