Try It On Your Piano

Album: Great American Composers (1910)
  • Benjamin Manner played a grand piano
    And he cert'nly played it fine
    Played the piano all the time
    Like a reg'lar Rubinstein
    Sunday he called around to see Miss Lucy Brown
    And said "My darling pet
    I have found a new way to make love
    That hasn't been discovered yet
    Won't you let me show you how?"
    But Miss Lucy cried "not now":

    Try it on your piano grand
    I don't care to understand
    B or I flat, C or Y flat
    Try it hon' but not in my flat
    While I don't doubt that what you say is true
    I'm not taking chances with some love that's new
    So Mister Manner, try it on your piano
    But you can't try it on me

    Benjamin Manner sold his grand piano
    And became a doctor fair
    One who cures your pain and care
    He was known most ev'rywhere
    Lucy took sick one day, he called around to say
    "I've brought with me a pill
    It's a new discovery of my own
    That surely ought to cure or kill
    It has never yet been tried"
    But Miss Lucy loudly cried:

    Try it on your piano grand
    I don't care to understand
    B or I flat
    C or Y flat
    Try it hon' but not in my flat
    Give me Peruna for my ev'ry pain
    For he who takes that will live to take again
    So try your brand up on a baby grand
    Because you can't try it on me Lyrics from a song in Public Domain


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