No Hook

Album: American Gangster (2007)
  • Poor me, dad was gone, finally got my dad back
    Liver bad, he wouldn't live long, they snatched my dad back
    Guidance? I never had that, streets was my second home
    Welcomed me with open arms provided a place to crash at
    A place to study math at, matter of fact, I learned it all
    Burned it all, this music is where I bury the ashes at
    Had to get some chollah bread so you can holla back, and holla that
    Flash back, not having much, not having that
    My Jewish lawyer too enjoyed the fruit of letting my cash stack
    And just in case a nigga gotta use his rat-tat-tat-tat
    Own boss, own your masters, slaves
    The mentality I carry with me to this very day
    Fuck rich, let's get wealthy, who else gon feed we?
    If I need it, I'mma get it however, God help me
    And I don't need no hook for this shit

    I'm so fa sho, it's no facade
    "Stay outta trouble," momma said as momma sighed
    Her fear: her youngest son be a victim of homicide
    But I gotta get you outta here momma, or I'mma die inside
    And either way, you lose me momma so let loose of me
    I got the rein our direction will soon change
    To live and die in N.Y. in the hustle game
    Hustle caine, hustle clothes, I hustle music
    But hustle hard in any hustle that you pick
    Skinny nigga, toothpick, but, but I do lift
    Weight like I'm using roids
    Rolls-Royce keep my movements, smooth while maneuvering
    Through all the manure in the sewer that I grew up in
    Choices, we make trying to escape
    And I don't need no hook for this shit

    This is not for commercial usage
    Please don't categorize this as music
    Please don't compare me to other rappers
    Compare me to trappers, I'm more Frank Lucas than Ludacris
    And Luda's my dude, I ain't trying to diss
    Like Frank Lucas is cool, but I ain't trying to snitch
    I'ma follow the rules no matter how much time I'mma get
    I'mma live and die with the decisions that I'mma pick
    So fuck DeHaven for caving, that's why we don't speak
    Made men ain't supposed to make statements
    End of the story, I followed the code, cracked the safe
    Other niggas ain't in the game so they practice hate
    Leave that boy Hov alone, why don't cha?
    You don't have to if you don't want to
    But don't say I didn't warn ya
    And I don't need no hook for this shit Writer/s: Barry White, Shawn Carter, Sean J. Combs, Deleno Sean Matthews, Levar Coppin
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., WORDS & MUSIC A DIV OF BIG DEAL MUSIC LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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