All My Love

Album: In Through The Out Door (1979)
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  • Should I fall out of love, my fire in the light
    To chase a feather in the wind
    Within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight
    There moves a thread that has no end

    For many hours and days that pass ever soon
    The tides have caused the flame to dim
    At last the arm is straight, the hand to the loom
    Is this to end or just begin?

    All of my love, all of my love
    All of my love to you, oh

    All of my love, all of my love, oh
    All of my love to you

    The cup is raised, the toast is made yet again
    One voice is clear above the din
    Proud Arianne one word, my will to sustain
    For me, the cloth once more to spin, oh

    All of my love, all of my love, oh
    All of my love to you

    All of my love, all of my love, yes
    All of my love to you

    Yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews time
    His is the force that lies within
    Ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find
    He is a feather in the wind, oh

    All of my love, all of my love, oh
    All of my love to you

    All of my love, ooh yes, all of my love to you now
    All of my love, all of my love
    All of my love, love, sometimes, sometimes

    Sometimes, sometimes, oh love
    Hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey
    Ooh yeah, it's all my love

    All of my love, all of my love, to you now

    All of my love, all of my love
    all of my love to, to you, you, you, yeah
    I get a little bit lonely Writer/s: John Paul Jones, Robert Anthony Plant
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Elizabeth Mcglone from Hopkinsville KyAmazing song he played for his son
  • Oxford from Jackson TnAwesome
  • Cat from Los Angeles Christian Cozur- I absolutely love your awesome interpretation of All of My Love.
  • Seventhmist from 7th Heaven"Arianne," not "Aryan." Here's one analysis of the song I came across which rings pretty true to me:

    "It's a deeply personal song about Robert coming to terms with his child's untimely death. The concept is that divine beings weave the reality of human life like a tapestry of threads, and that even when a thread seems to go nowhere there may yet be a deeper meaning to the story of human life. One can see how any life, even one made cruelly short by fate, is still significant and present because it is part of the tapestry and has as such has some meaning in it.

    Arianne is the French form of the Greek name Ariadne, who saves Theseus by giving him a ball of thread so he could go into the labyrinth, slay the Minotaur and find his way back out. Ariane's thread leads through the maze and out of it. Plant sees himself lost in the maze (or tapestry) because he can't see where the thread of his sons life has lead, cut off as it seems to be before its time, but if only he could have a word from the proud Arianne that his son's thread is really part of the tapestry, he would have the faith to accept that while he has no answer to his grief, that an answer is there somewhere, and that his son's life was more than a feather in the wind. Arianne's thread is also a term in logic that refers to a certain way of figuring out puzzles by thinking through every possibility."
  • Chris B from Nc UsaWhen the album started with "In the Evening" I thought Zeppelin was back but the remaining songs were so sad and dreary that I was very disappointed and still place it as their worse piece of work to this day.
  • Shanaynay from OregonHe's not a Capricorn.
  • Jeff from Las VegasOK, don't mean to ramble on (sorry, couldn't resist), but I'd like to give a little background. I heard this on the radio recently and haven't heard it in awhile; it got stuck in my head as songs are wont to do. So I went home and busted out all my albums (that's right, original vinyl! I'm dating myself but I was in elementary school when led zep 4 came out (the significance of this will become clear momentarily). Anyway, I was looking at the cover and enjoying all the Lord of the Rings' references ZoSo lyrics have and I remembered this awesome symbology book I own that had thoughts on what the symbols on led zep 4 meant, as each band member chose one of the 4 symbols.

    The book is The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar, copyright 2008, published by HarperCollins Publishers for Barnes and Nobles, Inc., pages 262-263. (Sorry if I offend any grammar Nazis, but I graduated college a long time ago and am rusty on the footnote format). It reads in part:

    "...Page, renowned for his interest in occult matters in general and Crowleyana in particular, has never spoken publicly about the component elements of his own symbol, but it is believed to have originated in an old alchemical grimoire dating back to the sixteenth century. The sigil itself points to the link between the planet Saturn and Page's Zodiac sign, Capricorn. The "Z" is a commonly used symbol for the planet and the "oso" stands for the element of mercury, also associated with Saturn.

