Album: Genesis (1983)
Charted: 4 82
  • I can't see you mama
    But I can hardly wait
    And to touch and to feel you mama
    Oh I just can't keep away

    In the heat and the steam of the city
    Oh its got me running and I just can't brake
    So say you'll help me mama
    'Cause its getting so hard, oh

    Now I can't keep you mama
    But I know you're always there
    You listen, you teach me mama
    And I know, inside you care

    So get down, down here beside me
    Oh you ain't going nowhere
    No I won't hurt you mama
    But its getting so hard, oh

    Ha ha, ha, ha ha, ha oh
    Ha ha, ha, ha ha, ha oh

    Can't you see me here mama
    Mama, mama, mama, please
    Can't you feel my heart
    Can't you feel my heart
    Can't you feel my heart oh
    Now listen to me mama
    Mama mama
    You're taking away my last chance
    Don't take it away
    Can't you feel my heart?

    Ha ha, ha, ha ha, ha oh

    It's hot, too hot for me mama
    But I can hardly wait
    My eyes they're burning mama
    And I can feel my body shake

    Don't stop, don't stop me mama
    Oh make the pain, make it go away, hey
    No I won't hurt you mama
    But its getting so hard, oh

    Now I can't see you mama
    But I know you're always there
    You taunt, you tease me mama
    But I never, never, never can keep away

    It's the heat and the steam of the city
    Oh got me running and I just can't brake
    So stay, don't leave me mama
    'Cause its getting so hard, oh

    Don't go,
    No no, don't go
    No no no, don't go, ha ha
    Don't go, ha ha oh
    Don't go, don't go
    Don't go Writer/s: Michael Rutherford, Phil Collins, Tony Banks
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mary Martinez from Sacramento, CaWhen the video first came out, it was said to be based on a book called "The Minds Of Billy Milligan" who was a rapist who suffered from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Seems the band changed the story of the song. If you listen to it with the notion of the narrator having multiple personalities it makes more sense and is more dark.
  • J Nilton Pereira from Guaruja Sp, BrazilI still can't stop listening to those heart beat drums and think of a baby begging for mercy, so sad, and also think about mothers who can't possibly have any other choice
  • Seventhmist from 7th HeavenMiles from Vancouver: I always found "Eagle" to be a rather uplifting song. I found nothing uplifting about this one.
  • Christine from Nw Atlanta, GaTo Mark of New Zealand- I remember that episode. Though, I always thought it had a Miami Vice feel to it. That aside, very good song, but a very creepy vibe to it.
  • K.c. from NhThe first time I heard "Mama" it brought to mind the book "Flowers In the Attic". Think about it.
  • Irene from Brooklyn Ny @ Gilberto Rose the book is a bit easier to get now :
  • Gilberto Rose from Atlanta, GeorgiaI tried looking for that book that was mentioned. I keep getting an autobiography of David Niven. Has anyone else attempted to find it with any luck?
  • Kyle from Sydney, AustraliaAlso, the most obvious 'fact' about this song isn't even mentioned above - the fact that the 'laugh' was directly influenced by 'The Message' by Grandmaster Flash.
  • Kyle from Sydney, AustraliaPhil most certainly did NOT make the lyrics up 'on the spot', just listen to the demos - its mostly gibberish. Secondly, it was Mike's drum machine pattern, and the technique had nothing to do with Collins' 'gated reverb' sound - it was simply a drum machine through a guitar amp.
  • Dave from Wilmington, NcHow about that! ,,, From the first day i heard it, I thought it was about Abortion. When Phil would snarl , i though he was imitating a baby's cry. LOL
    Now the video makes mush more since HAHAHA
  • Claudio from Osorno, ChileTo whoever wrote about the drum machine, the beat was actually a Rutherford's idea.
  • David Ransom from Cambridge, United KingdomI agree almost totally with Andy, Cleveland, OH, the only difference being that I think "Genesis" was their first album that was ("Mama" excepted) total crap. I stopped following them after I heard this album. To this day, I still think it is one of the worst albums I have ever heard, just pipped to the post as (IMHO)the worst album ever made (yes, despite "Mama") by David Bowie's "Tonight" or maybe David Bowie's "Hours" or maybe David Bowie's...
  • Mark from Ruapehu, New ZealandThis song also apperead in and episode of Magnum PI
  • Miles from Vancouver, CanadaThis song is to Genesis what "Eagle" is to Abba. Both songs are bone-chilling, somewhat epic album openers.
  • Joe Public from Anytown, AlAwesome song. And I totally agree with the manager...
  • Jim from Columbus, OhNot true about Collins not drumming and singing at the same time after Gabriel left. He sang bits of Robbery Assault and Battery and One for the Vine while playing drums. On every solo tour, he sings "In the Air Tonight" while playing drums. What's more impressive is his drumming and singing line for line harmonies with Peter Gabriel during the Lamb tour. Even on difficult songs, like "In the Cage", "Colony of Slippermen", and "It".
  • Pierre-yves from Belfort, FranceSome people call the album "Mama" instead of "Genesis" because of this song, which the first track.
  • Simon from Chicago, IlPhil did play drums and sing at the same time live in the 1990 Knebworth concert. This can be seen on the "Live at Knebworth" DVD.
  • 1 from Here, AkOther than the No Reply At All *video*, Collins never drummed and sang at the same time! Backing vocals in the old live days are one thing, but he never did after Gabriel (nor solo as far as I know). And surely recording of both in the studio is always done seperately. :)
  • Andy from Cleveland, OhMost bands self-title their first albums. Not so here. Ironically, in my opinion, this was the last decent Genesis album. Home By The Sea (both of them), Mama, and It's Gonna Get Better were all good songs. Their next album, Invisible Touch, was their first to go to #1. I thought it was the first album they did that was nothing but crap. And the trend continued all they through Calling All Stations. Just my opinion, mind you.
  • Chris from Hull, MaThis song - Collins' snarling - it's scary - almost sinister. I do love the song though - and the band is so amazing. Collins drum and sings at the same time better than any other member of a band; including Don Henley of the Eagles.
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