Broken Angel

Album: Underneath (2004)
  • So small, yet still so proud
    At night before he dreams he looks into the clouds
    A high-flyer's what I want to be
    Seems they won't let me
    Says I'm too small
    I don't feel small at all

    Break my dreams
    That's what they'll do
    Well, I'm going to run away
    And learn to fly like you
    I'm going to go so high
    And swoop so low
    You can't bring me down
    Going to be so proud

    Oh little angel, you got to learn to fly
    Get up and earn your wings tonight
    Little angel, just look in my eyes
    Get up and earn your wings tonight

    Push and shove, then climb aboard
    This is the shuttle train to the top of the world
    When you look around, what do you see?
    These are all high-flyers
    But none of these high-flyers look like me

    What is that supposed to mean
    Oh oh
    What am I supposed to be

    I pull my way up through this crowd
    To find your body crushed on the ground
    It's so obvious why couldn't you see
    That you can't go high-flying
    Without a pair of high-flyer wings?

    Oh little one's broken lying on the ground
    Trying to get up 'till his last breath out
    Wings are strewn everywhere there's blood all around
    Even angels die, but that light just fades
    It's so sad, but he'd be so proud

    Oh, broken angel, you've got to learn to fly
    Get up and earn your wings tonight
    Broken angel, just look in my eyes
    Get up and earn you wings tonight
    Get up and earn your wings, earn your wings tonight Writer/s: ISAAC HANSON, TAYLOR HANSON, ZAC HANSON, ZACHARY WALKER HANSON
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Spirit Music Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jen from Braidwood, Ilwhen i was listening to this i wasn't actually thinking that he was meaning to sound like a literal fairy tale, but i just assumed it was some great and beautiful metaphor that got about the same point across. its inspiring yet makes you realize that you have to work for what you want sometimes even if it seems impossible and if you fail don't give up stand up with a smile and try something else. the song really paints a picture in your mind and the lyrics that go "i made my way up through this crowd to find your body crushed on the ground" are so overwhelming after the whole first part of the song...its a very vivid image
  • Haley from Bridgeton, Mothis is such a beautiful song, its one of my favorites.
  • Heather from Waukesha, WiI love this song because the lyrics are beatiful and it lets me believe in fairy tales again. It makes me smile and cry because the music is amazing. Don't hesitate to listen to it and prepare to be taken away to another world.
  • Ava from Chicago, IlI know a broken angel. All I can do is thank God above that this little sweetheart girl is still alive. She's been fighting leukimia, and she's so small and doesn't deserve it. I love her, even if I barely know her. If she dies, God forbid (I'm praying for you, honey), I have something to say:
    "Little angel, you've got to learn to fly.
    Get up , earn your wings tonight.
    Little angel, just look in my eyes,
    Get up, earn your wings tonight."
    -Zac Hanson, "Broken Angel"
  • Sabrina from Quebec, CanadaBroken Angel is a beautifull song and the lyrics are so true. I can listen to it many times in a row and then.. listen to it again. If you never heard it before, go and don't wait. Take your time to look at the lyrics, they are the song.
  • Aria from Omaha, Nelets hear it for fairy tales!
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