    "The symbols of the other band members are the triquetra (chosen by John Paul Jones, bass and keyboards). Drummer John Bonham chose the Tripod of Life or Borromean Rings, and singer Robert Plant chose a FEATHER [emphasis added]enclosed within a circle. The feather bears a similarity to the feather of justice used by the Goddess of Truth, Ma'at, to balance against the souls of men, and is also likely to signify transcendence. The circle stands for completion and wholeness."

    So for me, the feather metaphor makes perfect sense if the above is accurate; after all, name one thing more transcendent than death?

    Anyway, just thought it might be interesting.
  • Aj from Newport BeachThe poetic lyrics are simply about Robert Plant's struggle to move on in life after the sudden and shocking death of his son Karac while the band was on tour.

    Threads, looms, cloth deal with the fabric of time, while love is referenced as fire, light and warmth, Plant returns to the loom to work within time rather than chase the ephemeral "feather in the wind", namely, his remembrance of his child, after hearing one word clear above the din when the cup is raised and a toast made yet again (a common toast is "to life").

    So presumably, life is the one word, and his "will to sustain" is to keep on living and loving, i.e., "the cloth once more to spin" (in Thelema, one is to find their "true will", so no doubt Page's esoteric mysticism affected Plant during this time, even though Page had nothing to do with the writing of the song). Page admits he wasn't thrilled with the song, but is respectful of it, since it is about the late Karac Plant.

    Plant's grieving vocals are especially touching.
  • Brad K from Huntley, IlSuch an awesome album.
  • Pjyenn from Indonesia, IndonesiaIt goes to show that Jonesy and Page have different kind of style... put them together become magic. Separate them - mediocre. But I love this song!
  • Grayson from New Orleans, LaI love this song. It was a wonderful tribute Robert made to his son.
  • Israel from Laredo, TxThis song is so beuatiful. :) Its all I can really find myself to say.
  • Christian Cozier from Pos, Trinidad And TobagoI know Plant wrote this song for his son, Karac. But I believe it has more profound religious undertones. Here is my interpretation of this awesome song:

    Should I fall out of love, my fire in the light=
    Should I falter from My Father's calling to be the salvation and light for all the world?

    To chase a feather in the wind=
    By succumbing to the empty promises and attainment of all worldly treasures from (Mammon) the evil one?

    Within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight=
    As a backdrop to God's eternal promise of Love, the prophets speak of My arrival

    There moves a thread that has no end=
    My eternal message of hope and redemption will live throughout humanity.

    For many hours and days that pass ever soon=
    The great anticipation of the arrival of the Son of Man was heralded by all the prophets before Me

    the tides have caused the flame to dim=
    The forces of evil attempt to drown the message of Love and Salvation in the hearts of men.

    At last the arm is straight, the hand to the loom=
    The Son of man foretelling the painful way He would die on the cross in fruition of his mission.

    Is this to end or just begin?=
    Humanity must choose whether to believe or not to believe in the Son of Man's message of Salvation for all through repentance.

    Chorus: All of my love, all of my love, All of my love to you. (repeat)=
    Until the end of time, the Son of man is God's new covenant with humanity through His unconditional Love for all who believe in Him.

    The cup is raised; the toast is made yet again=
    As foretold by Moses and the prophets, the life of the messiah will be ransomed with the Son of Man's acceptance of the cup of suffering (at the last supper) heralding the new passover.

