Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Album: Electric Ladyland (1968)
Charted: 1
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  • Well, I stand up next to a mountain
    And I chop it down with the edge of my hand
    Well, I stand up next to a mountain
    Chop it down with the edge of my hand
    Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
    Might even raise just a little sand
    'Cause I'm a voodoo child
    Lord knows I'm a voodoo child

    I didn't mean to take you up all your sweet time
    I'll give it right back to you one of these days
    I said, I didn't mean to take you up all your sweet time
    I'll give it right back to you one of these days
    And if I don't meet you no more in this world
    Then I'll, I'll meet you in the next one
    And don't be late, don't be late
    'Cause I'm a voodoo child
    Lord knows I'm a voodoo child
    I'm a voodoo child Writer/s: Jimi Hendrix
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  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay BcI love this all time classic.
  • Eddie B. from Out Of This World..."I'll meet you in the next world and don't be late!"
  • David from ArkansasThere's a million people arguing over the word "chile" and "child". Its real simple its slang for child. Y'all should be talking about how this song changed rock in roll and amazing the man was.
  • Anthony from Guadalupe, AzUsed by the wrestler "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan when he was in WCW in the mid 90's.
  • Jimi Back In A Body. Straight Up Bion (believe It Or Not) from Seattle Aka ElectricladylandWill from Portland has it mostly right. I created Hawaii from the top of a mountain "I chopped it down with the edge of my hand)" and very clear "I pick up the pieces and make aniseed, might even raise a little sand". obs Hawaii. Thanks Will for getting it mostly right!
    BTW, the Hawaiian islands are the tops of mountains that rise 30,000 from the ocean floor, tallest ones on earth.

