Album: The Young And The Hopeless (2002)
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  • Hey dad
    I'm writing to you
    Not to tell you
    That I still hate you
    Just to ask you
    How you feel?
    And, how we fell apart?
    How this fell apart?

    Are you happy out there in this great wide world?
    Do you think about your sons?
    Do you miss your little girl?
    When you lay your head down
    How do you sleep at night?
    Do you even wonder if we're alright?

    But we're alright
    We're alright

    It's been a long hard road without you by my side
    Why weren't you there all the nights that we cried?
    You broke my mother's heart
    You broke your children for life
    It's not okay
    But we're alright
    I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes
    But those were just a long lost memory of mine
    I spent so many years learning how to survive
    Now I'm writing just to let you know I'm still alive

    The days I spent so
    Cold, so hungry
    Were full of hate
    I was so angry
    Those scars run deep
    Inside this tattooed body
    There's things I'll take
    To my grave
    But I'm okay
    I'm okay

    It's been a long hard road without you by my side
    Why weren't you there all the nights that we cried
    You broke my mother's heart
    You broke your children for life
    It's not okay
    But we're alright
    I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes
    But those were just a long lost memory of mine
    Now I'm writing just to let you know that I'm still alive, yeah
    I'm still alive

    I forgive
    Yeah, and this time
    I'll admit
    That I miss you
    Said I miss you

    It's been a long hard road without you by my side
    Why weren't you there all the nights that we cried
    You broke my mother's heart
    You broke your children for life
    It's not okay
    But we're alright
    I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes
    But those were just a long lost memory of mine
    Now I'm writing just to let you know that were still alive

    And sometimes
    I forgive
    And this time
    I'll admit
    That I miss you
    I miss you
    Hey dad Writer/s: Benji Madden, Joel Madden
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Diana from Oradea, RomaniaI can almost relate ... not for how the story goes, but for how, my parents divorce had had a huge impact on my life. It happened when I was 6 ... I honestly say that the only memories I have of him before that are of them fighting. I rarely ever see him and he's always apologetic about how things turned out, but the fact that he's drunk when he says it, doesn't help him much. I love him, but it was his own making. However, because of that I can't seem to be able to trust guys, no matter how sweet they are. My mother is an amazing woman an, for doing what she did, I'll never be grateful enough, but I do wish I would have had a father to teach me how to ride a bike or pick me up when I fall down. I really depressed sometimes and I feel it's somehow because of that whole thing. I don't know how it is to really have a father, but I'm glad it happened when I was young, Like that I didn't really get attached to him. Those who comment about Benji and Joel crying too much over this. You have no idea how muh it can hurt, especially in the long run, even more so if you have precious memories with them. I feel like that about my Grandpa, who died around the same time. GC ... you guys are awesome and I'm sorry I ever stopped listening to you guys. Keep rocking about whatever you feel close to heart ... does songs are the best, because they are heart felt.
  • Katie from Stow, OhMy father was a drunk who beat my mom and treated her like s--t. We finally left him when I was three and I would see him every once in a while until one day he disappeared. He reappeared for a short time when I was 8 years old, and one weekend when we went to visit, he had packed his bags and moved again. I haven't seen him since then, and he calls once in a while to tell me how much he resents me and to tell me its my fault hes drunk. Sometimes I wonder if I ever meant anything to him. I wonder if I have any other siblings that I know nothing about. I wonder why he up and left one day without a warning or a goodbye. I wonder why he stopped trying to contact me, and I wonder if he's happier without my sister and me. Even though he was a piece of crap, I still miss him. I'll never know what it's like to be a daddy's little girl and it hurts. This song brought tons of emotions to the surface.
  • Britney from Toronto, OnI feel for this song. It reminds me so much of when my father cheated on my mother when i was 5. My mom got up and left him. He never called or anything. till he found a new woman. She told him that if he didn't see his children she would leave his "ass". i still hate my dad for what he did but he blood and i now how two other siblings that need to know there older sister.
