A Tout Le Monde

Album: Youthanasia (1994)
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  • Don't remember where I was
    I realized life was a game
    The more seriously I took things
    The harder the rules became
    I had no idea what it'd cost
    My life passed before my eyes
    I found out how little I accomplished
    All my plans tonight
    So as you read this know my friends
    I'd love to stay with you all
    Please smile when you think of me
    My body's gone that's all
    A tous le monde
    A tous les amis
    Je vous aime
    Je dois partir
    These are the last words
    I'll ever speak
    And they'll set me free
    If my heart was still alive
    I know it would surely break
    And my memories left with you
    There's nothing more to say
    Moving on is a simple thing
    What it leaves behind is hard
    You know the sleeping feel no more pain
    And the living are scarred Writer/s: Dave Mustaine
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Slc_ovohttps://youtu.be/MDemOSbVAh4

    I support Dave trying to fix the PR with his statement but he admits it’s about suicide in the link above!
  • Rl from UsaThis is just a song about goodbye! But like to put their own BS in it
  • Somefvckinguy from Just Beyond This Realm. I was listening to this song tonight in 2021. I had a thought. I light that Mustane releases this statement in light of the events at that time, he was totally bull s--tting for PR. People sing songs about suicide all the f--king time. People song songs about killing people. Even their own parents. This was nothing but a PR save. The songs lyrics makes not one indication of his mother, nor of a dream, nor of a message delivered to him: just one from him to the world, “To all the world, to all my friends, I love, I must leave”. And how about “when you read this; know my friend” like a suicide note. This is a suicide song and we all know it. But know it’s ok to say it. I had to get this off my chest.

    Suicide is viewed differently now. Look at Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, Chester Bennington. People we admired, who we thought were strong. They couldn’t bare it. And sometimes giving up is better than dealing with the pain. Until you try to kill yourself you get no opinion. Oct 31, 2020. I survived.

    It’s ok to admit it now. They didn’t cause that kid to kill other kids and kill himself. The rationale was straight damage control especially considering the amount of PC at that time.

    I hope someone agrees with me. Maybe even Dave himself.

    ~Spiral Out.
  • Timothy from CanadaThe correct translation would be: "To everyone, to all my friends, I love you all, I must leave."
  • Pastor David (still Here) from 85355I have been through some horrific and terrible events in my life not the least of which was burying my wife at the young age 27 (her birthday is 2 days from now), and there were multiple occasions where I felt certain I could not bear another day, or even the next hour. Depression is no joke. For those whom have never experienced it, I pray you never do. For those few who just pulled themself up by their own bootstraps, I am very glad that was possible for you, for most people; it is not.
    This song was both a song of farewell (and yes, I have asked it to be played at my funeral over the years) but also a song of victory "moving on, is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is hard..." Many a time I wished to "move on". But the simple existence of the song was proof someone else knew the pain but lived to write about it.
    In part because of this,not only am I still here, but have been useful in helping others.
    Thanx Dave Mustaine!
  • AnonymousI thought it was a soldier saying fair well to the world as he is about to be executed, you know his last words
  • Kim Huffman from KyI knew someone that knew they were dying and picked out the songs for the funeral. This song was played at the closing of the funeral. I am not a heavy metal person, but I like the lyrics. This was the guys way of saying his final goodbye. Many terminally ill people plan their funeral.
  • William from United States"A tout le monde" is actually "To Everyone". Word-for-word translated, yes, it means "To all the world". That's not what it's used for in actual French though.
  • George from Vancouver, Canada"To all the world; to all my friends; I love you; I have to leave" <-- chorus

    How is that NOT a suicide note? (or, in modern terms, a final blog post before committing suicide)

    Doesn't matter; even if it is intended to say such; NEVER use any one else's words on suicide as your own excuse to kill yourself.
  • George from EnglandDave is right, just because it's a speed and thrash metal band everyone thinks that it's always about killing and war. Well we have feelings and why would we want anyone to commit suicide?!?! People are just finding ways to make kids listen to pop music and stuff. They have a choice, they have a say people just want everyone to be the same! Looking back at killing is my business, there are lyrics about contract killing, but that was along time ago, METALLICA kicked out Dave and he built up rage and anger. It's just so annoying to think that someone as friendly as Dave would prompt kids to kill themselves!! I'm sure many people would back me up.
  • Wess from Moorhead, Mnto me this song is not about suicide. but just the end of life. moving on to a different way. what ever it is. i asked me son to play this at my funeral,but i want it from the cd capitol punisment, with just megdeath sing and playing the song.
  • Sam from Durham, United KingdomThis song is amazing Marty is best guitarist every to play with megadeth will his style and his country western guitar scalles and licks in his guitar solos its amazing
  • Amir from Megadeth, GermanyDave explains the meaning of the song by him self(.)

