I Have Confidence

Album: The Sound of Music Soundtrack (1965)
  • What will this day be like?
    I wonder.
    What will my future be?
    I wonder.
    It could be so exciting,
    To be out in the world,
    To be free!
    My heart should be wildly rejoicing.
    Oh, what's the matter with me?
    I've always longed for adventure,
    To do the things I've never dared.
    Now here I'm facing adventure
    Then why am I so scared?
    A captain with seven children
    What's so fearsome about that?
    Oh, I must stop these doubts,
    All these worries.
    If I don't I just know I'll turn back!
    I must dream of the things I am seeking.
    I am seeking the courage I lack.
    The courage to serve them with reliance,
    Face my mistakes without defiance.
    Show them I'm worthy
    And while I show them
    I'll show me!
    So, let them bring on all their problems,
    I'll do better than my best.
    I have confidence
    They'll put me to the test!
    But I'll make them see
    I have confidence in me.
    Somehow I will impress them.
    I will be firm, but kind.
    And all those children
    Heaven bless them
    They will look up to me
    And mind me!
    With each step I am more certain,
    Everything will turn out fine.
    I have confidence,
    The world can all be mine!
    They'll have to agree
    I have confidence in me.

    I have confidence in sunshine,
    I have confidence in rain.
    I have confidence that spring will come again!
    Besides what you see I have confidence in me.

    Strength doesn't lie in numbers.
    Strength doesn't lie in wealth,
    Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers,
    When you wake up, wake up!
    It's healthy!
    All I trust I leave my heart to,
    All I trust becomes my own!
    I have confidence in confidence alone.
    I have confidence in confidence alone!
    Besides, which you see, I have confidence in me! Writer/s: RICHARD RODGERS
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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