The Sheriff Of Huddersfield

Album: Wasted Years (1986)
  • Life in a city living in LA
    Is a long way from Huddersfield town
    The back of the Rainbow's a long way from heaven
    But that's where he gets his pork pie
    Limos and ladies they're driving him queasy
    Rugby and cricket's unknown
    Baseball and football they're making him lazy
    Your fan club says "Rodney come home"

    The Sheriff of Huddersfield locked in his castle
    Look down on Hollywood Hills
    The Sheriff of Huddersfield locked in his castle
    You're our own Hot Rod on wheels

    A good game of arrows a few dozen barrels
    The Nautilus rusts in the yard
    But for Yorkshire he's yearning but because he's earning
    He'll always live in L.A.
    A custom made wallet that stays in his pocket
    And never comes out to pay bills
    He's winning at poker and playing the Joker
    And he always cheats when he deals

    (repeat chorus)

    (Rodney's rap)
    Hello, let me introduce meself!
    My name is Rodney. I'm immensely strong.
    When I were a lad, I could lift up five
    Navies on an end of a shovel.
    The reason I never took martial arts because
    I was immensely fearsome and
    I'd probably kill everybody
    I came into contact with it.
    I was phenomenally strong.
    Pride and ego, my lads, pride and ego,
    Is what makes the world rotate.
    And everybody knows the centre of the universe is Huddersfield
    But I don't live there anymore.
    I live in Los Angeles.
    It's great!... I think

    Rufus the red has a crane by his bed
    To wrench himself up in the morn'
    But if you dare to tread at the foot of his bed
    You'll wish you'd never been born.
    A bear with a sore head we mean your forehead
    He slumbers for most of the day
    Wide eyed and legless baked beans for breakfast
    Your problem Rodney L.A.

    (repeat chorus)

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  • Martin from Reading, United KingdomYeah Bruce immitated Rod which as you can imagine Rod didn't like one bit! On the re-release singles to celebrate the first 10 years, Nicko recorded some stories/jokes & recalled how this recording came about. His impression of Rod was actually better than Bruce's! "When I were a lad I could lift five navvies on 'tent o' shovel"!
  • Thomas from Northern Germany@sebastian: It´s included on the "Wastes Years"-single, which - as far as I know - is still available at Amazon.
  • Sebastian from Fredrikstad, United Stateswhere do you find this song?
  • Rex Jackson from Sleze Lans, MaI have a version of "quick or dead" with Space Station 5 on it (pretty good. At the end of that song there is a "Sherrif of Huddergield" repirse of sorts..It ends with Rod (probably Bruce) saying "I'm glad I'm back...England bloody needed me"
    PS - not all of the singles came with the banter, some just stopped at the end of the music.."here comes Metallica in the rearview mirror!!!"
  • Claudio from Genova, ItalyThe rap said above is actually performed by Bruce Dickinson (singer of the band) imitating Rod's voice...
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