  • Ashley from Scottsburg, InThis makes me cry everytime I listen to it. My mom and dad got a divorce when i was 3 im now 19. For like the first 4 years after their divorce we seen our dad every other weekend. But then he moved to a different state nd got remarried and had two other kids. He maybe comes to visit once a year. Nd since i quit school he thinks im jus a low life. Im his oldest child and he acts like im the worst. Its like he dont even care my sister and me. my sister is 17.
  • Karlye from Florida, FlI cried last night when I first heard this song. My dad slept with my aunt that does all different kinds of drugs & oxicot & other stuff. & he did it a little bit before christmas & then i found out on christmas eve. At first i felt like it didnt happen and then it finally hit me somehow and is stuck in my head and tears me apart and he said he did it to make sure he would never get with my mom again. and they were like sort of thinking of getting back together and they slept together and ,y mom didnt knw that he did that at the time and when she found out she had to get a whole bunch of tests done to much sure she didnt have anything. This happened when i was 13 and iti still hurts, because i was so close to him & loved him. I mean i do still love him and im close to him & i still see him but its just not the same & it cant ever go back.
  • Ariana from Sayreville, NjThe first time I heard this I cried. My mom had me at 17 and my dad resented me but I guess he grew to love me but they split. But when I found out I had diabetes three years ago, he has never spoken to me since. I miss him, and even though Joel and Benji obviously had it worse, it is terrible.
  • Riku from Helsinki, FinlandI'm not much different from you guys. This song could be about my life. My dad left my mom for younger woman when I was 12. I have a four years older sister and a brother year younger than me (I'm 18). Dad used to be my hero, because, well - he is my dad. BUT. He cheated on my mom and used beat the crap out from us, so he's better gone for all I care. Nice song though.
  • Leah from Sydney, Australiai can relate to this song a bit cuz my parents split up when i was 8 and my dad drank a lot and smoked drugs and he was horrible to me and when i was 13 i got so scared that i ran away and havent spoken to him since, and then my big brother left the family and he was all i had to support me bcu mum was never around cuz she was always working....... this song always makes me cry when i listen to it... :(
  • Jacob from Chicago, Ilits good but really sad i dont think i could live without my dad but my dad did when he was born he says when he was born his dad shoke his head and walked away
  • Nathan Ritz from Marengo , Inmy dad left when i was seven and when i see him in public he turns his back on me and my brother and walks away, i wish i could have had a dad to come to my baseball games, even me graduating 6th grade, but no, he dont care about me, i could die and he probably wouldnt care, he wouldnt even know
  • Vani from Jurong West, Singaporethis song is just awesome.my dad he left about 9 months back and have never heard from him since then.he has left before but he would be bac afta a few months.the last time he left i was 12 and i didnt want to accept him back bt my mum convinced me to give him another chance.in the past 5 yrs i started loving my dad and i trusted him..bt now he just left!oh god!i really hate myself and i miss my dad.i feel like i'm betrayin my mum by missin my dad!i tink its something bout me that my dad cant stay wif us!everytym i hear this song i cry and i dunno if my younger bro,16, misses him bt i sure miss him as hell!i wish he had stayed!
  • Paprika from Marshall, WiThe problems with my dad started before i was born. My mom caught him cheating when she was pregnant but stayed with him. Then he ended up moving in with the woman he cheated on my mom with when i was 3. My mom tried 2 get child support from him and he said if she took him 2 court he'd never talk 2 me. My mom did. He was out of my life 4 about 9 years, then I started e-mailing and talking on the phone with him.
    Then last summer i went half way across the country 2 visit him and told him how much what he did hurt me. Then he got really pissed off and basicly left me with one of my brothers and my cousins. I havent heard from him since.
    And also, he raised my half brothers and was in their life, but was out of mine, that just shows how much he cares about me.
