Till We Run Out Of Road

  • It's leaving time again
    I'm headed out
    With all my friends
    It's a roll of the dice
    I've never thought twice
    About the way
    I've been spending my time
    Trying my guts out
    For every dime
    Working in an
    Office building tall
    You don't know
    Who's next to you at all
    But being out here
    The blood, the guts, the beer
    Is a test
    Only time will tell
    It brings you close, man
    Closer than hell

    We're leaving
    Leaving again
    Can't recall
    Where are we been
    I guess we'll just go
    Go till we're too old
    Or we run out of road

    The other day
    I talked to Lou
    He quit back in 92
    Says he misses it bad
    Those were the best time
    He ever had
    He said
    "Give it hell to the end
    'Cause once you quit
    You can't get it back again"


    Expensive cabs
    And sh*tty food
    Washed down
    With cancelled flights
    This week endorsement holidays
    You miss your boy and wife
    Oh the late night drives
    The calls
    The dawn to strike you
    Like a knife
    Hey man
    This is a beautiful life

    We're leaving
    Leaving again

    [Chorus: x2] Writer/s: JEWEL KILCHER, TY MURRAY
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnGreat song, Jewel wrote this ballad with her now-husband Ty Murray.
  • Sherpa from Vernal, UtIts Lewis Feild, not Field.
  • Bethany from Carrier Mills, Ili love this song, when she sings it you really feel like you know how they are feeling in the song. you know?
  • Mandi from Mesa, AzShe is referring to Lewis Field, a professional Bareback rider in the PRCA, in the line, "the other day I talked to Lou, he quit back in 92." He was very good friends with Ty Murray.
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