    peace out
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyAs stated above this was the last song Jimi played live in concert; it was at the opened aired 'Love and Peace Festival' at the Flugger Strand in Puttgarden, Fehmarn, Germany...
    It was the last stop on his 'Cry of Love' tour and he played a thirteen song set, he opened with "Killing Floor" and "Purple Haze" was the twelfth song played before closing with "Voodoo Chile"*...
    * Later in 1970 on November 15th "Voodoo Chile" would peak at #1 {for 1 week} on the United Kingdom Singles chart.
  • Miguel from Bronx,nycThis is when Jimi Hendrix came into his prowess! He displayed everything in this song: speed, power, precision, musicianship, band leader ect ect.. There weren't many musicians who were of the caliber of Jimi Hendrix then, before and shortly not after. RIP to the Greatest Musician that's ever lived!
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 18th 1969, the Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared in concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England...
    They performed a ten song set with "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" as an encore...
    The song was the last track on the album 'Electric Ladyland'; the album was the Experience's third and final album...
    On November 21st, 1970 the song peaked at #1 (for 1 week) on the United Kingdom's Singles chart...
    R.I.P. Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970), bassist Noel Redding (1945 - 2003) and drummer Mitch Mitchell (1947 - 2008).
  • Ariel from Ashpodel Fields, CaHere is a song fact for you! This song is mathematically impossible! I've done the extrapolations! It can't possibly exist in this dimension unless we ourselves are mere extrapolations of a 4th dimensional simulacra portrayed in Minor E (which is why everyone misses the A440.) What you're hearing, (that is, what you think you're hearing) is the harmonic resonance of a pre-cambrian multiplicative waveform that expands by Fourier displacement into the synthetic digression of a derangement of the universal mind! You fools! You mad, mad fools!
  • Donnie from Nashville, TnFor everyone out there saying the guitar is tuned to E you are wrong....Guitar is tuned to an A 440...There is an open E tuning along with many others , open D, C, G A and others but standard tuning for the guitar is A440..........So when Jimi said lets do it in E he meant the key of E...Some people like to imply Jimi wasnt that educated in music or guitar... Thats wrong too , Jimi had a very good grip on harmony and melody ..... He also had a strong understanding of chord structure ..He also so had a very good understanding of equipment amps , effects and so on..He wasnt a freak of nature he worked long and hard for his chops......he earned them by constant playing and thinking and living guitar..
  • Bektemba from Long Beach, CaStephanie, there is definitely organ on the album. Off the top of my head, I can be sure that "Voodoo Child", "Rainy Day, Dream Away" and "Still Raining, Still Dreaming" all feature organ.
  • Bektemba from Long Beach, CaSome people in this thread have compared the two spellings of "child" and "chile". I can personally verify that Black country folks say "chile" instead of "child". It should be noted that when the "Slight Return" version made it onto live recordings, the spelling was NOT always consistent. HOWEVER, the 15-minute slow blues is "Voodoo Chile" while the album's final cut is "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".
  • Bektemba from Long Beach, CaThe title takes into account an African religious tradition, but very few people would even suspect how African the song actually is. So here's something that only Afro-Cuban and African music buffs and/or musicians would be likely to pick up on: Although the song can be notated in 4/4, the chopping, wah-wah rhythm that Jimi plays in the introduction has a definite 6/8 *feel* to it. In my opinion, it is very plausible that the Jimi was drawing on a Cuban bembe or other similar rhythm for influence. Come on, "Voodoo" is in the title. True, "Voodoo" proper doesn't exist in Cuba, but that could be from a nonnative (like Jimi) making this slight generalization about Afro-Caribbean matters.
  • Matthew from Johannesburg, South AfricaFound it: Angelique Kidjou
  • Matthew from Johannesburg, South AfricaAnybody heard the a capella version done, I think, by Erykah Badu?
  • Richard from Tustin, CaOk, folks, like Logan said, "chile...is a vernacular term for child". Jimi was black and American Indian. Chile is black slang for child, or perhaps the way it is said, and/or heard, as Logan said, the vernacular (look it up). Why everyone is pontificating on what the song is about, AND with some way off-track authority is beyond me. That's what I hate about these sites, is that not only are most of these posts out of line, but others will read this and tell someone else, and so on, and so on, etc. Get your facts BEFORE you post this stuff, really! Stop filling this world with so much b******t. > dben, Listen to "Don't Think Twice" or "Lay, Lady, Lay", or try to figure them out, if you are able, before disparaging Bob Dylan, one of Jimi's favorite singer/songwriters, BTW. And, IMHO, they're ALL great. I'm not a big Guns 'n' Roses, or AC/DC fan, but as a player, I resepct their abilities. I may not be crazy about their style, or especially the singers, or whatever, but that doesn't mean I don't or can't appreciate their playing, etc. Slash is a great guitar player, and so is Angus, I'm just not into their music as a whole, but may like a song or two. Anyway, please don't post things you really don't know about, or that some moron may have told you without any facts to back it up. That's just silly and does more damage than good! "...if I don't see you in this world, I'll meet you in the next one...and don't be late! Don't be late!" God bless you Jimi Hendrix, wherever you are!
  • Bob from Merced, CaI have been thinking that this song alluded to, or contained undertones of a creation myth from cultures unknown to me. I always felt that this song is about God creating the world.
  • Chris from South Surrey, BcI'm sorry, but Stevie's version kicks ass way too much. Hendrix was great and all... but Christ, he choked on his own vomit. SRV at least went down in a cool and mysterious fashion. Anyway, back to the song -- this is just godly playing. What else can ya say?
  • Dan from La, CaI love the version of this song he played on the Live at Berkeley album. He just rocks and jams it out for like 15 mins. Blows my mind away how he plays. Genius.
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThis song might appear in Rock Band 3!

    Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island; might even raise a little sand......

    any takes on this?
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlOne of Jimi's best.It's a great headphone song(the first solo & all the distortion towards the end)I've heard cover version by SRV but none can match the original.To me,the reason SRV's version is inferior is the drummer.He's ok,but most definately NOT Mitch Mitchell.
  • Christine from Mcminnville, OrI like Jimi's performance, but it seems to lack energy compared to SRV's version, which in my opinion is perfection in every way! And IMO, Stevie was a better vocalist. SRV's vocals are superior, too.
  • Emmett from Canadian, Txdavid, i think i had this same arguement with somebody else but instead of it being about hendrix and angus young, i think it ended up being about slash and angus. it really doesn't matter who's better or worse man, they each have their own unique badass style. slash's includes a s--tload of really fast bar chords. angus's, like hendrix, mainly plays blues and basic chords. but they all make it sound badass
  • Jane from Austin, Txto stone in libertyville:

    ben from chinatown pretty much has answered your question. E is the standard tuning for guitars. if jimi had to know anything it would be that. he doesn't have to know chords or keys. so, when he said "ok, let's do it in E" he was probably making a joke
  • Caroline from New Bern, NcListen carefully, you'll hear the voodoo rattle shaking in the background of Voodoo Chile, Slight Return. Listen to the percussion, there's a voodoo rattle, like snake bones or something...freaky
  • Caroline from New Bern, NcSlight return has to do with the 2 versions of VooDoo Child Jimi was working on. One was a blues version, and the other was the hard rock version. He couldn't decide which, so he did both and he put them on Electric Ladyland. VooDoo Chile is a blues song in the middle of the album and it's a great jam. VooDoo Chile Slight Return is the "Standing on top of a mountain.." the one they play on the radio, more known version. It's the last song on Electric Ladyland.
  • David from Orlando, FlCover versions of this song, with the exception of SRV's are generally lame because they can't get the tonal depth and sustain necessary to carry it. Jimi accomplished that in large part with revolutionay electronic pedal settings and combinations of his own creation. Stevie accomplished it largely by playing (as he always did) with incredibly heavy guitar strings--his high E string is about the same diameter as the low E on the set that will come on an electric guitar from the Gibson or Fender factory. I pity the fool who attempts this song in public with digital amp distortion effects and standard strings--you ain't gonna pull it off.
  • Blake from Tahlequah, Okok first to dave i think Jimi is a better guitar player than Angus by far, and jonathan although Steve Ray Vaughn is one of my biggest heroes im gonna have to give this one to jimi.I'm gonna have to go with bernhard on this.Although im only 15 and more than likely have a long time to go before I die I could probably listen to Hendrix for the rest of my life..........and Steve Ray.
  • Dben from Riesel, TxAnd jimi's ONLY hit...was his cover of bob dylan's "All along the Watchtower"....which by the way showed his abilitys to not only play....but compose music....cause Dylan only had that 3 chord progression...and Jimi just powned it and totally made it his own...
  • Dben from Riesel, TxHey David...i understand what you mean about Angus Young,i mean i play the guitar and hes better than me...so im not sayin hes not good dude...but in ability you just have to choose jimi over angus...he was just so much better abilty wise...and plus all of AC/DC's songs sound the same...i mean they all involve like a 3 chord progression...and like a 20 second solo....
