The Climb

Album: Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)
Charted: 11 4
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  • I can almost see it
    That dream I'm dreaming but
    There's a voice inside my head saying
    You'll never reach it,
    Every step I'm taking,
    Every move I make feels
    Lost with no direction
    My faith is shaking but I
    Gotta keep trying
    Gotta keep my head held high

    There's always gonna be another mountain
    I'm always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be an uphill battle
    Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
    Ain't about how fast I get there
    Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
    It's the climb

    The struggles I'm facing
    The chances I'm taking
    Sometimes might knock me down but
    No I'm not breaking
    I may not know it
    But these are the moments that
    I'm going to remember most yeah
    Just got to keep going
    And I
    I gotta be strong
    Just keep pushing on, 'cause

    There's always gonna be another mountain
    I'm always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be an uphill battle
    Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
    Ain't about how fast I get there
    Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
    It's the climb (yeah)

    There's always gonna be another mountain
    I'm always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be a uphill battle
    Sometimes you gonna have to lose
    Ain't about how fast I get there
    Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
    It's the climb (yeah yeah ea ea)

    Keep on moving
    Keep climbing
    Keep the faith baby
    It's all about
    It's all about
    The climb
    Keep the faith
    Keep your faith

    Whoa oh oh

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  • Lavinia from TatooineHi so i always said how sh-t Miley Cyrus was but then I how Hannah Montana and thought it was really good and she’s really pretty and I liked the songs from the show. When I was 7 I liked the best of both worlds but that’s it then I started listening to her other music at 15 I listened to every single one of her songs, they’re not all good but it’s the same for nearly every artist. I like the majority of her songs, and I realised how unfair my opinion of her was. I only hated her because everyone else hated her, but her show and her music changed my mind she’s now my 2nd fave singer! So sorry for hatin on ya miley, I was an ignorant 12-14 year old. She’s so cool. ~Lavinia.
  • Rick from Washington Well I couldn't stand Miley Cyrus before seeing her on her TV concert tonight. I still don't like her ways or her politics but you have to admit the girl can sing and entertain. That's what an entertainer is it not?
  • Queen from Oklahoma im 15 and i have never really been a fan of Miley songs but the climb was a song that has gotten me through some of my hard times and still being only 15 this song will forever help me and i dont understand why you guys can hate on her when this song is so beyond good and now look at her. butterflies fly away is also another one look behind the lyrics and then judge the song.
  • Jeff from Beverly Hills, MaSay what you want about the singer's technical performance - you're probably right - but the song somehow works. It helped
    me get through a hard time.
  • Bay from Weaverville, CaThis is one of the only Miley Cyrus songs i like :)
  • Abigail from Woodinville, WaI would like to say that eventhough a lot of teenagers say that they hate Miley Cyrus just because of her playing on a comedy show or that they heard rumors about her, doesn't mean that she's evil. You would have to ask everybody perfect? Do you make mistakes that you regret doing? If someone answered that they were perfect or that they had never made any mistakes, that means that they just told one big, massive lie. You try preforming in front of tons of people or keeping a perfect reputation or trying to steer clear of reporters...that would be such a hard life! Well, to get to the point, The Climb is an awesome and uplifting song that has inspired me and I'm sure many is a life lesson that even if your life us hard, if you keep your FAITH and stick with it...nothing is impossible. Miley, if your out there, I want you to know that I support you and your decisions in your life even if some of them are wrong. Ok that's all I have to say. Sorry to the people who think I'm to bold in sticking up for my role modle.
  • Yvonne from Central Islip, NyI think the song is inspirational but she can not sing. I'm sorry but listen to the quality of her voice. She jumps from note to note. She should have taken voice lessons and learn her keys. One of the problems is that Disney sells an image and sells it. This is just my opinion but I had to say something after reading the other comments. Everyone likes what they like I'm not trying to change anybody's mind or talk bad about anyones music but you have to call it like it is. Oh yeah I'm a studio singer by trade so I've heard good and bad.
  • Joel from Nashville, TnRight now this is MY THEME SONG. I'm not a big Miley/Hannah fan but I find this song to be uplifting especially since I have been going through rough times with depression and panic disorder.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhFirst of all, it's "Dark Side of the Moon" that keeps selling for Pink Floyd (although "The Wall" does well enough).

