Snow White Queen

Album: The Open Door (2006)
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  • Stop light, lock the door
    Don't look back
    Undress in the dark
    And hide from you, all of you

    You'll never know
    The way your words have haunted me
    I can't believe you'd ask these things of me
    You don't know me now or never

    You belong to me
    My snow white queen
    There's nowhere to run
    So let's just get it over

    Soon my love, you'll see
    You're just like me
    Don't scream anymore, my love
    'Cause all I want is you

    Wake up in a dream
    Frozen fear
    All your hands on me
    I can't scream, I can't scream

    I can't escape
    The twisted way you think of me
    I feel you in my dreams And I don't sleep (ever and ever)
    I don't sleep

    See you belong to me
    My snow white queen
    There's nowhere to run
    So let's just get it over

    Soon my love, you'll see
    You're just like me
    Don't scream anymore, my love
    'Cause all I want is you

    Can't save your life
    Though nothing I bleed for
    Is more tormenting

    I'm losing my mind
    And you just stand there
    And stare as my world divides

    You belong to me
    My snow white queen
    There's nowhere to run
    So let's just get it over

    Soon my love, you'll see
    You're just like me
    Don't scream anymore, my love
    'Cause all I want is you

    All I want is you
    All I want is you
    All I want is you
    Forever and ever, ever and ever Writer/s: AMY LEE, TERRY BALSAMO
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Pookadahooka from PaI see a subtle irony in this song and find it empowering.

    The 'prey' is fed up, infuriated, and evolving into a dangerous creature. She has more angst about what that implies, than about the Hunters. 'Undress in the dark...hide from all of you' she realizes a metamorphosis is in progress. She's keeping it covert and plotting until she can fully do battle.

    'You don't know me.....' is a subtle warning to the Hunters that she's not as vulnerable as they like to believe.

    The surreal melody and lower singing pitch of these lines comes across to me as being hidden in a cocoon while transforming.
    'Wake up.....Frozen fear....I can't scream' - She's afraid of both what she's turning into, and what's going on outside the cocoon, but dormancy will be necessary for survival.

    'I can't escape....I don't sleep' - She's paying full attention to what's happening around her, just biding time until she can strike.

    The 1st 3 runs of 'You belong to me....' are the arrogant Hunters taunting what they think is in submission.

    The line that cuts in with 'I can't save your life....' She emerges fully transformed, aware she is now the more vicious predator and *regrettably* lost some humanity in the process. The Hunters had continued to abuse her, causing that 'divide' in her world.

    The last run of 'You belong to me.....' is actually her taunting the vanquished Hunters, addressing them with the moniker they once used for her. Notice how the music here changes from the 1st 3 runs. The Hunters are now HER prey. Karma completes a brilliant cycle.

    At least that's how I interpret it. :)
    It's a great metaphor and warning to the creeps out there.
  • Elissa from Palm Bay, Fljocelyn, the only happy song Amy Lee has written is Good Enough, just pointing that out
  • Bailey from Las Vegas, NvThe truth behind the song "Snow White Queen" is actually that Amy [lead singer] had a stalker and she was called snow white queen by her friends and family and even fans because the stalker made her feel like a queen in a twisted way, and when the song says "undress in the dark and hide from you" she's not referring to she was raped, she's trying to put into our minds how it must have felt to undress while she had the stalker and he could look at her anytime and also when it says "i dont sleep" its because, how could she sleep knowing she had a stalker. that's the truth behind the song "Snow White Queen" =]
  • Taylor from San Antonio, Txyou bloody idiot what would she say snow white queen for why would she infacize that if it was about a stalker that s ignorant and childish for it to be about a stalker, i see what ur saying with the one line but the rest of it does not go with stalker at all
  • Lexxus from Not Telling......;d, Tx"You belong to me My Snow White Queen, Don't scream anymore my love, all I want is you"
  • Lexxus from Not Telling......;d, TxI TOTALLY agree with Crystal. I'm a songwriter/singer myself (hoping to make it big someday) and I have a hard time writing about happy stuff, and when I try to write what I know (sadness,anger,ect.) my mother acuses me of writing depressing songs, but it's all I know! I've gone through alot of horrible, things in my life, and writing songs about it is sort of like my tourniquet. It helps to stop the emotional bleeding I feel sometimes.
  • Crystal from Fresno, CaI think that any songwriter writes what they know, just like an author. The most powerful emotions and experiences are often the negative ones. Personally, it's very easy for me to write about anger, fear, sadness, and that sort of thing, but try to get me to write something happy, and I'll be there for hours with nothing on the page. My mind more easily follows the darker paths it's created. Also, I think that darker things tend to be more fun. For example (and forgive me if I offend you): "A dog walked down the street on a nice sunny day" sounds a lot more boring than "A dog walked down the street and got attacked by a giant dog-eating monster!!!" Anyways, I think it's perfectly natural for a writer to right a song about scary experiences, it makes good, emotion-filled music.
  • Raven from Erie , Tni luv this song, i always thought that this song is about a girl getting raped :/
  • Kadie from Corpus Christi, TxI just imagine myself confessing my own little world in my head to my friends because or this song. When I say my world I mean the place where I get my ideas to write books. I write all the time.
  • Ember from Council Bluffs, Ia"...And you just stand there and stare as myh world divides."
    "I can't escape the twisted way you think of me..."
    "There's no where to run, so let's just get it over."

    Those are the lines that made the subject of the song clear to me.
  • Curjos from Uk, EnglandThe lyrics in the chorus sound like they're being sung from a stalkers perspective, and then during the verses and the climax part of the song seems like her pleas for it to end.
  • Jailene from K-town, WaI have actually heard the 'raped' theory before, many times...that seems to be one of the two main theories: rape and stalkers. Happy topics, eh?
  • Kevin from Squaw Valley, CaI believe the song speaks from the point of view of two different persons. The main stanzas relate how Amy is feeling about being stalked while the chorus, "You belong to me..." is the point of view of the stalker.
  • Caleb from Lindale, GaFirst of all, I don't find it odd at all that Amy Lee would write about fear, it's a common emotion. I think this song is about what Amy Lee had to go through while she was being stalked IE "undressing in the dark" so no one will know where she is. And the rather sensual and forceful invitations, that manifest as the song's chorus, are what the stalker had asked of her. She felt exposed and scared, "raped" if you will.
  • Jocelyn from Regina, CanadaI dont think it has anything to do with scary things
  • Jocelyn from Regina, CanadaI think it means that the person loves the snow white queen and wants her to accept it and give the person a chance
  • Catherine from Corona, CaYeah, kind of like the song, "Haunted,"
  • Christina from Atlanta, GaYeah, it sounds like rape to me.
  • Taylor from San Antonio, Txi dont think this song is based on scary experiences at all i think its about. well a girl getting rapped hint 'you belong to me my snow white queen' snow white refering to the color of her skin ;dont scream anymore my love cause all i want is you' anyway thats what im sticking to as it is on what this song refers to it makes more sense to me why would amy lee write a song on scary experiences shes smarter than that
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