    And alatriel, i understand what your mom went through, but personally i think it would be harder 2 have your dad leave when you are 15. My friend's dad just left her a few months ago and its affecting her much more then what happened with me and my dad effected me.
  • Gina from Devils Lake, NdOkay, i cry everytime i hear this song...it may not describe my life right on fact...but my parents divorced when i was ten and i havent seen much of my dad and he was my hero...i just wanted to be like him even tho i was a girl...it just hurts that he isnt around any more and i wish i could write him and tell him how i feel that... when i finally turned 16 he told me he hated me...and that he wished her never had kids...which includes my older brother....i pretty much cant stand how this happened but it was right for my mother...now she is happily married to a nice man who cares for us and has children of his own...
  • Paige from Mantua, Nji havent listened to this song in so long but i always loved it. when i was 7 my parents got divorced and my dad left. when i was 13 he got remarried. evil step mothers are out there.
  • Ashton from Raleigh, NcI never knew this song existed until today. I know how they feel. When I was 2 my dad left my mom for another woman and her children. Let's just say that things went from bad to worse between the two of us. We now no longer speak. It still hurts because I always have wanted him to be there for me like I saw with my friends. I know I will be fine, just takes some time. I at least have my stepdad, who I consider to be my father because he has been around since I was 10. We may not get along all the time, but at least I have him to look up to.
  • Amanda from Port Republic, MdI love that they made a song about this. my dad remarried when i was 12 and ever since then our relationship has gone downhill. he chooses his step family over me all the time. he got back from Iraq a year in May and he called her almost everyday but i got two lousy three word emails. i sent this song to him so that he knows how i truley feel about him, i also sent a letter. this song encouraged me to send it. i just want to say thank you to good charlotte for making it a song :] you guys are amazing !!
  • Kristen from Colo, IaThank you for this song....i finally know i'm not alone....my adopted father died when i was 5 and i'm 17 now and this year i'm scared about meeting my real father too...what if he leave me too...? Thank you again for the song....it's helped me alot through the years....
  • Megan from Tallahase, Fli can deffinatly relate to this song my dad left me my mom && my brother for another woman that was when i was 10 && im 15 now.. when io first heard this song i cried when i heard it.. it feels like they wrote this song about my life it was freaky when i first heard it because its exactlly how everyhting is with my dad benji && joel you guys are the best....
  • Kara from Albia, IaThis song makes me cry every time I hear it. My dad left me and my mother 11 months ago. I am fifteen years old, and I never thought he would leave us. I am no longer a priority in his life. You have no idea what it feels like. I cry myself to sleep, every night. I will never be the same....
  • Chris from Bullhead City, AzThis is one song that i can always hear and remember where i came from. my dad was a junkie and he left me my mom and my older brother in a storage unit when i was four years old. growing up my mom was the one person that I was able to look up to. my only memories of my father were all in hard and abusive. He used to beat my mother every day and yet she still stayed with him. was it stupidity that droved her to always yearn for him or was it the fact that she also grew up with out a father. she has always wanted the best for us and she has strived and worked to make it that way. even though i dont know my real father there is always a love for him. at times i never wanted to ever meet him but yet still a piece of me was nagging to see what he looked like. now that his life was going good and he was off the drugs i decided to show up at his door. not saying a word i handed him this song on a C.D.left.
  • Carla from Cardiff, United StatesI can relate 2 this song my Dad left wen i was 2 an was around 4 a month wen i was 7 he wuldnt tlk 2 me wen he did visit now im 16 an he wants 2 no my GCSE results iv tld him he can sod off because hes never been there for me so why suld i tell him so he can say 2 plp how well his daughter has done

    I love this song an can relate 2 joel an benji so much all good charlotte songs r true in the words an i can relate 2 nearly all of there songs
  • Jill from Rockaway, NjMy Dad left when i was 7 and my mothercommited suicide two years after so i was put in a foster home with my twin brother mark, my big brother paul and my baby sister nicole we wer put with this elderly couple who we did not get along with we stayed their until Paul turned 18 (6yrs later when he won custody of us and now we live with him and his girl friend in his appartment and as i work part time on the weekends to put food on the table i think about this song and what it means. i really wish that my father wasnt so self centered i can really relate to Joel and Benji. Ithink the only things that got me throught was the little family i do have
  • Falyn from Okc, OkMy dad left when I was nine so I related to this song so much. Its like they took my story and turned it into a song. I love it!!
