Mother's Love
by Kem

Album: Intimacy: Album III (2010)
  • In a mother's love, you will find
    Everything, everything's alright
    To a mother's love, you are bound
    You can rest on a sacred ground

    In a mother's love, you are free to dream
    Because she sees what you can be
    In a mother's love you see the sun
    Enough for two but you are one

    In a mother's love, you can feel
    When something hurts you can heel
    Yes, a mother's love is real, you grow
    Because she knows to let you go

    Yeah, momma
    Mother's love, mother's love, yeah, alright
    Mum, mum, ma, mum, mum, momma, yeah

    A mother's love, a mother's love, yeah, alright
    And a mother's love never lies
    She believes you can fly
    Will hold her mind

    A mother's love
    Oh, yeah, hey, yeah, yeah


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