Gentle On My Mind

Album: Gentle On My Mind (1967)
Charted: 39
  • It's knowing that your door is always open
    And your path is free to walk
    That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag
    Rolled up and stashed behind your couch
    And it's knowing I'm not shackled
    By forgotten words and bonds
    And the ink stains that are dried upon some line
    That keeps you on the back roads
    By the rivers of my memory
    That keeps you ever gentle on my mind

    It's not clinging to the rocks and ivy
    Planted on their columns now that bind me
    Or something that somebody said
    Because they thought we fit together walking
    It's just knowing that the world will not be cursing
    Or forgiving when I walk along some railroad track and find
    That you're moving on the back roads
    By the rivers of my memory
    And for hours you're just gentle on my mind

    Though the wheat fields and the clothes lines
    And the junkyards and the highways come between us
    And some other woman's cryin' to her mother
    'Cause she turned and I was gone
    I still might run in silence tears of joy might stain my face
    And the summer sun might burn me 'til I'm blind
    Oh but not to where I cannot see you walkin' on the back roads
    By the rivers flowing gentle on my mind

    I dip my cup of soup back from a gurglin'
    Cracklin' caldron in some train yard
    My beard a rustling, a cold towel,
    A dirty hat pulled low across my face (across my face)
    Through cupped hands 'round the tin can
    I pretend to hold you to my breast and find
    That you're waiting from the back roads
    By the rivers of my memories
    Ever smilin' ever gentle on my mind
    Gentle on my mind
    You are gentle on my mind

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  • Jessica from Maine, UsaI think the 3rd to last line is "That you're WAVING from the back roads" not waiting. Or at least that is what I have always thought it was. <3
  • Ed from Westlake Village, CaI forgot to mention that Leonard Cohen sang "Gentle on my mind" in one of the clubs in Old Montreal, Canada. He of course, credited the song to the great Glen Cambell.
  • Ed from Westlake Village, CaI remember going back to the 60's when I started working in Toronto with Ronnie Hawkins (the Hawk). i used to spend a lotta time at his ranch in Mississauga Ontario where I met some iconic celebrities. At that time Leonard Cohen was not that well known and I met him at one of Ronnie's performance. Later I met Lenny in old Montreal. Glen Cambell visited Toronto and appeared in CBC's show. That where I met him and then again at Ronie's home. What a humble and a gracious man Glen is. I remember him in my prayers and I hope that his journey to the next phase of our travel through this earth would be forever peaceful and with full of great music! My heart and prayers are with him and his lovely family. May the Lord bring all the blessings, love, peace and happiness to him and his loved ones as he shared the love of music with hundreds of millions around the world!
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn July 2nd 1967, "Gentle On My Mind" by Glen Campbell entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 at position #100; eventually it peaked at #62 and spent 7 weeks on the Top 100...
    And one year later on September 8th, 1968 it re-entered the Top 100 at position #89, and remained on the chart for 9 weeks, peaking at #39...
    Also in 1968 Patti Page released her own covered version of the song, her version reached #66 on the Top 100...
    R.I.P. Ms. Page, born Clara Ann Fowler, (1927 - 2013) and may God bless and watch over Mr. Campbell.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn May 4th 1969, Aretha Franklin's covered version of "Gentle On My Mind" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #77; it stayed on the Top 100 for three weeks, peaking at #76 (for 2 weeks) and then dropped of the chart...
    The record's A-side, "I Can't See Myself Leaving You", reached #28 on the Top 100 and #3 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart...
    Ms. Franklin celebrated her 72nd birthday ten days ago on March 25th, 2014.
  • Brady from Niagara Falls, NyOne of the greatest. Hard to believe it took Hartford 15 minutes to write the lyrics. Love his recorded version better than Campbell's.
  • Deanna from Las Vegas , Nvi think it is brilliant ..The perfect marriage of lyrics ,melody and interpretation
  • Charles Hollingswort from Leeds, AlGlen Campbell recorded an album with Bobbie Gentry with "Gentle On My Mind" on it with added female lyrics for Bobbie. This album came out in either '68 or '69 following the success of Bobbie's "Ode To Billie Joe" and was recorded on Capitol Records,both of the singer's label.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, Ny"That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag rolled up and stashed behind your couch."
    Great lyrics; 1st time it heard them they stayed inside my head for the longest time!!!!
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesI've got Leonard Nimoy's recording of this. Not bad at all (can't say as much for the instrumentals).
  • Stormy from Kokomo, InI, too, remember this song as the opening to the "Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" back in the 70s. We also had shows like "Laugh In", the "Smothers Brothers Show", the "Sonny and Cher Show", the "Ed Sullivan Show", etc that showcased musical groups. I first saw Kenny Rogers when he was with The First Edition on the Smothers Brothers Show when they had the hit record"Just Dropped In (To See What condition My Condition Was In)" and the video showed them walking through a natural history museum with dinosaurs while they sang the song! It had to be one of the first music videos on television! I truly miss the old variety shows that showcased musical groups.
  • Wayne from Salem, VaA good Glen Campbell song from the 1960's. Waylon Jennings did a very good cover of this song.
  • Mrcleaveland from Cleveland,Terrific vagabond imagery.
  • Matthew from Bromley, United KingdomElvis presley also recorded this song during his classic 1969 sessions that produced some of his finest work
  • Tony from Cincinnati, OhMy all time favorite song
    I could listen to it over and over again. I am haunted by the arrangement.
  • Donna from College Station, TxAlbum of this title was No 6 on Top Albums of Oct 1968, source Billboard 20 years ago list Oct 8, 1988
  • Mark from Byrdstown, TnJohn Harford wrote this amazing song,the 't' was added to his name by Chet Atkins when he signed Harford to a contract at RCA.

    Harford was a top notch banjo player and also a riverboat pilot.This song has been recorded hundreds of times by various people.
  • John from Mentor, OhAs a 16year old, I grew to hate this 21 y.o. sister played it over and over and over.
    Subsequently, as an English major and Newspaper Reporter, I became most appreciative of Hartford's imagery... to the point of hating him!
    Perhaps the style is sadly passe', but the lyrics(imagery)are stunning!
    John, Euclid, Ohio
  • Guy from Woodinville, WaA lovely melody married wo some briliant lyrics--this song is the complete package!
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