    One voice is clear above the din=
    Jesus Christ attests that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

    Proud Aryan one word, my will to sustain=
    The Son of Man carried His cross to die in order for all of us to live

    For me, the cloth once more to spin=
    Jesus Christ shall return on the day of Judgment


    Yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews time=
    Everyone shall be present to account for his/her life on the Day of Judgment.

    his is the force that lies within=
    The evil one shall continue to corrupt the souls of the lost

    Ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find=
    The Son of Man is humanity's Shepherd to all who hear his voice and believe in Him.

    He is a feather in the wind=
    Beware! Mammon (the evil one) offers nothing more than an empty promise to all of humanity.
  • Sara from Kenosha, United Kingdomok,now i know this was written a while ago, but there is serioisly no messages in led zeppelins sings to the devil, anyone who thinks tht is kinda stupid. They had feelings of pain and robert wrote this song to mend, and for stairway to heaven, it has some meaningful lyrics, and honestly, they did do drugs, and they did drink and they were to stoned to make a song that if played backward would say something satanic. yeah and i love this song with a passion
  • Kyl from Mesa, AzI would have to say this song is really just great. I think it might be better than "Stairway to Heaven". It's very touching.
  • Paula from Laredo, TxA very special person introduced me to this song a long time ago and even though I had forgotten the name of the song, I never forgot how I felt when I heard it
  • Jimmy from Galicia, Spain'One voice is clear above the din', oh, what a beautiful and meanful line.This song is artistically great.
  • Rob from Duluth, GaI don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I always found In Through The Out Door very dark and foreboding, almost like you could feel that something bad was going to happen - like the Beatles Abbey Road (although Let It Be was released later, it was recorded earlier). I honestly think that if Bonzo had not died, the band would have broken up over personal and artistic differences.
  • Nicole from Plymouth, MaThere are so many words that I could use to explain this song. But I am only going to use one...AMAZING.
  • Daniel from Montreal, Qctwo words: KEYBOARD SOLO!
  • Schweet from Cincinnati, OhPage's guitar work is this album's only saving grace.
  • Nick from Arlington Heights, IlThis is a beautiful song. Plant, a man who has written countless great songs, tries to come to grips with the biggest tragedy anybody can go thru, and after lots of poetry and metaphors about it puts those away and at the end of the song keeps repeating what he truly feels and all that needs to be said, "All of my love to you"...the key change at the end also seems to convey a mood of hopefulness and thankfulness that even though his son was taken from him, he was thankful and celebrating the time he had with him
  • Lisa from Blountville , TnPagey was not too keen on the song.It was at this time was deep into drugs.I'm not too crazy about tje song or most of the LP Jonsey too k over alot of producing.I read in a article that he traded the huge synth to another musican for furniture.Pretty funny.
  • Melissa from Watauga, TxI have been a Robert Plant fan for year and so are my children now it goes to show you the music is timeless i also have a grandson named after him.
  • Ralph from Houston, TxI remember in HS that a lot of people were saying Zeppelin was dead because they considered this song too 'lightweight' or 'Beatles-like' (not that being compared to the Beatles should be a bad thing). It has always been one of my favorite Zeppelin songs.

