Album: The Holy Bible (1994)
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  • Days since I last pissed
    Cheeks sunken and despaired
    So gorgeous sunk to six stone
    Lose my only remaining home
    See my third rib appear
    A week later all my flesh disappear
    Stretching taut, cling-film on bone
    I'm getting better
    Karen says I've reached my target weight
    Kate and emma and kristin know it's fake
    Problem is diet's not a big enough word
    I want to be so skinny that I rot from view
    I want to walk in the snow
    And not leave a footprint
    I want to walk in the snow
    And not soil its purity
    Stomach collapsed at five
    Lift up my skirt my sex is gone
    Naked and lovely and 5st. 2
    May I bud and never flower
    My vision's getting blurred
    But I can see my ribs and I feel fine
    My hands are trembling stalks
    And I can feel my breasts are sinking
    Mother trys to choke me with roast beef
    And sits savouring her sole ryvitta
    That's the way you're built my father said
    But I can change, my cocoon shedding
    I want to walk in the snow
    And not leave a footprint
    I want to walk in the snow
    And not soil its purity
    Kate and kristin and kit kat
    All things I like looking at
    Too weak to fuss, too weak to die
    Choice is skeletal in everybody's life
    I choose, my choice, I starve to frenzy
    Hunger soon passes and sickness soon tires
    Legs bend, stockinged I am twiggy
    And I don't mind the horror that surrounds me
    Self-worth scatters, self-esteem's a bore
    I long since moved to a higher plateau
    This discipline's so rare so please applaud
    Just look at the fat scum who pamper me so
    Yeh 4st. 7, an epilogue of youth
    Such beautiful dignity in self-abuse
    I've finally come to understand life
    Through staring blankly at my navel. Writer/s: BRADFIELD, EDWARDS, JONES, MOORE
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Strangle The Dogs from Dublin, IrelandThis song was wrote after Richey kept receiving fan mail from young girls suffering from eating disorders. it is also losely based on the documentary 40 Minutes: Caroline's Story
  • Joe from Chicago, Argood song.......rock on manics.....hopefully you will start making the good music again like you used to
  • Alex from Cardiff, WalesYes its about the poets' anorexia but rather than say how bad it is and wallow in self pity, he gives us beautiful images "i want to walk in the snow and not leave a footprint"

    The line "i want to be so skinny that i rot from view" is also interesting, at the time many thought it was just anoher inside thought of an anorexic but in hindsight maybe it was an early thought of not wanting to be in the public eye and a forerunner to his dissapearence/suicide
  • Kitten from Mexico City, MexicoThe "ryvitta" in the lyrics is a brand of cracker preferred by anorexics because of its low caloric content. Roast beef is mentioned because in treating anorexics, roast beef has a high caloric content and is relatively easy to shove down unwillling patient´s throats. A great page commenting on all MSP´s lyrics is:
  • Sarah from Rowland Heights, CaI've read that the part that says 'That's the way you're built my father said, But I can change" was taken from a poem a manic's fan wrote to the band about anorexia.
  • Emma from London, Englandi think richey rote it bout himself in a subtle so he could get how he was feeling off his chest and feel a tiny bit better
  • Daryl from Stoke, EnglandRichey wrote the's definately about him
  • Daniel from Cape Breton, CanadaYour nuts, it is definetly about Richey.
  • Rian from London, United StatesI dont think it was really about Richey. I think maybe it helped that he knew all about it but i dont think it was actually about him, maybe just based on him
  • Gilliann from Dublin, Ireland"I eat too much to die, And not enough to stay alive, I'm sitting in the middle waiting"
    was taken from a documentary about anorexia patients called '40 Minutes: Caroline's Story'. this documentary reflects one day in the life of caroline, an anorexia patient.

  • Gilliann from Dublin, IrelandIts about Richeys anorexia, or so I hear
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