    Second, I've never, ever done illegal drugs in my life, and I enjoy listening to Pink Floyd.

    Third, I've never, ever done illegal drugs in my life, and I enjoy listening to Miley Cyrus with my daughters. I would rather my girls listen to Miley than Lady GaGa or Ke$ha. This PARTICULAR song is optimistic, uplifting and clean.
  • Brad from A City, KyMfan, you haven't actually listened to Pink Floyd have you? NO. You copied that info off Wikipedia/some other Internet source didn't you? YES. Are your opinions sterotypical and false? YES. Do you have to be high to listen to Floyd? NO. Are the majority of people who listen to any Floyd post-1967 high? NO. Do you even know the band members names? NO. Do you have any idea what your talking about at all? NO. Have you proven yourself to be highly unitntelligent based on your idiotic response? YES, although I must admit I did get a good laugh out of it.
  • Carrie from Roanoke, VaThe song itself, a self-empowering number, isn't too bad. But Miley has tainted it forever with her obnoxious bleating. She sounds like a billy goat, not a 16-year-old girl.
  • Mfan from Portland, OrBrad, Pink Floyd is the an extinct English rock band, three of who's members have gotten back together and still use the name Pink Floyd by dint of an out of court settlement, that is, by paying off former band member Roger Waters, who has declared Pink Floyd to be a "spent force." Their album, The Wall continues to be a bestseller year after year. Maybe the reason Victoria thinks you are "weird" is because it's a well know fact that this album, and this "experimental" group is embraced by illegal drug users, and that the music sounds good when you're high, but not so good otherwise. If Victoria "hates" Pink Floyd, it simply means that, like the majority of americans, she chooses to abstain from illegal drugs. Go, Victoria!
  • Brad from Lexington, KyVictoria, I feel very sorry for you. You have been brainwashed by the Disney Channel/Hannah Montana generation. And I highly doubt you even know who Pink Floyd is, much less have actually listened to any of their music. Kind of hypocritical. And why is it that 10 year old girls like you think by calling someone "weird" for no apparent reason it makes them and their comments irrelevant? Think before you speak (or post comments on the web), and please, for the love of god, stop listening to this crap and get a decent taste in music.
  • Victoria from Toronto, Onbrad, you are weird. honestly this is the best song. i HATE pink floyd
  • Lonnie from Nunya, WyThis song is a great inspiration to anyone reaching for a dream! I know it's been a great one for me!
  • Brad from Lexington, Kythis is by far the worst song I have ever heard. My ears were so sore I had to keep ice packs on them for hours after hearing Cyrus's shrill, nasal toned voice try to sing this crap. (Shudders) And I say TRY to sing because she is not singing at all, she's screeching stupid words out like some god awful banshee. Listen to Pink Floyd, not this crap.
  • Niki from ..., OnI really like this song, even though I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus!
  • Kayla from St. Paul, MnThis is a pretty good song compared to her other songs. She isn't that great of a singer, she doesn't even write her own songs, but whoever writes them sure the hell know music. Oh this song is really similar to alot of peoples lives, its very inspirational.
  • Brittney from Desoto, Moi think this song is really inspirational and helps people find the true meaning of life
    -brittney,Missouri United States
  • Kerry from Edinburgh, United Kingdomi love this song it the best song i think miley has brought out. i just think its a very inspiring song and i just totally LOVE IT xxx
  • Mckenzee from Dallas, TxThis song is very inspirational! it is one of the few Miley songs i like.
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