    I swear I never get tired of listening to this band. They are so unlike anything before them or anything since. The arrangements and use of instruments and effects is so beyond what other artists are capable of. They just flat out rock.
  • Maggie from Philadelphia, PaI feel so bad for Robert Plant, his son dieng so young. Rest in Peace Karac
  • Karac from Chewelah, WaMy Name Is Karac Griffin, I Was Named After Robert Plants Son.... i hate the name but am honored to have something in common with such a great band... LED ZEPPELIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiThis is one of only 3 In Through The Outdoor songs to be played live.
  • John from Somewhere In, MaI think this song is about the narrator (not neccesarilly Robert Plant) spilling out his feelings to the one person he/she loves to death
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiNot the only song where Page is uncredited. South Bound Saurez is the other.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiFor all of those who believe Jeff seriously meant the hidden message thing, read every message on this page. HE WAS JOKING!!
  • Andrew from Bartlett, TnI always thought the title was "All Of My Love".
  • Carlota from Ankara, TurkeyThis is a beautiful song; a masterpiece! Its just sad that Plant's son died at 5 years of age
  • Jay from Myrtle Beach, ScPlant and Page are mystics. I thank them for leading me to a better understanding of life in the spiritual sense having dealt with addiction most of my life. This is just one example or "take" on Plant's need to understand life and death after his son's passing and to share it with others musically forever. My take is that it's about mans' struggling with his divinity and mortality..within and without.
  • Alina from Karlstad, Swedenthis is one of zep's most beautiful songs, lyrically. it really makes me wanna cry when i listen to it, i get tears in my eyes only thinking about it. i cant imagine loosing a son only 5 yrs old.
  • Bill from Topeka, KsGood Song. I Like the softer Zeppelin too it brings out the best in me. This song is sadder when you listen too it late at night. I don't know why though... Try It
  • Melanie from Seattle, Wa"I get a little bit lonely" ... :(
  • Melanie from Seattle, WaThis song is so sad, but gorgeous. Plant's voice is beautiful and haunting
  • Susan from Melvindale, MiI think people have mixed comments for a reason.
    Good or bad is only a point of view. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...The way I see it, this song is beautiful.
  • Susan from Melvindale, MiThis song always make me think of my frist love.Keith, If by chance you read this.All of my love.Susie
  • Shannan from Wilmington, DeI love this song. I cried when I first heard it. It's so sad.
  • Cassandra from Houston, TxLed Zeppelin is my favorite .. hands down..I admire all there music
  • Mary from Phoenix, AzThis song used to freak me out when I was stoned in my teenage days. I really did think this was about some sort of satanic ritual. Of course, I don't think that anymore. I kind of like it.
  • Oliver from Hamburg, Germanywhen i look back now, as i havent listened to led zep for years, this song was my goodbye to led zep and i felt melancholy then as i feel now, when i listen to it again. It's one of those great songs expressin a mood in an ultimate way. Sure I love black dog or gallows pole and simply everything from led zep. But all of my love is my good bye and meet again with zeppelin.
  • Maria from Athens, GreeceWONDERFUL song in my opinion.this song does not have any connection with satan and all these.robert plant express his emotional state that time and how he feel about karac's(his son)death.he wasn't in the mood to talk about devil. the synthesizer solo is magnificent.especially when it comes to end.the synthesizer-guitar match is perfect.although jimmy page didn't like this song and dispite his bad mood that time, his work seems great to me. in a interview he said that he and john bonham weren't very keen on the album and ''all my love'':
    ''both felt that In Through The Out Door was a little soft. I wasn't really keen on "All My Love". I was a little worried about the chorus. I could just imagine people doing the wave and all of that. And I thought, That's not us. That's not us. In its place it was fine, but I wouldn't have wanted to pursue that direction in the future.''
    unfortunately the didn't finish their plans and we know the reason:(
  • Tim Boyd from Sydney, AustraliaI do not like this song at all. I love Zeppelin for it's fantastic guitar, great drumming, great singing, and great synthesisers keyboards and bass. This song only has one of them. keyboard/synthesiser.
  • Ben from Menomonie, Withis was like jimmy pages least favorite songs, partly cause he barely had anything in it. i really only like his acoustic guitar part of the song
  • Vikas from Balaghat, United StatesLed Zep were among the most brilliant experimentalists when it came to song creation. In this song, drums, guitar and fake-violin-or-keyboard sound a bit different and probably on the cruder side. But, I feel it is deliberately made to sound like the way it does and love the overall impact.
  • Elyssa from Ny, NyThis song shows a different side and an evolution of a band that met with trials through the years. It happens to all people. I would say the death of a child, one's own 6 yr old child, would be reason enough to pour your heart into a sappy song lie this is beautiful! And Robert Plant's voice is wonderful in it (as usual). He evoked emotion in this one.....which is what a song, any song should do.
  • Page from London, CanadaAnother person who agrees with Nate. I really enjoy this song, but I think it could've done with less synthisizers and more guitar work. Maybe this song and the rest of In thrugh the out door didnt rock as hard because Page and Bonham weren't really there to make the album more like early zeppelin.
  • Nicole from Los Angeles, Canate from wisconcin...this song is friken awsome!!! all zep songs are different...this song he made for his son that died..i think he put his heart into it...i want this song at my wedding
  • Cw from Vancouver, CanadaNate has a good point. The band was definitely "fuzzling" in 1978 when they recorded this album. I think they were adversely affected by hedonistic excesses by the late '70s and it began to influence their music. Plant had faced some severe personal setbacks, including the death of his son and Page admits to being addicted to heroin during this period. Still, they were the best rock band to ever walk the earth. As I heard Page say in an interview once, when they played together, there was a "fifth element".
  • Ajay from Boston, Mai think this is a great song and a testament to zeppelin's many hard rock bands can pull off a pop song with this much class, sincerity, and instrumental creativity?...and there's so many nice touches, from jimmy's subdued guitar to jones' keyboard solo and that beautiful moment with what sounds like spanish guitars..."i get a little bit lonely!"
  • Chris from Dracut, Maya even though is quiet diffrent then most zeppelin i do like this song
  • Nate from Winston Salem, NcYeah, which is why I'm not much into "In Through The Out Door." The band was fizzling from the Zep image that became legendary. It wasn't the Zep 4/Rock and Roll/Stairway days anymore. It was just a totally different type of music than the typical Zep image, and it isn't really what I'm into. To each his/her own, it's just not what I particularly like.
  • Emmie from Long Island, NyWell, Nate, I have listened to When the Levee Breaks and Good Times, Bad Times. I know All My Love's a little hokey. Maybe it's a "girl thing", but then again I don't like a lot of "girl music". Plus my guitar teacher and I were trying to play it and laughed a lot when we ran out of frets, which we always remember when I go. And by the way, it's not a "fake violin thing". It's called a's used on ever song on In Through the Out Door, I think.
  • Nate from Winston Salem, NcI'm sorry to say it, because I love Zeppelin, but this song is just horrendous. The lame little fake violin part in the beginning? Not doing it for me. Zep wasn't a dumb little soft-rock/pop band. Why should they pretend to be?

