Walken's Syndrome

Album: In On The Kill Taker (1993)
  • Fragile stem
    Asleep at the stoplight again
    Red dressed in red drenched in red spreading red ever red

    Fragile stem
    Veering for control again
    Change lanes explain how strain defers the impact of speed
    On on past gone gone gone past on

    Fragile stem
    Made your own road again
    Scars crash and glass made
    You laugh you'd show it off to your friends

    Fragile stem
    Lay down your arms and then
    Steer into the headlights like the dead light of the last sun you'll see
    Steering into headlights and your gone Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Adam from Greenfield, InNot Fugazi's best, but still alright, because it does mention Christopher Walken which is amazing...!
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