  • Arianna from Largo, FlThis was the last song Jimi played before he died, huh? Looking at the lyrics, this sounded like his "good-bye" song...wow.
  • Joeyjoejoejoes from Farehem, United KingdomThis is like teh rocking stuff i love the guitar!!!!!
  • Sam from New Orleans, LaHENDRIX IS GUITAR GOD. All the rest are just copycats, from england & america.
  • Thang from Led Zep, Viet NamJack Cassidy, Bassist of Jefferson Airplane, play the bass track on this song
  • Jake from Pinson, AlThis song was not Jimi's only hit. He did only have one hit song, but it was his version of Dylan's All Along the Watchtower.
  • Louis from New York, Nyhendrix may not have had the best guitar skills out of all of them, but to me, he was the best influence to rock and roll music in history. music would not be what it is today if it wasnt for jimi. sure someone can play better than him, but in my opinion, Jimi Hendrix is the best there ever was.
  • Ozzi from Brookhaven, PaWhat a great song from jimi, i love that begining wah-wah pedal.
  • Laughingsam from Jersey City, NjWhy do people insist on comparing guitarists? There's no better or worse. Music isn't like that! But if we insist on ranking guitarists, if we have to qualify them, then it's no accident that Hendrix always ends up on top.
  • This Dude from Philla, Payo someguy! this is Jimi we are talking about it is nearly imposible to beat him!
  • Hendrixlover from Does It Matter?, Cato Word, Montreal, Canada - hendrix didnt play voodoo chile at woodstock. he still played voodoo child. chilE is a long blues song like the 15 minute song on ladyland. voodoo chilD is the one with the wah at the end of the album. in live shows, hendrix just improvised a lot and jammed to voodoo child, making it longer.
  • Bill from St. Paul, MnThis track is all you need to know about Hendrix in a great 5 minute package. Pretty much sums it up.
  • Jai from Atlanta, GaTo Chuck, c-ville, VA - The 15 minute Voodoo Chile was recorded in the studio at 7:30 am AFTER Jimi and gang were jamming all night at local clubs. They brought about 20 people over from the club and they watched the 3 takes that was needed for this song. The third take was used on the album.
  • Someguywholikesmusic from Fayetteville, NcStevie Ray Vaughan also performed this song, and he did a much better job. Jimi's version on Electric Ladyland was pretty sloppy, sounded like a retard was playing it.
  • Dan from Bradford, EnglandI can't belive i can play this its such a great song and yet not hard to learn if you have a wah-wah pedal!!
  • Dave from Scottsdale, AzThe name is probably inspired by "Hoochie Coochie Man" by Muddy Waters. This was Jimi's way of saying he was the new blues man.
  • Paul from Muskegon, MsI like Jimi, but Jimmy Page is better.
  • Word from Montreal, CanadaFor the FIRST COMMENT
    There's the song Voodoo Chile (15 min)(that he played at Woodstock(look on the DVD its realy voodoo chil"e")) and voodoo CHILD that they did a "SLIGHT RETURN" on it(5min). thats why it's reetin Voodoo Child (slight Return). I can proove it, just read the book "1001 albums qu'il faut avoir Ã?couter dans sa vie" something like that. Thanks.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScJohn. It's child not chile. Voodoo Chile is the name of another song which is on the same album as this. I haven't heard Voodoo Chile in it's entirety but I know it's different from this song.
  • Galen from Does It Matter?, Cai just heard this on a victorias secret commerical. nice.
  • Chuck from C-ville, VaOk people---let's cut out the ignorance. Take out your copy of Electric Ladyland.

