Album: This Path Tonight (2016)
  • What you gonna do when the last show is over?
    What you gonna do when you can't touch base?
    What you gonna do when the applauses all over?
    And you can't turn your back on what you face

    And who you gonna be when the lights are all fading?
    And who you gonna be when the band comes off?
    And who you gonna be when your heart is still aching?
    And you can't shrug it off with just a laugh

    Encore, encore
    The last song is over
    More, more
    The crowd's on its feet
    Sure, sure
    Adulation is so pleasing
    Encore, encore

    And what you gonna say to the last person leaving?
    What you gonna say when that light is turned off?
    What you gonna do if you stop believing
    That you can't seem to find what might been lost?

    And how you gonna feel if friends follow fortune?
    How you gonna feel if the music dies?
    How you gonna live with the soul sadly sighing
    Into the wind that is our life

    Encore, encore
    The last song is over
    More, more
    The crowd's on its feet
    Sure, sure
    That adulation is so pleasing
    Encore, encoreWriter/s: GRAHAM NASH, SHANE FONTAYNE
    Publisher: Spirit Music Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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