  • Travis from London, CanadaDefinetly should be chart topper...
  • Samantha from Corby, Englandi obsess over this song. its so beautiful and its always mean so much to me although i'm not such a big fan of good charlotte any more, this song will always stay with me. x
  • David from Las Vegas, NvI made a CD of this song repeated 16 times, once for each year my alcoholic father has been gone, and sent it to him in Ireland anonymously. The genius figured out who sent it and sent my mom a letter asking if his son is now a musician. Jackass.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoThis is such a touching song! It is definately up there with Adam's Song (Blink-182) and Wake Me Up When September Ends(Green Day)
  • Mike from North Smitheild, RiThis song is amazing coming from me thats hard b/c i can't stand good charlettes music at all but this is a great song my dad has always made a promise to do somthing with me than he wouldn't show up and then one day i just never heard from him again and this song express everything i have ever felt i'll admit i do cry when i hear this song but my dad walked out when i was 13 and now i'm 16 we haven't spoken since
  • Renee from Sydney, Australiai thnk this song is good. Benji and Joel have really expressed how they feel about their dad leaving them, which is a good thing as you should never deny your feelings about something so as you can get it into the open to help you work through the situation.
  • Amanda from Thomasville, Ncthis song help's me ever time i see my dad i know benji and joels dad walk out and he is a jeck for doing so,but i have to see my dad make a new life and it herts knowing my mom should be where his new girl friend is and so when i do see my dad and her together i just stop and think to my-self about that song and if i never found out about GC i wouldn't have any hope i would die slowly of depresion because i don't know if there really was someone that went trough this but now knowing about benji and joel i see them too and they makeme feel 100% better so thanks benji and joel for being that person to help me and everyone eles and also your-selfs
  • Lea from Thomasville, NcI can totally relate my whole life to this song. My dad left us for another woman and her 4 kids, and that hurt me a lot. I can't even count the number of times I've sat up in my room listening to this song, crying, wishin it had never happened. But you can't change the past, you can only hope your future is better. Good Charlotte helped me realize that life goes on, even when it feels like it isn't. And yea, we'll all be ok, no matter what hardships come, you know? Look at these guys for example. Their dad was a jerk as well and look where thay are now! This song opened my eyes as to the way I see life, because, although my life hasn't gotten any better, it hasn't gotten worse. THANX GUYS, FOR EVERYTHING!
  • Crystal from Lv, Nveverytime i hear this song it reminds me of my father who has two other kids that arent my mother's and he hasnt been in my life since i was 3 or 4 years old. i hear this song and i cry because it honestly reminds me of my father because he walked out on my mother. i can really understand this song, this song is my second favorite by Good Charlotte, first would be "Hold On"
  • Benjamin from California, CaJoel &Benji Madden wrote this song about their Father who walked out on the family when the twins were sixteen, they're writing this because they're still angry about what happened, they're moving on though but they still missed/miss having a father figure in their lives. They were hurt by it, and Benji has tried contacting their father since then but he doesn't want to have anything to do with them.
  • Jess from Pahiatua, New Zealandwell
    benji and joels dad didn't cheat on their mum, he just said he had to go and left.
    benji and joel dont just "need to stop bitching" because they write about their lives and this is what they have.