    Note that the 4th song is a 15 min. slow blues called VOODOO CHILE which was recorded LIVE at Steve Paul's 'The Scene' club in NYC with Steve Winwood on organ and Jack Cassidy on bass.

    Now take note that the last song on the album, clocking in at 5min.+, is entitled VOODOO CHILD (SLIGHT RETURN). THIS IS THE ONE WITH THE WAH WAH INTRO THAT SRV AND MANY OTHERS HAVE COVERED. It often gets mis-labeled as Voodoo Chile (slight return).

    Two different songs, people.
  • Linda from Omaha, NeTo Bobby of Rockville, MD: for some reason it was only #1 in the UK.
  • John from Seattle, Wavoodoo chile dosnt any body understand! its not child its voodoo chile, C-H-I-L-E.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesDavid - Angus Young, while a good guitarist in his own right, does not compare with Henrix, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page. That said, he is an underrated guitarist, as is Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.
  • Culley from Greenwood, InThis song has a great guitar riff. I learned in a month. It's awesome.
  • Ele from Takoma Park, Mdsteve winwood guested on the fifteen-minute live version, "voodoo chile". there are two versions: "voodoo child(slight return), which is the studio version, and voodoo chile, the long live one.
  • Bobby from Rockville, MdKaitlin-

    Those are the lyrics for the 15 minute slow blues jam "Voodoo Chile," which for some reason does not appear on Songfacts.
  • Alexio from Haslemere, EnglandJUst saying yeah that hulk hogan guy was first time i heard hendrix lol prob best to, but jimi hendrix was the worlds best guitarist ever,orjohn frusciante at just feeling each seperate note played and turning into a beauty
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI know Steve Winwood guested on this album, but I don't hear any organ on this as the songfacts seem to suggest.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI meant to say that they remind me of some of Muddy Waters' music.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScFor some reason some of the solos and riffs in this song remind of Muddy Waters' music, especially "Catfish Blues" aka "Rolling Stone." Some of the riffs sound similar. I know Waters was one of Hendricks's influences.
  • Bobby from Rockville, MdIf I remember correctly, this song was also released as a single in the U.S., after Jimi's death and it also became a #1 hit here, too. I might be wrong.
  • Zep from Seattle, United StatesJohn, what are you talking about, Hendrix wasn't the best guitarist, there is noone who is the "best" even though I'd say that Page and Clapton are pretty high upo there. Oh and David's right. (not that Hendrix is bad.)
  • John from Kalamazoo, KyDavid, you views are extremely off Hendrix is the best guitarist
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScAngus Young is a great guitarist, but he doesn't compare to Hendricks. My favorite rock guitarists are Eric Claptain, David Gilmour, and Jimi Hendricks. Neil Young is a great guitarist as well. As far as blues goes, I also like people like Robert Johnson. He had some great slide guitar work. I know this is pretty random. I just wanted to add some of my thoughts.
  • Abi from Toronto, Canadaangus young may be good but the problem with acdc is all they ever did was rock out. all young does is put distortion up all the way and get stoned and go mad. (which doesnt mean hes a bad guitarist!!) my problem with acdc is theyre all distortion and they dont have a singer they have a screamer.
  • John from Glasgow, Scotlandi think angus young is overrated as a solo player, he has, however, got the knack for making some cathy riffs. back in black comes to mind
  • Rob from Vancouver, CanadaThis isn't a knock on Young, but ya wanna know why all the young guitarists like young? He's easy to play. Everything is in E minor of A minor. If you're
    having trouble figuring a song out, just lay your fingers where it seems the easiest and go from there.
  • Kika from Nyc, NyThis song is my favorite Hendrix tune. It's the type of song that you have to stop and listen to. And it's more then just a jam in E, it's great, i've never heard notes that mean so much. well, that's exagerated, but absoloutly great song.
  • Collin from Hope, Invoodoo child is a awesome song including the begining
  • Robert from Santa Barbara, CaI always thought this song was Jimi's tribute to Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Bo Diddley. He uses Bo's rhythm and maracas and licks from all three of them.
  • Matt from Woodstock, CanadaThe bands that made rock (to me at least) were Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Jimi... later bands perfected it. Oh and stuff like Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest (they all rock) were really Hard Rock/Metal.

    Angus Young is an amazing guitarist David, people that dont respect that just can't play guitar as well.
  • Daivd from Aberdeen, NcAngus Young is a better guitarist, I think, and I know I'll be shot for thinking that, but oh well.
  • Daivd from Aberdeen, NcWhat do you mean E is a very guitar-friendly key? For a good guitarist, every key is very guitar friendly.
  • Derek from South Jersey, NjNot only does the guitar playing make it, but the fast drum beat does, too. The way it stays the same fast tempo almost the whole song.
  • Casey from Chicago, IlBasically...this song is just one big face-melter. Which is pretty sweet considering Jimi is the best guitarist of all time.
  • Joseph Wright from Baltimore, Mdwell there random but these are what made rock rock without them who knows sure extreme, creme, jeff beck, megadeth,foringer and all the bands would be there but these are the ones that truly made it what it is
  • Ben from Chinatown, Hong Kongactually this song's in Eb, meaning all the guitar strings are tuned a half step down, so you still play the notes like if u were playing in the key of E with a guitar in standard tuning.
  • Dan from Lee, NhDude I Love It. Hendrix could something ou of anything.
  • Joseph Wright from Baltimore, Mdthe greatest gutiarist to ever live only a handful of people are his calibur sorry if the names do not come to me right now but the guirtsit from iron madien the stones GnR black sabbath and led zepplin are some of the only gutiarst to ben even in his class
  • Dennis from Wall, NjIf Jimi didn't know anything about chords and music, which i seriously doubt, he was very lucky to pick E, which is a very guitar friendly key. There's no way a soloist and improvisational musician of his caliber wouldn't know anything about music.
  • Jane from Seattle, WaIn the mid 70's, after Jim had died, his Pan Am flight bag was found in the lost baggage department. Inside was a battered copy of "The Urantia Book". I believe this was a significant source of inspiration for Jimi and his beliefs about spirituality and the afterlife. The lyrics to Voodoo Chile say: "I'll meet you in the next world, and don't be late". Anyone else in that era would have said the next life, or next plane. But the concept of a "next world", that is, an ascension sphere prior to heaven, is a concept specific to the Urantia book. This is just a little clue as to what Jimi thought and where he found inspiration. We'll all get to see him in the next world and I can't wait.