    Listen to "When The Levee Breaks" or "Good Times, Bad Times" if you want to hear some good Zep.
  • Emmie from Long Island, NyOh, definitely my second favorite Zep song (after Misty Mountain Hop). It's not a traditional Led Zeppelin song, which makes it even better because it sounds totally different from anything they ever did. After I found out why Plant wrote it, I was even more moved. The "I get a little bit lonely" part at the end is my favorite.
  • Chris from Milford, CtPage used his 1959 Fender Botswana Brown Telecaster (not the 58 he used on the first album) on this recording. It is fitted with the Parsons/White B-String Bender. Thats what makes his guitar sound almost like a pedal steel guitar on some parts of the solo. It first appeared on stage in 1977. This guitar was used on Hot Dog, Darlene, and Ozone Baby
  • Larry from Altoona, IaThe boot "Studio Daze" contains the full version of this tune (7:46). It is almost two minutes longer than the one released and contains a second solo by Page. The mix is much heavier as well....worth a listen.
  • Nick from Ledzephead, United Statesthis song is so sad and beautiful, my second fav off of 'in through the outdoor'. i also liked the end where plant sings 'i get a little lonely, just a little' or sumthing like that. zeppelin rocks
  • Samantha from Plymouth Meeting, PaThis is a wonderfully moving song! It is my husband's favorite song, so I surprised him by having our wedding band learn it and perform it at our wedding 13 years ago! They brought the house down and have never heard such a moving tribute to a couple as we interpreted the song for ourselves! It will always hold the most enduring heartening memories for us. Whenever we hear it, we are taken right back to our wedding day. It is special for our daughter, too. She loves it so much, as well!
  • Amy from Silver Spring, MdOh for heaven's sakes with the backwards stuff and satanism! It is a simple song that Plant wrote for Karac (who was just barely 6 years old, not 5, when he died). Robert was never the same after July 1977. But if you want to hear a much more poignant song about Karac, listen to "I Believe" on his fate of Nations record. Also- the Zoso symbol refers to ancient symbols of alchemy; in the middle ages, scientists and mystics were constantly looking for ways to turn metals into gold, and it's connected with the grail search, etc. I dunno about Pagey, but Robert is not into anything dark; he says his religion is Happiness and he'll always be a gentle soul.
  • David from Monrovia, CaI read Page wouldn't want to pursue the future direction this song takes. I agree; Page and Bonham were discussing the possiblilty of the next album after In Through The Out Door to be a heavier album. All my love was written by Jones and Plant, ironically it doesn't even sound like their post Zep work, much less like Zep itself.
  • John from Seattle, Wazeppelin uses alot of norse (icelandic, viking) influences, for example in no quarter "the winds of thor" and the immagrant song is about vikings. along with lotr influences like in the battle of evermore "ringwrtaiths ride in black" and in ramble on "in the darkest sepths of mordor" (y isnt that on the greatest hits its a great song) this song is great.
  • Rob from Vancouver, CanadaWell.....I tried, but i couldn't get the peanut butter and sardines to go down. Where can i find instructions for my next task, master? I've ruined
    "Agents of Fortune" playing it backwads and all i got was a recipe for apple pie.
  • David from Orlando, FlAny Zeppelin song that showcases the skills of the "quite one" JPJ is great in my humble opinion.
  • Anaki from Manchesterarne't those symbols led zeppelin use some sort of icelandic symbols to do with folk lore or something. i don't think they were satanic (not even page's) and plant was into old folk lore (summit like that anyway).

