You Can Never Go Home Again

Album: American Music (2015)
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  • I remember 20 years ago I was sitting in that court room
    My charges I could not defend
    The last thing the judge said to me as he handed down my sentence
    Was you can never go home again

    Never go home, never go home
    You can never go home again

    And I agreed with everything that the judge said
    If you come back around, I'm going out like Judge Dredd
    What was in your head when you made those choices?
    I can only hope that you were played by voices
    And you made the decision not to listened to the one
    That was on your side when you started to slide
    But mama brought you back home
    She was broken down to the bone, 'cause you were gone so long
    But now her baby boy is back in the house
    You can see the smile on her mouth
    I ain't never seen her this happy
    Then all of a sudden you disappeared again
    She's crumbling down, the smile is gone from her chin
    And she doesn't know where
    And I don't even care
    'Cause you broke mama's heart twice and it ain't even nice
    Now I'm surprised as heck that she's wondering where you went
    And I don't give a damn friend

    When you've done your time and you come back out that doorway
    You will not find a loved one or a friend
    You may return to the place where the people used to know you
    But you can never go home again

    Never go home, never go home
    You can never go home again

    The things I have seen would horrify the strongest
    When I left home I haven't been to in the longest
    Led a life by the sword, was supposed to fall upon it
    The kite flew, there was nobody left to correspond with
    The million faces either passed or they flipped
    So there wasn't much for me to do except dip
    Too many years lost off the lives of a snitch
    Who is lying in a ditch now
    Left to walk across he land as a mystery
    Every new town, reinvent a new history
    I turned my back on my past just to get to see a new day
    Reframe my identity
    Get to sleep at night? Man I need a fifth at least
    The dirty deeds that I did just to get to eat
    Melancholy and emptiness
    The unseen consequence of the conditions of release

    We found a man the other day, just hanging from the ceiling
    His sentence was almost at an end
    And there on his bed was a note so sad and simple
    Saying You can never go home again

    Never go home, never go home
    You can never go home again
    Never go home, never go home
    You can never go home again Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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