Royal Orleans

Album: Presence (1976)
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  • One time love, take care how you use it
    Try to make it last all night
    And if you take your pick
    Be careful how you choose it
    Sometimes it's hard to feel it bite
    Feel it bite

    A man I know, went down to Louisiana
    Had himself a bad, bad fight
    And when the sun peeked through
    John Cameron with Suzanna
    He kissed the whiskers, left and right

    Now, now, now, fright subsides
    Out at a hotel in the quarter
    Our friends check in to pass the night
    Now love gets hot, but fire preceded water
    Poor whiskers set that room alight

    Down on Bourbon street
    You know it's right
    You can see my friend,
    They run around all through the night
    Most everywhere
    Until the closet's bare
    Run for the razor
    Doin' up my hair

    New Orleans queens
    Sure know how to schmooze it
    Maybe for some that seems alright
    When I step out, strut down with my sugar
    She'd best not talk like Barry White

    One time love, take care how you use it
    Try to make it last all night
    And if you take your pick
    Be careful how you choose it
    Sometimes it's hard to feel it bite Writer/s: JIMMY PAGE, JOHN BONHAM, JOHN PAUL JONES, ROBERT PLANT
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Bubba from NolaI’m in the Royal Orleans right now listening to the song and havin a good laugh innit! The bar makes a nice sazerac!
  • Tangerine from Here Germaine Greer confirmed
  • Seirios from BerlinHammer of the Gods? Is that seriously referenced as a source?? That book is as fact-based as the now defunct Twitter account of that orange-faced Neanderthal.
  • Bobby from IllinoisThis reminds me of The Crunge.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiAlso, there's nothing wrong with going to gay bars. You don't have to be gay to go there.
  • Bill from Topeka, Ksgreat tune zep at their best even though their always at their best
  • Mark from Worcester, MiWhen introducing "No Quarter" at Knebworth, Plant says something like. "This song features John Paul Jones...some say a man's man...others remember Royal Orleans." LOL. These guys were merciless to each other. Check it out if you get a chance.
  • Chris from Whitesboro, NyI wish they'd played this on the No Quarter tour, it would've sounded great what with the bongos kicking in and the full orchestra.......
  • Justin from Albany, NyThis song was about JPJ and the "bad, bad fire" line is a reference to when the drag queen and JPJ were in the room and they got high and accidentally set the bed on fire.
  • Scott Moore from Boston, MaThe song is about JPJ, although they mention the man with "the bad, bad fire" who kissed whiskers as john bindon a notorious london gangster who was a security guard for them.But jpj is really the subject. I like the song but the bass line which is really cool is buried beneath the guitar.
  • Brian from Corpus Christi, TxYeah, it is mentioned in "Hammer of the Gods" that JPJ brought a drag queen home...
  • Jim from Toledo, OhJames, that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  • Caitlin from Philadelphia, PaAnother one of John Bonham's simply great songs.
  • James from San Francisco, CaJohn Paul Jones was always the odd man out. Plant didn't like him much. I think I remember JPJ saying that vocals were the least important part of the band, which is why Plant wrote this song about him.
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeNot sure if this was specifically about John Paul Jones, but as described in Stephen Davis's Zeppelin biography "Hammer of the Gods," Jones did pick up a drag queen during on the American tours and take him back to his room where they got high together and passed out on his bed.
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeI love the Barry White line
  • Julian from Philadelphia, Pa'Possibly about someone in the band' specifically John Paul Jones.
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