Coal Miner's Daughter

Album: Coal Miner's Daughter (1970)
Charted: 83
  • Well, I was borned a coal miner's daughter
    In a cabin, on a hill in Butcher Holler
    We were poor, but we had love
    That's the one thing that daddy made sure of
    He shoveled coal to make a poor man's dollar

    My daddy worked all night in the Van Lear coal mines
    All day long in the field a hoin' corn
    Mommy rocked the babies at night
    And read the Bible by the coal oil light
    And ever' thing would start all over come break of morn

    Daddy loved and raised eight kids on a miner's pay
    Mommy scrubbed our clothes on a washboard ever' day
    Why I've seen her fingers bleed
    To complain, there was no need
    She'd smile in mommy's understanding way

    In the summertime we didn't have shoes to wear
    But in the wintertime we'd all get a brand new pair
    From a mail order catalog
    Money made from selling a hog
    Daddy always managed to get the money somewhere

    Yeah, I'm proud to be a coal miner's daughter
    I remember well, the well where I drew water
    The work we done was hard
    At night we'd sleep 'cause we were tired
    I never thought of ever leaving Butcher Holler

    Well a lot of things have changed since a way back then
    And it's so good to be back home again
    Not much left but the floor, nothing lives here anymore
    Except the memories of a coal miner's daughter Writer/s: Loretta Lynn
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  • Linda And Ronald Iser from Wheeling W Vi I love the song. I am a coal Miners daughter, Grand Daughter , niece and a coal miners wife. Ronald my husband was a Coal Miner until they closed the mine. He loved it . And I am very proud of him and my family.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 4th 1980, the Loretta Lynn bio-movie 'Coal Miner's Daughter" had its world premiere in Nashville, TN; and three days later it opened in theaters across the U.S.A.
    The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won one, Sissy Spacek for 'Best Actress'...
    The movies’ soundtrack album reached #1 on the Canadian RPM Country Albums chart, and #2 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart...
    During the year of 1980 Loretta Young had three records make Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart; "Pregnant Again" {#35}, "Naked in the Rain" {#30}, and "Cheatin' on a Cheater" {#20}...
    Ms. Lynn, born Loretta Webb, will celebrate her 83rd birthday next month on April 14th {2015}.
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