  • David from Novato, CaA quick note to you who are compalining about Mustain using French... you're probably the same fools who stand in a museum and say "I can't see what this is supposed to be... this is garbage". That's why it's called art. Just like choices of instruments, chords, keys and yes, language, it's all a part of the creative process. If you don't get that then you're part of the (illiterate) problem.
  • Shawn from Richmond, KyIf this was such a suicide song, then how come dave mustaine is still alive. People are so ignorant.
  • Scott from Hamburg, --I like the new version better with Lacuna Coil's Christinna Scabbia and this is not a suicide note
  • Sarah from New Castle, PaI love this song Dave Mustaine is a god. This is probably one of the greatest suicide songs ever written! I<3 it
  • Matt from Las Cruces, NmThis song always take me to a place few others do. I had physicaly abusive parents then they died before I finished highschool. I have many mental issues. Sees the doctors and all. PTSD and etsc... I listened to Metallica, Megadeth, and Pantera constantly during that period of my life. Metallica always struck me the hardest. Makes me depressed to where I don't listen to them anymore. I know all the songs. Megadeth doesn't have that effect on me. Don't know why. I love this song the most. Want it to be played at my funeral whenever that may be. It makes me feel free without being dead! I will never tire of this song.
  • Mark from Luling, LaOne of Megadeth's best songs
  • Jim from Milwaukee, WiThis is the song I want played at my funeral. This song got me through alot of hard times when I was growing up. Megadeth is probably the most misunderstood band out there......Dave writes beautiful lyrics and they speak to the many loyal fans he has out there.
    Devil horns up baby!
  • Avery from Bucksport, Mei love the rythm of this song its slow but you can tell it is ment to rock!! and it is really sad Davey would ever think to do that.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe term "Deja Vu" was coined by a French psychic researcher, Émile Boirac (1851-1917) in his book L'Avenir des sciences psychiques (The Future of Psychic Sciences)but is actually Greek and means "Near memory".
  • Stephanie from Jacksonville , FlI would like to say that No one has been effected more by depression than i have, I have had so many medical issues. that have not gone the way they should have played out. life is an adventure I really appreciate all the songs No one seems to listen to the words and look a little deeper into his world you may find out that first of all french words have several different meanings. second why criticize someone attempt at asking for HELP
  • Ken from Edina, Mna lot of you said you didn't like that he sung it in French. I think he did it because the French culture involves much more thinking about abstract ideas and stuff, like suicide. (Well depression isn't really abstract any more) Its why we get words like "deja vu" from their language.
  • Annie from St Louis, MoThis song is not about suicide ... in fact it is the opposite - it is about moving on. Dave has said that in many interviews - if you would picture a loved one that has passed away coming to you and saying - move on - I am happier now - now it is time for you to be too.
  • Rob from Los Angeles, CaThis is not a song about suicide, Skin o' my teeth was. This is a song that basically lets Dave say what he needs to say before he dies. Watch the Arsenal of megadeth dvd.
  • Tom from Chicago, Ilbrilliantly written song...mustaine is one of the best song writers ever..too bad he doesnt get the credit he deserves
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txa tout le monde. is such a well wrote song i cant believe a person wrote it is too perfect.
  • Christie from Wemouth, England"To all the world, to all my friends, I love you, but I have to leave"

    This song reflects so many different things on so many different levels.
    I want this to be played at my Funeral, as if im saying good bye, smile when you think of me.
  • Brandon from Tucson, AzPeople don't want this song played at their funerals but I told my parents its the one I want played at mine.I want everyone to know i cared for them and as the songs says "Please smile when you think about me."I don't want them to be sad and if it is possible to let them have a party in my memory.
  • Daryll from Shillong, IndiaThis is the song that made me pick a guitar, its too emotional, song to be played at my funeral,
  • Rg from San Diego, CaThe music and lyrics are good, and I understand Dave had to emote but why, oh why did he use French vocals and lyrics. I got nothing against the French (watch the movie 'Killing Zoe') but it makes Dave sound like a wusswimp and unauthentic.
  • Andrew from Ashland, OhThis is one of my favorite Megadeth songs and I love the fact that they remade it on their new United Abominations CD.
    "To all the world, to all my friends, I love you, but I have to leave"
  • Brendan from Easton, CtMustaine said in an interview in '94, "It's not a suicide song. What it is, it's, you, it's when people have a loved one that dies and they end on a bad note, you know, they wish that they could say something to them. So this is an opportunity for the deceased to say something before they go. And it was my impression of what I would like to say to people, if I had say, 3 seconds to do so in life before I died I'd say to the entire world, to all my friends, I love you all, and now I must go. These are the last words I'll ever speak, and they'll set me free. I don't need to say I'm sorry, I don't have to say I'm going to miss you, or I'll wait for ya. You know, I'll just say I loved you all, good, bad and different, I loved you all." If you go on Youtube you can find the interview if you look hard enough.
  • Lisa from Vandergrift, PaI agree with Jake and Zac. It's a very emotional song that makes you think about your mortality and if you have unresolved issues with friends and family. It makes me want to cry, but it's a beautiful song anyway. I know, "beautiful song" and "Megadeth" are a weird combination, but that's what it is. Just a great song from a great band. You got it right Zac. "LONG LIVE MUSTAINE"!!!!
  • Jake from Prescott, Azok, this page needs to be edited. the song is not about suicide.

