Niki FM

Album: The Silence In Black And White (2005)
  • Let's go down now
    Into the darkness
    Of your thoughts
    Hurry up now
    We're waiting for
    Us to fall
    I fall to pieces now (I fall to pieces now)
    A broken mirror (I fall to pieces)
    In your life

    The silence in black and white
    Falling forward as she walks toward the light

    I know!
    I'm outside of your window with my radio

    I sleep with one eye open so I can
    See you breathing (I sleep with one eye open)
    I follow your chest bone
    Until I, (so I can see you breathing)
    I can see you, I can hear you breathe in exhale

    The silence in black and white

    I know!
    I'm outside of your window with my radio
    I know!
    I'm outside of your window with my radio

    Know! Know!

    I'm outside of your window
    With my radio (wishing you could be there)
    I'm outside of your window
    With my radio (wishing you could be there)
    I'm outside of your window
    With my radio (wishing you could be there)

    I'm outside of your window with my radio
    You are the only station
    You play the song I know
    You are the song I know Writer/s: Casey Calvert, Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger, James II Woodruff, Matthew Ridenour, Micah Carli
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  • Littlesparrow318 from The Merch TentAm I the only one that notices the major similarities to this and running in place [niki am]? Basically the same story, but flipped. 'wishing you could be there' [niki fm], 'you never mattered anyway/when I lost you I found my place' [niki am]... and the most obvious- 'I'm outside of your window' [fm], 'I'll never stand outside your window' [am]. I searched for any discussion about this but haven't found anything.
    Thoughts? or am I just overanalyzing?
  • Katie from Port Angeles, WaOkay, here.

    "Niki FM" is the second single from Hawthorne Heights's debut album The Silence in Black and White which was released in 2004. "Niki FM" was released as a single and it reached #18 on The US Mainstream Rock Chart.

    JT Woodruff, the lead vocalist for the band, wrote these lyrics whilst reading reviews on the bands he liked. A lot of them got very bad reviews and he felt that he'd suffer the same fate, hence the line 'they're waiting for us to fall'.

    Woodruff also states that this is the most personal song on the album, for him, and that it's his favorite to play live.

    The video features JT singing the beginning of the song as his speech graduating from "Hawthorne Heights University", and as the I KNOW comes in the view goes to a mansion, and into a window where a party is taking place. A female stranger approaches JT and kisses him. The band is playing in front of the mansion. JT goes to her house for dinner (the mansion flips over) with her and her father. Her father throws his tea in JT's face as the two screams happen in the song. JT leaves and the video shows the girl smoking and lying on her bed, as if unfazed by what happaned. The view then goes over a city and into JT's apartment, where he tears up her picture, throws it on the bedside table and stares at it. He falls asleep and dreams about her. He wakes up and stands outside her window holding up a radio, relating to the lyrics "I'm outside of your window, with my radio." She sees him, turns and walks away. The band, still outside her mansion, finishes the last few seconds of the song. Kris Waldbillig, guitarist for Cincinnati punk band Mint 6 Ten is seen in this video.

    =] There we go.
  • Katie from Port Angeles, WaI dunno how accurate the discription is about the song critics. But who knows? It just kindaaa seems to be about someone. Maybe a girl. I dunno. I could be totally wrong.
  • Helene from Staten Island,ny, United Statesthe video is reallly cool especially when Casey has his screaming solo and when JT looks like he is screaming himself.AWSUM!!!!
  • Helene from Staten Island,ny, United StatesI reallly love hawthorne heights and how their songs sound.this song is named after JTT's girlfriend.Yes,her real name is Niki FM
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