    I would write the same thing too.
    my parents broke up, and Im fine without my dad, though I do miss him ,..sometimes.
    benji was trying to contact his dad on the phone once and his dad told him to f#*# off and that he was trying to start a new life, without them, so I can understand why they would write $hit like that and you should be able to aswell.
    then incase that wasn't bad enough thier mum had cancer and was in and out of hospital, so they couldnt pay the rent and the family was forced to move onto a shed on thier nieboughs property. benji and joel had to work everyday just to keep food on the table.
    the only thing thier family really owned was a mini van and thier mum gave that to them so they could go on tour.
    I understand the situation totally, Im kinda there myself.
    so just leave them alone.
    they're great.
    my brother commited suicide cause he couldn't handdle it.
    they're doing great
    jess out**
    post me!!
  • Joey from Chambersburg, Pacool dude has a point, whats the difference between this and all of the other songs? good charlotte needs to stop bitching
  • Danielle from Oshawa, CanadaI cant really relate to Emotionless, because my dad still lives with my family and everything, hes never abused us, but everyone who is saying Benji and Joel have nothing to cry about, and they should move on and all that, u should all really think about what it feels like when u lose someone so important and close to u in ur life. Even if this all happened years ago, its not like they can erase or dissolve the memories of their dad from their minds. If they loved their dad, then they definetely have no reason to not cry about him leaving. They have gotten a very long way since then, and theyre doing an awesome job at it. Benji, and Joel, u rock, and ur fans will b rite where u need us, ALWAYS AND FOREVER. peace.
    Anyone can email me at Benjis_Dark_Silver_Tiger@hotmail.com, msn as well.
  • Danielle from Oshawa, CanadaI cant really relate to Emotionless, because my dad still lives with my family and everything, hes never abused us, but everyone who is saying Benji and Joel have nothing to cry about, and they should move on and all that, u should all really think about what it feels like when u lose someone so important and close to u in ur life. Even if this all happened years ago, its not like they can erase or dissolve the memories of their dad from their minds. If they loved their dad, then they definetely have no reason to not cry about him leaving. They have gotten a very long way since then, and theyre doing an awesome job at it. Benji, and Joel, u rock, and ur fans will b rite where u need us, ALWAYS AND FOREVER. peace.
  • Shawna from E.h.t., NjMy mom and dad were never married they split after i was born im lucky enough to see my dad every other weekend i love my dad i fell bad for benji and joel i dont know what my life would be like if my dad stayed till i was 16 i wonder....i hope there dad pays!
  • Isabella from Wgtn, New ZealandI can really relate to this except that my dad was never there.
    In this day and age it is sooo comon for a parent to leave especially a dad.
    I know how much it hurts and how much you need a dad.
    It actually matters that you dont have a dad.
    I think this was a great song to write because it means alot to people around the world and even though it might have happened to them a long time ago it will sitll hurt alot.
  • Cool Guy from Compton, CaWow, how sad, tell that to half of the U.S. that. Good Charlotte, this happens to everyone and all I have to say is "HA HA!". They probably wrote a cliche riff as always. I haven't heard the song but I bet it sucks. They can't be original, they suck and are the same as Blink 182, Simple Plan, and Hawthorne Heights etc. just with another name.
  • Brittany from Lakewood, Wai can totally understand where they are coming from....... my dad pulled pretty much the same stunt except instead of not talking to me or whatever when he does talk to me.... he constantly blames it all on me and its old and ennoying as all hell.............
  • Courtney from Edmonton, CanadaI never knew my dad so I can really kind of relate to this song.
  • Sophie from Hull, Englandwhoa rach, ur comment gave me goose bumps!! its soo deep. i love the song soo much and to hear it talked about like that is awesome. it made my day!! go you!!
  • Rach from Norfolk, EnglandOk, so Alatriel and Rachel, the twins dad left them when they were 16. They had had the chance to get to know him and love him. Their mom spent her time looking after the 4 kids and working crappy jobs to get by. The twins dad was the main source of money for the family.