    anywho! this song is great, shows led zeppelin can do more than rock, they can do beautiful songs too.
  • Merlin from Cincinnati, OhI think that lyricly this is one of their best songs. People say that its just not Led Zep's type of a song. A true Zep fan can appreciate this and truely appreciate the beauty of the lyrics.
  • Allison from Tamaqua, PaThis song is the most moving song ever. I like how people used the word "haunting" to describe Plant's voice. I completely agree, and it reminds me of the vocals in his solo album Now and Zen (Great Album). I think the synthesizer is perfect for the feel of this song, especially when joined by the orchestral part. It's not missing any guitar at all!
  • Theseus from Seattle, WaThis is the only song that credits members of the band without Jimmy Page.
  • Brian from Corpus Christi, TxJimmy Page didn't like this song very much, thats why he dosen't play a lot on it.
  • E from Vancouver, CanadaThis song sounds exactly like something that rappers would sample, and destroy in the process. I would be surprised to hear taht Puff Daddy or someone has yet to sample All My Love.
  • Nick from Richmond Hill, CanadaActually Nick, the feel of SATIN is often compared to that of kashmir.
  • Wade from Katy, TxThis song will always have great memories for me. It was song I had called in and requested for the radio. I didn't think I would get through, and it did...

    I think the DJ was surprised, someone my age calling in!
  • Liz from Boston, Msno this is not about god this song is for plants son, you can hear that hes talking about him. he says "sometimes i feel a little bit lonely" thats because he misses his son
  • Melanie from Titusville, FlTo those of you that dont like this song because it's too different of a sound for Zeppelin i dont think you're giving it a chance. This song is fantastic and its just one of the many that shows Zeppelins versatility. If you love zeppelin, and aren't just a casual listener, you come to appreciate all of the different genres that they touch on in their music. If you like Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven just keep listening to classic rock stations on the radio. Zeppelins talent goes far beyond songs like those, and it really shows in songs like All My Love and Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScI think the fact that Led zeppelin was starting to drift apart, kind of ruins the song. I didn't like it at first, but it has since grown on me. It's a good song though.
  • Nick from Warwick, Ri"I love this song haunting. Plant had three kids, Josh. I love the ending as I do with so many Zep songs, when Plant just lets it go..."i get a little lonely...just a little..." Has anyone ever read what Page's symbol means? I want to get a tattoo of their four symbols but I am afraid Page's symbol means something satanic and that wouldn't be very good luck.
    - Amanda Craigie, winnipeg, Canada"