    (Jimi says he's a voodoo child, he's certainly not calling himself a pot of chile.)
  • Ludwig from New York City, Nyi dont know how to read music, and it is quite impossible for somebody not to know the 12 notes in existance.
    please, for a blues person not to know what E is, is simply pathetic. and Jimi simply is not that.
  • Stone from Libertyville, IlI did not put this in as a fact because i am not sure if it is fully true or not...
    But I do no that Hendrix could not read music, and barely new chord names, so my question for all of you who have come to this site is, how could a guitarist who could not name chords name a key for a song...(above it says that Hendrix said "Okay, let's do this in E") For those of you up to the challenge I would say investigate the first songfact...if you take the time to fix it you can take credit I just like music...oh yeah, and by the way...this song is amazing..
  • Clint from Hot Springs, ArJimi also has that song Highway Chile its not about peppers or anything
  • Clint from Hot Springs, ArJohn Petrucci wasn't involved in G3 for the most part it was Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Brett from Los Angeles, Caquote>myself being 55 years old and having listened to veeery much music in a lifetime and being an "experienced" guitar player having played thousands of gigs, I have never changed my mind: "Electric Ladyland" would be the record, that I'd pick, if I could take only one with me on a small island for the rest of my life.
    - bernhard, mannheim, Germany >/quote
    this is it for me, I would choose Electric ladyland as my only vinyl......if you have not listened to this disc front to back, sober, you are NOT experienced.....nothing can compare.


