Could Have Told You So

Album: The Witness (1990)
Charted: 6 63
    Could have told you so
    Could have told you dreams would come and go
    Could have told you so
    But you were young
    How would you know?

    Out on your own, defending your faith
    Hunting the kick inside

    All your own, facing your fate
    Yearning the turn of the tide - OH!

    This love's like a gun
    The power is strong
    But then things turn bad
    And things go wrong


    Turn on the light, this was not your aim
    She's there but you're so out of place

    She's still in your sights, but you're out of her game
    See that sad look on your face - OH!

    Your love's like a gun
    The power was strong
    But then things turn bad
    And things go wrong


    Love will come, love will go
    But you just can't win this race

    OH! Your love's like a gun
    The power was strong
    But then things turn bad
    And things go wrong

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  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesRob from London, Halo James trump Johnny Hates Jazz anytime! This one song was better than anything JHJ ever did! The two weren't even part of the same genre. Ray St. John remains active and songwriter, and has written hits for Gabrielle and Snoop Dogg, as well as becoming a renowned producer, songwriter and performer on the country & western and Christian rock music scenes
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesBut for my money it's a top song regardless of genre! One of those songs that makes you think "Blimey! Who did that?" when it plays on nostalgia radio shows
  • Rob from London, EnglandIf you like this, try Johnny Hates Jazz from three years earlier...
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesAt the time of release, many critics noted a similarity between this song and The Walker Brothers' version of "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)". By coincidence, the two songs even share the same theme of lost love
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