Hold Me

Album: Mirage (1982)
Charted: 4
  • Can you understand me
    Baby don't you hand me a line
    Although it doesn't matter
    You and me got plenty of time

    There's nobody in the future
    So baby let me hand you my love
    Oh, there's no step for you to dance to
    So slip your hand inside of my glove

    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me

    I don't want no damage
    But how am I gonna manage with you
    You hold the percentage
    But I'm the fool payin' the dues

    I'm just around the corner
    If you got a minute to spare
    I'll be waitin' for ya'
    If you ever want to be there

    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me

    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me
    Hold me, hold me, hold me Writer/s: Christine Mcvie, Robbie Patton
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Bill from New York"Hold Me" is my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, but "Love Will Show Us How" is my favorite Christine McVie song.
  • Ben from OhioI had no idea the song was that old. Never heard it as at the time never knew who Fleetwood Mac was. Guess you could call me an old-timer I'm 76 and always loved rhythm and blues rock and roll Etc. When I first heard this song it was a revelation to me how I love the harmony, tje beat, the melody wow!! knocks me out. So bet I'm the oldest person to ever come in on this song how cool is that ?!!? LOL. Anyway it's my favorite song in a long time.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn June 13th 1982, "Hold Me" by Fleetwood Mac entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #33; and on July 18th it peaked at #4 (for an amazing 7 weeks) and spent 17 weeks on the Top 100 (and for 10 of those 17 weeks it was on the Top 10)...
    It reached #2 in Canada and #3 on Billboard's Rock Songs chart...
    Was track three of side two on the group's 13th studio album, 'Mirage', and on August 1st, 1982 the album reached #1 (for 5 weeks) on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart...
    Two other tracks from the album also made the Top 100; "Gypsy" (peaked at #12) and "Love In Store" (reached #22).
  • Andrew from Chicago, IlDefinitely one of the most underrated FM songs. The unique product of that band at that particular time. Might be one of the best harmonies of all time.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxMy favorite song of Christine's, with the unheralded "Isn't It Midnight" (co-written and performed with Buckingham) next in line.
  • Meocyber from Alma, Co Thanks Constance. I agree Christine was extremely underated. I love her whisky sweet sexy voice. She was an excellent composer and key boardist. It did seem she wasn't a super egomaniac. Dennis Wilson died only 3 years after this.
  • Rick from Boston, Ma"Hold Me" was co-written by Robbie Patton, who also contributed to her last solo album - along with an army of co-writers. Love Christine, and she's a great songwriter but those who have to slight Stevie's ability as a way of complimenting Christine aren't being fair. From 1982 - on, she has used co-writers for everything of note, except "Everywhere." Christine's 1984 solo album is all co-writes with multiple parties, and two she didn't write at all. She wrote one by herself. 2004 solo disc, she wrote two by herself, multiple co-writes and two songs written by her nephew.
  • Myla from San Diego, CaAwesome lyrics and music by Christine and lead solo guitar by Buckingham! The fact that this was written about McVie's love affair with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys would explain the Beach Boy's inspired background vocals in the song ("Come on and ..."Hold me, Hold me..."). It reminds me of the chorus of "Help me Rhonda".
  • Allan from Asheville, NcThere is no cowbell in this song!
  • Constance from Dallas, TxChristine is most definetly underrated. She is a great songwriter and has soul and she has her own mysterious style by being so humble and comfortable in her place in Fleetwood not having to be up front all the time.So it makes you wonder about her. She is amazing with that keyboard. I don't think Nicks being the break out star bottered Christine at all. Nicks and her are friends. That makes me like Christine even more. She know her value. You should listen to some of her music with the chicken shack and some of her solo music before Fleetwood. It was blues with a lot of soul.
  • Madison from Norway, MeI've always liked the way their voices complimented each other on this song.
  • Christine from Worcester, MaThis is one of my personal fave Mac songs. There are so many unreleased versions of this song, and some of them are just as good, or better than the studio version. I dont like the 'come on and..' part that Lindsey does before Christine sings 'Hold Me...' in the 2 and on chorus'. It needs to be played on the radio instead of Dreams-if I hear that song one more time....lol-and Chris was a MUCH better songwriter than Stevie, and it really sucks how nobody gives her, or even Lindsey the credit they deserve. My favorite Mac songs are all Chris' and all of my favorite Mac solo songs are all Lindseys. And Christine wrote this with somebody else [robbie patton I think], the info can be found on lyrics.com or something like that.
  • Matt from Raleigh, Nc-by one of the most underrated songwriters of our time - overshadowed, unfortunately by Stevie Nicks. Christine finds the most unique ways of saying "I love you" without actually saying it. All FM albums she's on have great examples of her work. So selfless and poetic.
  • Nick from Nyc, Nymaybe the most underrated fleetwood mac song?
  • Alexander from Ciudad Ojeda, South AmericaWilson was addicted to drugs and, in general terms, he was a bad boy but even so, Christine still wanted him to hold her but some think this could be some sort of sexual reference.
    It also seems like he had no future at all and she wanted to save him.

    Christine says this is just another song when this is actually one of the band's most complicated songs.
  • Chris from Downers Grove, IlThis was sung as a duet between Christine and Lindsey.
  • Paul from Newark, DeThis song was written by Christine for her then boyfriend, Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson.
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