  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Scyeah. anyone who says that the song is about herbs,drugs, or the country of chile. That's not quite right. As several people have said chile is a way that blacks and a lot of people in the south say child. so i think that's what the songs are refering to. the voodoo could have to do with rock n roll or blues music, sense a lot of parents thought those types of music were taking control of there kids and weren't good for them. Btw, the song has the coolest guitar intro, and best wa-wa! Also, by blacks, i meant African Americans.
  • Scott from Nyc, NyI think is one of the 5 best guitar solos/songs I have ever heard
  • Steve from New York City, NyStevie Ray's version of this was in "Black Hawk Down."
  • Kevin from Iowa City, IaDuring the Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion tour, Slash played the intro to this before Civil War.
  • Schmitty from Vienna, Vaone of the two songs by jimi i like- this and all along the watchtower
    p.s. this was also played in Black Hawk Down when the choppers were lifting off
  • Jonathan from Oklahoma City, OkStevie Ray Vaugh does a kick ass version of this!!!
  • Bernhard from Mannheim, Germanymyself being 55 years old and having listened to veeery much music in a lifetime and being an "experienced" guitar player having played thousands of gigs, I have never changed my mind: "Electric Ladyland" would be the record, that I'd pick, if I could take only one with me on a small island for the rest of my life.
  • Mason from Greenville, NcThe original "Voodoo Chile" had a great influence on Jazz artist Miles Davis when he was maqking his album "Bitches Brew" in 1969. Yeah, that's how great Hendrix is. He's able to influence even the great Miles Davis.
  • Harvey from Jackson, MiKenny Wayne Shepard did a version of this track on a limited Cd single backed with "BLUE On Black"
  • Sarah from London, EnglandI love Jimi Hendrix's guitar use on any of his track...but in Voodoo Chile(Child)...and All along the Watch Tower I particually like the guitar riff and yo yoing wa wa's...Hendrix is a brilliant musician...and for the recore Chile has nothing to do with Chillie the country or food! its an African-American/Jamaican way of spelling and pronouncing Child...its more than like Voodoo Chile got changed simply because people misinteretated what Chile meant...the slight return thing I think is a reference to the song coming back after the blusey one...maybe Hendix couldnt make his mind up on the song?
  • Shell from Riverdale, GaThanks, Logan, for setting 'em straight. I blew water out my nose and all over the keyboard when I read these people trying to decipher what "chile" means. Nothing personal, folks, but anyone from the American South, or for that matter anyone whose had dealings with American Blacks, knows what the word means. And to Tom in Trowbridge, he meant he was "return"-ing to the earlier song (Voodoo Chile) but in a "slight"-ly different way.
  • Logan from Abilene, TxCouple of comments: one, "chile" (pronounced like "pile") is a vernacular term for child, particularly among rural African-Americans. This is called "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" because he was returning to the theme from "Voodoo Chile", a slower blues song he recorded earlier. The blues connection is where the pronunciation of child came from, since many blues songs use this. (John Lee Hooker also had "Boogie Chillen'", slang for "children").
    Check out Robert Randolph and the Family Band's cover of this song, they've played it live and I know there are some bootlegs. Absolutely rips into it.
  • Dan from T.c, Miit wasn't the 2001 g3 tour with satriani, vai, and petrucci that they did voodoo child, it was the 2003 tour that featured satriani, vai, and yngwie malmsteen.
  • Carly from Wilmington, DeI'm not sure if this is pertinent information but I read the book the Electric Kool-Aid acid test, and in it, "Voodoo Chile" is a special kind of chile that Ken Kesey is known for making amongst his friends at Stanford University which consists of venison as well as LSD. Hendrix I believe was acquainted with Kesey, so this might have something to do with the song.
  • James from Bransgore, United StatesWell Chile is a herb. I hate to say this but maybe the song has something to do with drugs.
  • Frank from Melbourne, AustraliaWill, about the meaning of the song, i think you have it wrong, i dont know the meaning, but child was a typo when he wrote it and you can see how he made correction if you have seen a picture of his songlist that is handwritten on one of his albums...
    i dont know what chile (apart from the country) is but i really think he meant it to be chile not child, as this song is a 'slight return' to the earlier version 'voodoo chile',
    so i cant agree that it is because his parents thought he was a voodoo child...
    he pronounces chile as the way you pronounce mile... as he also does that in the song 'highway chile',
    so i dont know the meaning but im pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with a child
  • Josh from Grand Ledge, Midefinitely one of the best hendrix songs and best use of the wah in a song
  • Will from Portland, OrTHE MEANING OF THE SONG!
    In the 50s, and early 60s when Hendrix was growing up, parents called rock music "voodoo music", probably because they felt it had control over their kids. Saying he was a "voodoo child" could mean he was brought up on Rocknroll.
    When he is talking about chopping down mountains with his handing and making islands, he is talking about either making a new world using rock, or making a world of rock, like making a new kind of rock, which he definitely did. He also says "if I didn't meet you in this world, well I'll meet you in the next one, and don't be late" which was more proof of him creating a new world of rock.

    Great song, I love the wah-wah begining and the solos in between verses with the huge echo. One of my favorite songs of all time
  • Niko from Davis, CaTom, on the album Electric Ladyland there is a 15 minute song called Voodoo Chile.
  • Eric from Los Angeles, CaActually Amitai, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan used this as his entrance music all through the late 90's while still with the WCW.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandWhat does it mean 'Slight return'?
  • Amitai from Staten Island, NyWhen Hulk Hogan returned to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in 2002 he uses this as his theme song.
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