    Robert Plant's symbol is Maàt's feather of Truth, closed in by an unbroken circle, which represents life.
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaI'm not a religious person or anything, but I think that he is singing about Jesus or God or some religious figure. "his is the force that lies within", but this is only my opinion
  • Juan from Miami, Flnot a big hit, it is kind of good but not like Stairway or Kashmir. As somebody else said, maybe I'm missing something
  • Luke from Houston, TxThis song was recorded in two sets... The only done in the second set was Jones' synthesizer solo. Everything else was done in one recording. If you listen to the studio recording, Jones messes up on the first note, the whole band laughs and then starts again and never stops
  • Danielle from Swanton, OhHey if you guys want the link to a page about Jimmy Page's Zoso symbol here it is...
  • Jude from Szombathely, HungaryJeff, that was hilarious! Too bad you can't even joke around with the stanic stuff b/c people seem to take everything seriously...
    When I first heard this song, I hated it, it was just too poppy and not something I'd expected to hear from Zep, but with time it has grown on me a great deal and now I love it. But I'll never be able to come to terms with the synth solo... I love Jonesy and all, but I can't stand it when something sounds so obviously synthetised. I agree with Alex, a guitar solo would've been better.
    Oh and I guess Jonesy has 3 kids (at least), they can be seen in The Song Remains The Same.
  • Josh from Las Vegas, NvI found a page that lists possible meanings for Zoso, (POSSIBLE)and an interesting fact is that it isn't a word but a symbol. look at the page if you like: whether or not it's accurate it's pretty interesting
  • Taylor from Austin, TxJeff from Haltom City TX, Lay off the drugs and just enjoy the music. There is no backmasking on this song.
  • Jim from Toledo, Ohthe Zoso symbol is "the holy grail of Led Zeppelin trivia" nobody knows it. it was quoted once that Jimmy told Robert once what it meant and he was the only one that ever knew. Robert later jokingly said he forgot. to say its satanic is way too expedient
  • Bryant from Salina, KsThis is a very beautiful song, I listened to this with my mother while I was trying on my cap and gown for graduation one night. We both sat there, held each other and cried. It was a deep and very moving moment, and now whenever I hear this song, I have that memory and all my childhood memories. I know someday I will not have my mother, but whenever I miss her, I will listen to this song and remember everything.
  • Loreena from Rio Negro, ArgentinaLook, Mr. Plant was a leo, and leo's aren't ones to eat "peanut butter and sardine sandwhiches". If it REALLY is there, he probably did it just to be funny, but I highly doubt it since it's probably about his dear son...poor little guy!So sad...And yes, he had 2 sons and a daughter. I think they all had children...I'm not sure about Jones, though. But he is married.I don't like synthesizers, but it's still a beautiful song...But not enough of that beautiful guitar playing.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaPage's guitar contributions to this song were surprisingly minimal. The synthesizer performs the role of lead instrument.
  • Sack from Arlington, Txthis was a huge radio hit
  • Jon from Lowell, MaFYI, Robert Plant never liked this song, as it was written as a "hook" for teenage girls. Plant said he would never write a song like this again as he felt it was in a different direction than the band was in.
  • Vincent from Los Angeles, CaI think this song is good i disagree with u guys saying that it is santanic.Chris, ur right this is one of the beautiful rock songs ever. And jeff, i think u might have been on some cokeane to because i think ur hearing things.
  • Adrienne from Santa Barbara, CaVery different from other Zep songs. Seems like the missing thing was the band's desire to work together any longer. I used this song in earphones while an amnio was done during my first pregnancy. It's calm, safe, and enigmatic, steeped in love. My son, 14 yrs, loves it, too. BTW, got the tattoo with a peacock wrapping tail around the symbol. Very pretty, no satanic intention; no satan - only in minds of people who create the thought-form. ;-) BTW, where can I get one of those backwards players?!
  • Robert from Atlanta, GaMany of you might not know this but the studio version is edited! This is when it fades off at the end. However, the unedited version is about minute/minute and a half longer and it's even better than the edited studio version. Beautiful.
  • Alex from Vancouver, CanadaI love this song, the whole atmosphere of it draws me in every time, but its missing a good mournful guitar solo, i think the band working seperatly on it kinda ruined it. Oh yeah Amanda you were wondering about Page's Zoso symbol, well I hope you didnt get get the tatoo done yet cause it does mean something satanic. The Z is just Page's zodiac sign (capricorn) but i heard the "oso" part is the way 666 (number of the beast) was written in medieval spell books and stuff, so yeah its pretty evil.
  • Sal from Ny, Nyi don't like this song much, i don't understand how led zep wrote it, i think it's that bad because plant and page and the others werent really together, their stuff really suffered if you ask me
  • Don from Philadelphia, PaVery good, underrated song. Jennifer, I don't think so because this is more of a mornful song. Jay, I don't think it's missing anything.
  • Jay from Carol Stream, Ilnot a big fan of the song, i feel as though its missing something.
  • Jennifer from Fredericton, CanadaAwesome song...sounds kinda like a wedding song
  • Ac from Winnipeg, CanadaI love this song haunting. Plant had three kids, Josh.
    I love the ending as I do with so many Zep songs, when Plant just lets it go..."i get a little lonely...just a little..."
    Has anyone ever read what Page's symbol means?
    I want to get a tattoo of their four symbols but I am afraid Page's symbol means something satanic and that wouldn't be very good luck.
  • Josh from Orange County, CaAlso, for any "Legend of Zelda" fans out there, this song totally goes along with the game "Ocarina of Time" Whenever I play that game, I think of "All My Love"
  • Josh from Orange County, CaPlant had a son??!!