    The twins had to grow up with one day their dad being there and the next day gone. They got beaten up by their dad, they saw their mom getting smacked about. Their dad was attacking their mom once and the twins thought that he was going to kill her so they had to grab a baseball bat to get their dad off her.
    When their dad left their mom got really ill. The family were in debt, they couldn't afford to pay rent. The twins were still at school, so they couldn't get full time jobs to support their 2 siblings and their mom. They did what they could, which was a hell of a lot more than most kids at that age could have done.And why did they do it? Because they loved their mom cos she had been there for the kids, and is a brilliant mom who has always supported her kids.
    The song emotionless is beautiful, i saw them playing it live and Joel only just managed to keep the tears in.
    Its not something that they can just forget. It still hurts them, they must have felt as though they were bad kids. They used to blame themselves.
    So stop saying they shouldn't still be crying about it. Those 2 deserve a medal for keeping going!
    Well done guys!
  • Amanda Couch from Manhattan, KsI love this song even though I cant relate to it I understand it. GC had alot of guts to sing this song on their album, I mean its really personal not many artists would write the lyrics of their songs right from the heart. I totally respect GC for this song.
  • Ally from Middle Of Nowhere, IrelandThey have stopped crying about their dad, thats the point.
    Benji said the song is about forgiveness. Despite their father leaving and causing them so much hurt and pain, they're forgiving him and moving on for their own good because they're not going to let what he did stop them from living their lives.
  • Hannah from Adelaide, Australiamy dad didnt leave our family, he sexually abused my half brother and sister, b4 and after 1 was born, then when i was born he decided he didnt want me. he went to jail, and i had 2 grow up knowing i was made up of half a rapist. it still hurts everyday, doesnt stop me missing him, n wishing he was back with our family, he was the love of my mums life and he hurt her more then anything. this song explains it all.
  • Dylan from Calgary, CanadaWell now there seems to be someproblems with other people here that need some help. I got help for my problems and now i have found many outlets for my sadness, anger, and other emotions.
  • Katie from White City, Orif you have had a father walk out, you will understand. if not, i dont know what to tell you except for,dont dis the song if you havent been through what they went through. this song means so much to me. i love it.
  • Jessica from Nelson, New Zealandthey did have jobs they did all kinds of jobs to support their mother because she had a disease they did things like stacking shelves and painting houses and it would be hard to have been with your father your whole life and then have him sleep with someone else and become an alcoholic i think you would be feeling pretty sorry for yourself if your father did that!!!
  • Lindsay from Kennesaw, Gapeople who put GC down probably don't really know how it feels to lose someone really close to you.i lost my brother when i was in third grade..its been about four or so years but i still get upset...he might not be my dad,but ,i'll never see him again
  • Bjorn from Not Telling, IrelandThis song is so sad. :-(
    I love it though.
  • Desarae from Osgood, Indo you know i know how you two feel i have two brothers and i am the little girl actually im 14 and my brothers are 2&7 my dad is a drunk,druggy,and a wife beater,he also messed with me.now i am in foster care been in it for 7 months now i get to go home march 1 yes i am so excited.and my dad also left us and went to florida,because the cops are after him so hes running i think he'll ever come back,but i really dont care.but that is not juss why im writing.im writing to tell you your song emotionless,because i but me and my brothers in the song it makes me cry,but i love it so much,and ilike the song hold on also i tried to commit suicide at 13 i listen to that song when i feel like i want to hurt myself,but now i dont.thank you good charlotte
  • Dylan from Calgary, CanadaThis song is one of many that I love from GC and I wish ppl would stop putting them down, sure you might not like it but there are a lot of things that you complain about over and over. Anyways I can really relate to this because My father didn't show up until 8 years ago expecting to be a father in my life but now I see why he is like that, he gets it from his side of the way he has been through life and I hope that I have nothing to do with it anymore.
