Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Wanna Be in Love)

Album: Good Morning Revival (2007)
Charted: 25
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  • She's going out to forget they were together
    All that time he was taken her granted
    She wants to see if there's more than he gave, she's lookin for,
    He calls her up he's trippin' on the phone now
    He doesn't want her out there and alone now
    Knows she's moving it, knows she's using it
    Now he's losing it and she don't care

    Everybody put your hands up say, I don't wanna be in love,
    Feel the beat now if you got nothing left say I don't wanna be in love
    Don't give up now, you got a reason to live say, I don't wanna be in love
    Feeling good now, don't be afraid to get down say, I don't wanna be in love

    He was always giving her attention
    Working hard to buy the things she mentioned
    He was dedicated by most suckers hated
    That girl was fine but she didn't appreciate him
    She calls him up, she's trippin on the phone now
    He had to get out and he ain't coming home now
    Now lets try to forget it that's how he got with her
    When he first met her and when they first got together

    To the beat , to the beat, to the beat, you got nothing to lose don't be afraid to get down
    We break up, its something that we do now,
    Everyone has got to do it sometime
    Its o.k., let it go, get out there and find someone (some more)
    Its too late to be trippin' on the phone here
    Get off the wire everything is good here
    Stop what you are doingyou don't wanna ruin the sex that you got to find a new one Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Johnny from Dallas, TxI apologize if this may offend anyone, but it seems like he's making it sound like it's easy to forget about someone. This song may make some good points, but it kind of bothers me a little bit what he's saying.
  • Nick from Landisburg, PaNikki's got this one down.
  • Nikki from Kokomo, InHonestly, I believe that this song is about two different relationships. The first is about how this guy is playing her and saying that he doesnt need her, but when she goes out with her friends to have a fun time, he "trips" and refuses to face the fact that she is done with him. The second is about how a guy gives his girl everything she could ever ask for, but she didnt feel like he was giving her his all, so he is broken hearted and depressed. Durring the chorus and the bridge I believe that its their friends ((Or someone close to them)) telling them that they dont need the people they are worrying about to be happy. And they dont have to be in love to be themselves.
  • Trina from Nyc, NyPersonally, I feel this song is about two relationships, with two girls (I like to think that they're sisters): the first verse and the second verse.

    The first verse, 'she's going out to forget they were together' etc. is about a girl who was in an abusive relationship, and once she got out of it, became a slut who was looking for self-esteem, and when her previous boyfriend gets high ('he calls her up/he's TRIPPING on the phone now') he calls her and tried to get back with her, but 'she don't care.'

    The second verse, 'he was always giving her attention' etc. is about a girl who has a great boyfriend who she ignores and doesn't appreciate, while a bunch of other boys are way jealous of him anyway because she's so pretty and stuff ('by most suckas hated'). Finally he gets sick of it and breaks up with her, and 'she calls him up' to find that it's too late.

    The chorus and next verses tell the girls what to do: give it up, forget their old relationships, try to recover, and go on with their lives, start dating more people, maybe break up with a couple more guys.
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaI dont really listen to this song much but when it was in the charts I LOVED IT coz it was in the charts for a while.
  • Rebecca from Plant City, FlLOVE THIS SONG
    it comforts when heart is mending
  • Bethanii from Okc, Okthis song is really meaningful to a lot of people. since there are so many relationships that one of the people puts so much into it. and the other person just doesnt even care. it makes the breakup worse.
  • Ruby from Brownsville, Txi love this song this really helped me get over a guy that just wasnt for me :)peace/brownsville texas
  • Briana from Greensboro , NcHe tries to do everything for this girl but she goes and backstabs him.
  • Rat42 from Cleveland, Ali dont see why there arnt more comments on this song. i love this song!!!! it rocks. good charlotte hasnt made a song yet that i havent liked.
  • Evie from Sweet Valley, PaActually, it's fueled by Benji's breakup, not Joel's, contrary to popular beliefs.
  • Kayla from Hiram, Gasorry for that last comment i didnt read the comment guidelines first. that is my bad and i am very sorry. please except it.
  • Kayla from Hiram, GaFOR ONE THING FALLOUT BOY ARNT SELLOUTS. HOW THE HELL ARE THEY SELL OUTS. I LOVE THEM. I DONT UNDERSTAIND WHAT THE HELL YOUR TALKING ABOUT. now good charlotte i like this song becuse it gives you a little facts about how he felt about him and hillarys relationship and that is a good thing. i watch an interview about how both of their cds are about their past relationships and their ups and downs. i like how they do that. PEACE.
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