    P.S. Thi is one of my favorite Zeppelin Songs and I'm listening to it right now.
  • David from Greensboro, NcThis is an extremly awsome message too, it "threads" ;-) a common metaphor throughout, and essentially you don't know to what or who he is declaring his love to; a person? an idea? hmmmm...
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeThis song is good, but a bit too 80s like most of the stuff on In Through the Outdoor (Jimmy page didn't like this song).
  • Jason Lee from New York, NyYou're right Chris, this is the most beautiful song written by a rock band. All of my friends hate it. I love it.
  • Louise from Bayside, NyBackwards messages (if there are any) notwithstanding, this song is a beautiful ove song.
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxLOL, exactly right, Chanty. I wrote that as a parody of everyone who has said, but so far failed to prove, that there are backwards messages in the song "Stairway To Heaven", among infinite other songs.
  • Chantelle from Saskatoon, CanadaJeff, maybe you're being drunk and stoned had something to do with it...and..oh yeah we all know priests are experts on zepplin haha
  • Chris from Hull, MaThis is, by far, the most beautiful song written by a rock band. There is not as much raspiness in Plant's voice. I find his voice he is mourning, which he was. The synthesizer solo is amazing! Devil? No...come on...his baby had just died.
  • Conrad from Los Angeles, CaNo Backwards masking in this one, try Stairway To Heaven for that...

  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxIf you play this song backwards you can hear the following words being sung: "I like to eat peanut butter and sardine sandwiches with the devil". I know it's there, because I can read about it in a book written by a preacher and heard it for myself while listening to this song backwards while both drunk and stoned. It's really there!
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