  • Tracy from Neworleans, Lai know how you all feel i haven't lived with my parents sence i was 4 well my mother because i really don't know my father i have lived in my foster homes but they all treated me really bad i have a older sister she is 18 we got split up when we were younger so we did not live together for a long time she is now living on her own she is trying to get a job she just got her ged i never get to see or talk to her because she lives far away but i'm use to it because we have not lived together for a long time i'm 15 and i have lived in many group homes and im in one now it isn't fun but hey it is a place to stay right? i'm happy for what god gives me because i know that my life could be worse. these girls in this house make things so complicated but i'm friends with them they are always fighting and being sent to jail running away and causing all kinds of distractions. but hey that's life fo ya
  • Amber from Birmingham, AlI love this song even though my dad didn't leave he has never been there when I needed him. He always has time for my little sister. he beat my mom when they were married so I probably wouldn't cry too much if he left now.
  • John from Fridley, Mni can defently relate to this song cause you see when i was like 17 or 18 my dad kicked me out on the streets so his gril friend can move in and at the time i had no job cause i just had sugrey on my knee and no place to go intell my mom found out and forced me to move in with her intell i could go back to work and you see my dad really didnt care about me cause he favored my sister and showed it each and everyday thats probley why i havent really talked to him since he kicked me out but i miss him anyways even since he wont accept my phone calls and slams the door in my face when i show up to talk and mend thing up between us but i guess u just got to roll with what life gives you and maybe i am better with out him but i guess i will never know
  • Holl from Nevada, NvLauren, i think ur right. my little sis. was only 3 months ol d when my dad left, so she won't miss him like i do. but she still will be angry, because she didn't get to know him. Alatriel,no one can ever STOP crying about their dad. did your dad leave you?
  • Holl from Nevada, NvI totally want to have MY father listen to this song. He cheated on my mom 3 times and then he left us. i have 5 sibilings and they're all young. i love this dsong because it is my life!!!i love good charlotte
  • Rachel from OklahomaI understand that thier dad left. My mom and divorced when i was 14. They were 16, 2 yrs. away from being 18, they were almost adults. They could have handled in a different way.They dont have to cry about it on every cd. They first cd i could understand because iot was right after it happened but the 2nd cd and still whinnng about it is ridiculous. they are adults now.
  • Nikki from Jackson, NjMy mom and dad split up before I was born... and I am okay with it because I never knew a life any other way.. I was raised with my mom and stepdad (who as been married to my mom since I was two and dating her before that). I happen to be 16 now and I know for a fact I would be heart broken for life if my stepdad left my mother. 16 years is a long time, and If you live with someone for that long, and share memories together and just have never lived a life without him, It is going to hurt you more than you can imagine! Too me, this song is filled with a lot of emotion and it makes you almost feel what they had to go through.
  • Eddy from Townsville, AustraliaThankyou Lauren for sharing my opinion : )
    Alatriel, please think of it this way... Your mother didn't know her father at all, so how could she really get somewhat attatched in the first place? The twins (Joel & Benji obviously) had 16 years to get to know and love their father before he walked out on thier lives...
  • Lauren from San Antonio, Txokay, alatriel, i know how you said ur mom's dad left when she was still in her moms stomach, and i feel bad, i know benji and joel's dad walked out on christmas eve when they were 16, but for ur mom, she didnt even know him, she wasnt close to him like they were, they miss him as it says in this song, but theyre still kinda mad, but i know, trust me, if your dad or mom walked out on your family you would probably be hurt from it for a long time...you cant really just pretend that it never happened after being so close, its broken love...
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, Otheryou know i can definitely understand their feelings of resentment but for christ's sake they were 16 when he left! they could have gotten jobs and a car and he was there for 16 years. my mother's father left her family while she was still in her mother's stomach and she doesn't ever cry about it like they do constantly. i like this song and i like good charlotte's music, but come on guys. it happened a while back. i mean i feel for ya i really do but stop crying about your dad.
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