Double Dutch Bus

Album: Children Of Tomorrow (1980)
Charted: 30
  • Gimme a "ho" if you got your funky bus fare

    Ho! ho! ho!

    There's a double dutch bus coming down the street
    Moving pretty fast
    So kinda shuffle your feet
    Get on the bus and pay your fare
    And tell the driver that you're
    Going to a Double Dutch Affair
    Fe fi fo fum
    Well I'll be darn here it comes
    The Double Dutch Bus is on the street
    You'd better get off the curb
    Move your feet

    Bus fare trans-pass
    That's the way my money lasts
    Ain't got no car to get around
    When I go to work I've gotta go downtown
    Now I've missed my train
    That's a darn shame
    When I'm running late no sleep's to blame
    If you've gotta wife you know I'm right
    Gotta special man well I can understand
    Uptown, downtown everybody's getting down
    Say uptown, say downtown
    Well I missed my bus I know I'm late
    I gotta do something I know I hate
    I'm gonna walk to work fifteen blocks
    I already got a hole in my socks
    Go ahead and laugh that's okay
    'Cause what I really wanna say
    I got bad feet my corns hurt
    To top it off I'm late for work
    Let me tell you what I say
    When I'm dealin' wit a funky sidewalk
    Let me show you how I walk
    When I gotta do my funky walk
    Let me tell you what I say
    When I'm dealing wit a funky sidewalk
    I say shhhhhhhhhhh-sugarrrrr

    Hizzey, gizzirls! y'izzall hizzave t' mizzove izzout the wizzay sizzo the gizzuys can plizzay bizzasketbizzal

    Izzsay whizzat? nizzo yizzou izzain't

    Y'izzall bizzetter mizzove!

    Izzsay whizzat? willze illzain't millzovin'

    Shillzu-gillza! milzza nilzza bilzzaby!

    Willze illzare plizzayin' dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch!

    Willze illzare plizzayin' dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch!

    Millze gillzot sillzomebillzody plillzays dillzouble dillzzutch


    My gizzirl!

    Brillzing her izzin!

    Izzo kizzay!

    Izzall rizzight

    Izzo kizzay!

    Izzall rizzight! nizzow wilzee wilzill zillzee

    Bip, bomp, bam alakazam
    But only if you're grooving
    With the Double Dutch Man
    Put on your skates don't forget your rope
    'Cause I know I'm gonna see you
    At my Double Dutch Show
    Rebecca, Lolita, Veshawn and Dawn
    Every time you do the Double Dutch you really turn it on
    Bilzarbra, Milzary, Bilzetty, Kilzam
    Tilzommy, Tilzerrance, Bilzobby that's my man
    Come on get on my Double Dutch Bus
    (The Double Dutch Bus)

    Let me hear you say do that
    (Do that)
    Let me hear you say do that again
    (Do that again)
    Let me hear you say do the
    Do the do
    Let me hear you say do the do the do
    Do the do the do
    Do the do the do do do do do do
    Do the do the do do do do do do Writer/s: FRANKLYN LEON SMITH, WILLIAM A. BLOOM
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1981 {August 29th} Frankie Smith performed "Double Dutch Bus" on the ABC-TV Saturday afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    At the time "Double Dutch Bus" was at position #47 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart, two weeks earlier it had peaked at #30 {for 1 week} and it spent nineteen weeks on the Top 100...
    "Double Dutch Bus" was his only Top 100 record...
    Franklyn Leon Smith passed away at the age of 66 on March 8th, 2019...
    May he R.I.P.
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