    In an interview conducted about 1994 Dave Mustaine clearly states "It's not a suicide song. What it is, it's, you, it's when people have a loved one that dies and they end on a bad note, you know, they wish that they could say something to them. So this is an opportunity for the deceased to say something before they go. And it was my impression of what I would like to say to people, if I had say, 3 seconds to do so in life before I died I'd say to the entire world, to all my friends, I love you all, and now I must go. These are the last words I'll ever speak, and they'll set me free. I don't need to say I'm sorry, I don't have to say I'm going to miss you, or I'll wait for ya. You know, I'll just say I loved you all, good, bad and different, I loved you all."
  • Zac from Sydney, AustraliaGreat song. FANTASTIC SONG. If people actually killed themselves over it... i'm dissapointed.

    long live mustaine, keep off the drugs
  • Stephan from St Georges, CanadaLast song heard by Kimveer GILL, mass killer in school in Montreal yesterday, september 13. I dont believe relations between acts and music. Its a good song. Its horrible what happened yesterday.
  • Devon from Westerville, OhHe dedicates this song to the victims of 9/11 on the rude awakening cd/dvd. this is a great tune.
  • Tash from Surrey, CanadaThis song isnt about Friken suicide.Dave already said, This song is what he would say If he was dying and he only had 3 minutes to talk, he wouldnt say Im sorry or i'll miss you, he'd say I love you all and now I have to go, he said that on the megadeth arsonal dvd,
  • Nate from Cleveland, Ohyea this song is pretty sweet somtime between 1990 and 1991 they preformed this song on letterman
  • Windy from Otway, Ohthis is a pretty sad song. i have a plot to this song. A man has died and the song is a letter that takes place after his passing. the song is the letter,but there is no Dear Friends. Just the start of the letter. cool,huh?
  • Dev01d from Wollongong, AustraliaHaha, the 9/11 comment was so stupid it was funny. I love this song but Mustaine really doesn't have the voice for speaking french in my opinion. Rockin' song though with great lyrics. Who could ask for more?
  • Don from Toronto, CanadaActually, the french translation depends on where Dave got it from.

    "A Tout Le Monde" can have several different meanings and also depends on the context it is used in.

    In french, it refers to a grouping of people, either in a room, in your life or the entire world.

    - To the whole world
    - To all the people
    - To everyone

    In this case I think Dave refers to the people he's known and as such means to the peole in his life.

    So the proper english translation is:
    "To all the people, to all of my friends, I love you, but I must leave."
  • Dean from Pune, IndiaI read somewhere, that Marty Friedman worked out the intro after hearing Lionel Richie's 'Hello'. I just don't see the connection. Could someone enlighten me?
  • Luke from Abbotsford, CanadaThis is an AWSOME song it is deep but it is also a song that you can jam to...Rockon yall

  • Laura from North Coast, IrelandA tout le monde literally translated is 'To All The World'.. but in English the equiv. to the French 'A tout le monde' is 'To everybody/everyone'
  • Jb from Beaver, PaI Love this song it is so deep and true
    "So as you read this know my friends. Id love to stay with you all. Please smile when you think of me. My bodys gone thats all. Moving on is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is hard
    You know the sleeping feel no more pain. And the living are scarred"
    those are really deep words and they make sense and that is what I love about this song it is really true and makes sense I want it played at my funeral but that will not happen for a long time seeing as i'm 15
  • Locky from Derry, Irelandthe only thing i wanted to say here is your translatation for a tout le monde is a little bit off the the english translatation is: "To all the world, to all my friends, I love you, but I have to leave"
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